Immunizations And Autism

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Swine flu monitor  -  ‎Nov 8, 2009‎
Boston GlobeAnd then there's been the whole controversy of various types of immunizations and autism, which has frightened a lot of people regardless of the [lack of] ...

Our legislative wish list: No unnecessary bills  -  Dec 11, 2008,Though some people fear a link between these immunizations and autism, state epidemiologist Dr. Patricia Quinlisk said no credible studies support such a

Autism Strikes 1 in 28 Somali Children in Minnesota  -  Nov 18, 2008
Age of Autism,After lunch, longtime Somali pediatrician Dr. Ahmed Osman said that it is unfortunate if people make a link between immunizations and autism.

US measles cases reach highest level in decade  -  Aug 30, 2008
Kingsport Times News,Not one piece of evidence has been presented to show that (immunizations) and autism are connected, and looking at all of the data that I’ve tracked,

Measles shot urged for unvaccinated  -  May 18, 2008
Deseret News,Concerns continue to exist because of a study by British researchers who reported a possible link between immunizations and autism rates.

Plano Autism Program Holds Awareness Fundraiser  -  Apr 14, 2008
CBS 11,...for somehow triggering autism, even though the Centers for Disease Control say there's no definitive link between immunizations and autism.

Researcher Squashes Immunization-Autism Link  -  Mar 31, 2008
WSMV,Will that link between immunizations and autism ever be broken? Fombonne said there's a deeper danger for skeptical parents who don't immunize their

Janet Boivin, RN  -  Apr 7, 2008,So if someone asks you about the link between childhood immunizations and autism, make sure you read more than just the headlines.

April is national Autism Awareness Month  -  Apr 10, 2008
The Prairie Star,We have been chastised for immunizing our children by those who believe in the link between immunizations and autism. We have been told to seek genetic

LETTERS: April 10, 2008  -  Apr 10, 2008
New Albany Tribune,Sixteen large studies, both in the US and overseas have failed to establish a link between immunizations and autism, a severe neurology disorder.

West Side Doc Abets Parents Afraid of Needles  -  Nov 25, 2007
Gothamist,Critics of mandatory vaccinations counter that while the link between immunizations and autism may not have been conclusively proven, parents should be able

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