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Mass vaccinations to fight yellow fever in Africa  -  ‎Nov 17, 2009‎
ReutersFrance's Sanofi-Aventis, Brazil's Biomanguinhos and the Institut Pasteur de Dakar are the three suppliers of yellow fever vaccine pre-qualified by the WHO ...

Yellow fever vaccination campaign to start  -  ‎Nov 20, 2009‎
Teatro Naturale..."Thirty-seven countries in Africa and the Americas have introduced yellow fever vaccine in their routine childhood immunization schedule up from 12 ...

Health Action in Crises - Highlights No. 281, 16 - 22 Nov 2009  -  ‎Nov 20, 2009‎
ReliefWeb (press release)WHO also pre-positioned 2000 doses of meningitis vaccine, 1500 of yellow fever vaccine and 1500 doses of seasonal influenza vaccine. ...

Crucell Announces Third Quarter 2009 Results  -  ‎Nov 4, 2009‎ (press release)Flavimun® - Live Attenuated Yellow Fever Vaccine (Phase III): Flavimun® was submitted for registration in Switzerland in March 2009. ...

Travel in the Amazon: Health Tips for the Discerning Tourist  -  ‎Oct 27, 2009‎
Living in Peru (blog)The yellow fever vaccine has a long and successful history but should be avoided by very young children, people with weakened immune systems, pregnant women ...

Yellow Fever Vaccine Shortage Expected In 2009  -  Dec 22, 2008,New DITC patients needing yellow fever vaccine should schedule their appointment as soon as possible and not anticipate receiving the yellow fever vaccine

MaximsNews Network,The country already administers the yellow fever vaccine in its routine immunisation programme for infants. The GAVI Alliance (formerly the Global Alliance

Joy Gipple: When the call comes, parents answer  -  Dec 9, 2008
Kansas City Star,My eyes finally focus on the small print, and I point out an entry for a yellow fever vaccine in 2004. He rushes out of the room.

Predicting Effectiveness of Vaccine Immunizations  -  Dec 5, 2008,The researchers used YF-17D [yellow fever vaccine YF-17D was a model in the research --ed.], to predict the body’s ability shortly after immunization to

Panel seals fate of three public sector vaccine units  -  Dec 17, 2008
Times of India,The institute has also been asked to prepare a detailed plan for new manufacturing facilities for yellow fever vaccine, influenza vaccine (seasonal and

Scientists develop new strategy to predict the immunity of vaccines  -  Dec 4, 2008
Newspost Online,In the study, which represents a long awaited step forward in vaccine immunology and predictive health, the researchers used the yellow fever vaccine

Al Nofi's CIC  -  Dec 7, 2008
Strategy PageDuring 1941-1942 over 50000 US troops became ill, and some died, as a result of improperly administered yellow fever vaccine, a matter which was known to

Joy Gipple: When the call comes, parents answer  -  19 Nov 2008
Kansas City Star,My eyes finally focus on the small print, and I point out an entry for a yellow fever vaccine in 2004. He rushes out of the room.

Crucell Announces Third Quarter 2008 Results  -  Nov 10, 2008
MarketWatchFlavimun(R) - Live Attenuated Yellow Fever Vaccine: Crucell's management expects the registration submission of the Yellow Fever vaccine in Switzerland and

Yellow Fever In The Central African Republic - World Health ...  -  Nov 3, 2008
Medical News Today (press release),Global Emergency Stockpile for Yellow fever vaccine, managed by the International Coordinating Group on Vaccine Provision for Yellow Fever Control (YF-ICG).

MaximsNews Network,DTP3 coverage and yellow fever vaccine are also showing continued increases. DTP3 (three doses of diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) is the accepted

Get malaria shots before your trip  -  Nov 7, 2008
Belleville Intelligencer,..."The yellow fever (vaccine) is new and the malaria angle is new." The medications (some inoculations, some pills), along with others covering a variety of

Panel suggests reviving 3 vaccine units  -  Sep 11, 2008
Business Standard,...that were closed down has recommended converting two of these units into centres for producing yellow fever vaccine capable of serving global needs.

Get a Deep Insight into the World Human Vaccines Market  -  Sep 18, 2008
MarketWatchUS$ Million) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-35 Typhoid Vaccine II-35 Yellow Fever Vaccine II-35 Need for Additional Vaccines II-35 Therapeutic

DCGI okays production at 3 vaccine units  -  Sep 12, 2008
Times of India,..."Given that the CRI, Kasauli is the only organisation in South-East Asia to produce the yellow fever vaccine, we have recommended that it continue

Preventing yellow fever  -  Jul 8, 2008
Malaysia Star,The yellow fever vaccine is a live attenuated vaccine, that is, live disease-producing virus modified in the laboratory so that it stimulates the production

Signs and symptoms of Dengue fever  -  Jun 21, 2008
The New Nation,The yellow fever vaccine (YF-17D) is a related Flavivirus, thus the chimeric replacement of yellow fever vaccine with dengue has been often

Tips for healthy travel  -  Jun 14, 2008
Malaysia Star,If you are travelling to the Amazon Basin regions of Brazil1, you will need yellow fever vaccine. Do you know that your holiday activities could also

Philanthropy crucial to press freedom  -  Jul 7, 2008,...funded by the Sarah Scaife Foundation 1948; and the yellow fever vaccine - the Rockefeller Foundation funded a 30-year effort to eradicate the disease.

Firms give health advice for a price  -  Jun 23, 2008
Boston Globe,...needs healthcare during an upcoming vacation to Tanzania, and their health adviser helped them get the yellow fever vaccine during a temporary shortage.

Travel Immunization  -  May 25, 2008,Yellow fever vaccine, which lasts 10 years, is recommended when travelling to large areas of Africa and South America. In addition, according to the World

Occasional shortage of yellow fever vaccine hampers Kenya tourism  -  May 23, 2008
Express TravelWorld,While India's outbound market is booming with high demand for offbeat locations, sporadic availability of the yellow fever vaccine, that has been made

Yellow Fever vaccines available  -  May 7, 2008
Trinidad News,WHILE there was an interruption in “routine supply? of the yellow fever vaccine, the Health Ministry yesterday said the country had received stocks of the

Crucell Announces First Quarter 2008 Results  -  May 12, 2008
CNNMoney.comLive Attenuated Yellow Fever Vaccine Flavimun®: Crucell's management expects the registration submission of the Yellow Fever vaccine in Switzerland before

Murder By Injection—The Story Of The Medical Conspiracy Against ...  -  May 19, 2008
Colfax Record,...but it stated that there had been 63 deaths and 28585 cases of hepatitis as a direct result of the yellow fever vaccine during only 6 months of the war.

6 Million in Mali to be Vaccinated Against Yellow Fever  -  Apr 11, 2008
Voice of America..."However, before the fact, we have a yellow fever vaccine which is one of the most efficient, safest vaccines that the world has for any disease.

Christmas travellers searching for the sun may need a yellow fever ...  -  Apr 10, 2008
Cambridge Network,Yellow fever vaccine has to be given in a Yellow Fever Centre registered with the World Health Organisation. The Travel Clinic Ltd in Cambridge is

Mali: Inoculations Get Booster From Brazilian Vaccine, UN Agency Says  -  Apr 11, 2008,..."The fact that we have now three manufacturers of WHO pre-qualified Yellow Fever vaccine around the world means that we are much more able to meet supply

Notice to Readers: Requirements for Use of a New International ...  -  Apr 22, 2008
Journal of American Medical Association (subscription),Yellow fever vaccine is required under IHR 2005 by certain countries for entry, and the new ICVP is required for any yellow fever vaccination administered

5 quarantined for spending night in Nairobi  -  Apr 17, 2008
Daily News & Analysis,A senior official at Sahar airport’s yellow fever vaccine centre said that had the “passengers not stepped out of Nairobi airport, there would have been no

Pelosi: 'I Join You in Issuing a Challenge to Rebuild and Renew ...  -  Apr 18, 2008
Trading Markets (press release),Over the last 95 years, the Rockefeller Foundation helped to eradicate disease by developing the yellow fever vaccine. alleviate poverty by modernizing

The Hepatitis Epidemic and Natural Remedies That Can Help  -  Apr 6, 2008
American Chronicle,During World War II, an unlicensed yellow fever vaccine was released to immunize our troops who were going to the South Pacific. To stabilize the vaccine,

You are never too old to travel -- just take care  -  Apr 6, 2008
Irish Independent,But they are more likely to suffer side-effects from the yellow fever vaccine. Around one in 50000 may be affected. Fry advises people to have health

Pioneering Work On An Exciting New Class Of Antimalarial Compounds  -  Mar 27, 2008
Medical News Today (press release),Development of other licensed vaccines was supervised by investigators who began their careers at military research centers (eg yellow fever vaccine by

Help for Paraguay in yellow fever outbreak  -  20 Feb 2008
USA TodayASUNCION, Paraguay (AP) — A massive shipment of yellow fever vaccine was on its way from France to help Paraguay deal with an outbreak of the mosquito-borne

Travellers warned of malaria in Dominican Republic, yellow fever ...  -  Feb 19, 2008
The Canadian Press..."They're now bringing hundreds of thousands if not millions of doses (of yellow fever vaccine) into . . . that area," said MacLean. "So anybody going Iguacu

Venezuela to Send Paraguay Anti-Yellow Fever Vaccine  -  Feb 18, 2008
Prensa Latina,Asuncion, Feb 18 (Prensa Latina) Paraguay will receive 100 thousand vaccine doses from Venezuela to confront the outbreak of yellow fever affecting the

Brazil flies out yellow fever vaccine to Paraguay  -  Feb 15, 2008
Guardian Unlimited,Photograph: Joedson Alves/AFP/Getty Images The Brazilian government today flew 50000 doses of yellow fever vaccine to Paraguay following the first outbreak

Cuba will send doses of yellow fever vaccine to Paraguay  -  Feb 17, 2008
Cuba Headlines,Cuba will send doses of yellow fever vaccine to Paraguay following an outbreak that has already killed two persons in the South American country,

Paraguay Gets Yellow Fever Vaccines  -  Feb 14, 2008
The Associated PressASUNCION, Paraguay (AP) — Brazil flew 50000 doses of yellow fever vaccine into Paraguay on Thursday and Peru promised 250000 more doses next week,

Paraguay confirms 7 deaths from yellow fever  -  Feb 18, 2008
KPAX-TV,Authorities say they have nearly 1 million doses of yellow fever vaccine after donations arrived from Brazil and Peru. Venezuela has also promised to send

Travel health: Clinics short on yellow-fever vaccine  -  Feb 3, 2008
Seattle Times,A shortage of yellow-fever vaccine has left some travelers scrambling to find a clinic with supplies. Word to the wise: Don't wait until the last minute,

People Demand Vaccinations as Yellow Fever is Confirmed in Paraguay  -  Feb 13, 2008
Infoshop NewsThey want the Yellow Fever vaccine and they want it now. On 15 January 2008, the national health authorities of Paraguay reported their first confirmed

Brazil registers 1st yellow fever death provoked by vaccine  -  Jan 31, 2008
Xinhua,31 (Xinhua) -- Brazilian Health authorities suspect that the death of a 43-year-old woman in Sao Paulo was due to side effects of yellow fever vaccine.

Yellow fever kills 13 in Brazil since December  -  Feb 8, 2008
ReutersBrazil has suspended exports of yellow fever vaccine from Bio-Manguinhos to respond to the outbreak, the WHO said in a statement.

Brazil reported 13 fatal cases of yellow fever in eight weeks  -  Feb 9, 2008
MercoPress,Brazil has suspended exports of yellow fever vaccine from Bio-Manguinhos, one of three WHO pre-qualified manufacturers of yellow fever vaccine,

Yellow Fever Vaccine Required for Some Traveling to Costa Rica  -  Jan 29, 2008
Costa Rica Travel News,The Clinica Biblica and CIMA Hospital receive a total of around 120 people each day requesting a yellow fever vaccine. The demand at these two hospitals is

Brazil health officials report ninth yellow fever death  -  Jan 23, 2008
Xinhua,However, numbers seeking a yellow fever vaccine have soared throughout the region and last week 31 people were hospitalized with symptoms of overdosing on

Yellow fever breaks out in Brazil  -  Feb 10, 2008
United Press InternationalBrazil has suspended the export of yellow fever vaccine from Bio-Manguinhos, based in Brazil, to meet the country's needs in view of the outbreak,

Crucell to cancel West Nile vaccine programme  -  Feb 11, 2008
ReutersCrucell also said to further postpone the registration submission of the Yellow Fever vaccine, called Flavimum, in Switzerland. Crucell said it would focus

Itinerary: May the force be with you  -  Feb 9, 2008
Kansas City Star,BEST ADVICE | Don’t procrastinateA shortage of yellow fever vaccine has left some travelers scrambling to find a clinic with supplies.

YELLOW FEVER ALERT IN BRAZIL  -  Jan 25, 2008,It should be noted that the anti-yellow fever vaccine provides protection only ten days after the inoculation. It is also advisable that you bring the

How can I stay healthy on my trip?  -  Feb 10, 2008,The yellow fever vaccine is currently required for travelers who plan to visit countries in South America and Africa where the disease is active.

Crucell Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2007 Results  -  Feb 12, 2008
FOXBusinessLive Attenuated Yellow Fever Vaccine Flavimun(R): Given the successful sales of the MoRuViraten(R) vaccine for Measles/Rubella, which is produced in the

MaximsNews Network,...hepatitis B (HepB) and Haemophilus Influenzae type b (Hib), in combinations with diptheria, tetanus, pertussis, (DTP 3 ); and also yellow fever vaccine.

Health tips for those travelling around the world  -  Jan 28, 2008
The North Bay Nugget,Yellow fever vaccine is required in certain countries in Africa and South America. The health unit is an official yellow fever vaccination centre.

CRI Kasauli not a lost cause  -  Feb 9, 2008
HimVani,The institute has been famous for production of anti-sanke venom medicine, anti-rabies injection, anti-tetanus vaccine, yellow fever vaccine,

Japanese encephalitis? No thanks  -  Feb 3, 2008
Craig Daily Press,While most vaccines are readily available, some, such as the yellow fever vaccine, can present delays. Because of a manufacturing problem, the vaccine is

Kendall travelers clinic packs some unique services  -  Jan 22, 2008
Aurora Beacon News,Among the clinic's most common requests is the yellow fever vaccine -- one shot for $100 -- which is required for visitors to many African countries.

Chembio in Additional Technology Pacts With Oswaldo Cruz Foundation  -  Jan 29, 2008
CNNMoney.comThe unit is capable of processing over 200 million doses of vaccines per year, supplying up to 100 million doses per year of yellow fever vaccine alone to

Immunizations, prescriptions available for international travel  -  Feb 4, 2008
Johns Hopkins Gazette,Yellow fever vaccine is required for certain countries in Africa and South America and is currently not available in single dose; it is therefore important

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