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Primate research center granted stimulus funds for Marburg and Ebola vaccine study  -  ‎Nov 18, 2009‎
BioPrepWatch.comFederal stimulus money has been granted to the New England Primate Research Center for investigations and a contract ...

Crucell Announces Third Quarter 2009 Results  -  ‎Nov 4, 2009‎
CNNMoney.com (press release)The Phase I study of an adenovirus 5 (Ad5)-based Ebola vaccine that Crucell is developing in partnership with the Vaccine Research Center (VRC) of the ...

Germantown biotech firm developing Ebola vaccine  -  Nov 5, 2008
Business Gazette,Aman worked on developing an Ebola vaccine for seven years at the Army Research Institute for Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick. He and another colleague

Crucell Announces Third Quarter 2008 Results  -  Nov 10, 2008
MarketWatchThe Phase I study of an Ad5 based Ebola vaccine, being developed in partnership with the Vaccine Research Center (VRC) of the NIAID/NIH, showed safety and

ALSO NOTED: Parents opting out of cervical cancer vaccination; UT ...  -  May 1, 2008
FierceBioResearcher,Roughly three out of every 10 parents in the UK either failed to sign a consent form for the new cervical cancer vaccine or sent in a refusal letter in its

Crucell Announces First Quarter 2008 Results  -  May 12, 2008
CNNMoney.comC6® Technology-Based Ebola Vaccine: For the Phase I study for the Ebola vaccine, which Crucell is developing in partnership with the Vaccine Research Center

Uganda: Ebola Vaccine Trials in Final Stage  -  Apr 21, 2008
AllAfrica.com,That was echoed by Dr. Anthony Sanchez, of the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the lead researcher in Ebola vaccine development.

Vaccine For Ebola Virus Successful In Primates  -  Mar 30, 2008
Science Daily (press release)Dr Anthony Sanchez, from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia is presenting an overview of Ebola vaccine development March 31,

Ebola Virus Vaccine Successful in Non-Human Primates  -  Apr 4, 2008
Animal Lab News,Dr. Sanchez presented an overview of Ebola vaccine development on March 31, 2008 at the Society for General Microbiology’s 162nd meeting.

Human vaccine for Ebola in the pipeline  -  Apr 1, 2008
News-Medical.net,An experimental Ebola vaccine developed by Canadian scientists last year which has been tested in three types of animals showed the vaccine kept at least

Ebola vaccine shows promise in primates  -  Mar 31, 2008
CBC.ca,Dr. Sanchez is presenting an overview on Monday of the Ebola vaccine's development at the Society for General Microbiology's meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Researchers Successfully Test Ebola Vaccines  -  Mar 31, 2008
Washington Post,Ebola vaccine trials using primates have provided unambiguous results and have allowed the development of protective vaccines to progress rapidly," Sanchez

Ebola vaccines readied for first human trials  -  Apr 3, 2008
FierceBioResearcher,Researchers are pushing ahead with the first human trials of an ebola vaccine. Typical vaccines spark an antibody response against a threat.

Bats may be key to Ebola vaccine  -  Mar 28, 2008
NEWS.com.au,EXPERTS say they are making progress in the battle against the horrifying Ebola virus with a congress in Gabon told that a vaccine could be ready in five

Scientists seek Ebola vaccine to save gorillas  -  Apr 18, 2008
Mathaba.Net,Scientists are racing against time to find a vaccine for the highly-infectious Ebola virus that has decimated western lowland gorilla populations.

ALSO NOTED: Healthcare orgs still hiring despite downturn; Data ...  -  Apr 7, 2008
FierceHealthcare,Article > Researchers are preparing to move ahead with the first human trials of an ebola vaccine. FierceVaccines And Finally... OK, maybe in a video game,

ALSO NOTED: Pharmaxis reports Phase II CF data; New Zealand ...  -  Apr 4, 2008
FierceBiotech,Lilly readies Phase III Alzheimer's trial. Report And Finally... Researchers are pushing ahead with the first human trials of an ebola vaccine. Report.

New hope of developing Ebola vaccine  -  Jan 22, 2008
The Australian,SCIENTISTS have disarmed the Ebola virus by removing a single gene, providing a new laboratory tool that will help the development of drugs and vaccines

Ebola vaccine possible as researchers defang and isolate strain of ...  -  Jan 22, 2008
The Capital Times,A team of University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers has safely isolated a strain from the lethal Ebola virus that may break down some research safety

Crucell Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2007 Results  -  Feb 12, 2008
FOXBusinessC6(R) Technology-Based Ebola Vaccine : For the Phase I study for the Ebola vaccine, which Crucell is currently developing in partnership with the Vaccine

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