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News: Vivisection

Anti-vivisection claims on suffering were misleading, says advertising...   -  Jul 26, 2006
The Advertising Standards Authority has criticised an animal rights group for printing misleading claims on the suffering of animals in scientific research. ... The Guardian

… wants a new law to hide identity of those involved in the vivisecti...   -  May 15, 2006
NAMES of shareholders in companies involved in vivisection could be ... The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection criticised Mr Blair's decision. ... Times Online

Government backs vivisection   -  May 15, 2009
The government today gave its support to vivisection, following the publication last year of a controversial report by an all-party select committee of ... The Guardian

Anti-vivisection group censured by advertising watchdog   -  May 13, 2009
The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld complaints about a leaflet issued by an anti-vivisection organisation which allegedly misrepresented modern ... The Guardian

Changing perspectives on vivisection battleground   -  Aug 27, 2005
Outside a derelict building site in Oxford, a weekly ritual is under way. A team of police officers with video cameras films a small gathering. ... The Guardian

Regina (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) v Secretary...   -  Jul 27, 2007
The death of an animal used in a regulated procedure for scientific experimentation was not an adverse effect which needed to be taken into account when ... Times Online

… SERIES); SUNDAY MORNING VIVISECTION - Review - Theater - New …   -  Jan 18, 2010
By FRANK RICH. THE Ensemble Studio Theater's annual one-act Marathon is one of the season's happiest theatrical events, but it is for the truly adventurous, ... New York Times

'Internal problems can lead to vivisection of Pak'   -  Apr 18, 2006
PTI. New Delhi, April 18: Observing that Pakistan was witnessing "vicious" insurgencies, which had the potential to lead to its break-up, a strategic expert ...

Oxford prepares for first pro-vivisection protest   -  Dec 15, 2009
Protesters for and against animal testing are mustering banners and arguments ahead of a first-ever pro-vivisection protest in Oxford tomorrow. ... The Guardian

Japanese veteran admits vivisection tests on PoWs   -  Jan 11, 2010
A Chinese woman visits the ruins of the yellow-rat breeding room at the Japanese germ warfare centre operated by Unit 731, near the Chinese city of Harbin. ... The Guardian

Vivisection: Protests pour in after high school students witness a …   -  May 13, 2005
South Sanpete School District officials spent most of Thursday dealing with the fallout over a controversial biology experiment -- designed as a teaching ... $2.95 - Salt Lake Tribune, The - NewsBank

Against blood sports, vivisection and cruelty   -  May 15, 2009
The Hunt Saboteurs Association is formed. Its members protest against hunting with hounds by placing themselves between the hunters and their quarry. ... The Guardian

Animal vivisection at Trinity   -  Oct 3, 2008
Madam, - A recent public demonstration by the National Animal Rights Association (NARA) drew attention to its claim that animal vivisection is carried out ... Irish Times

TCD defends use of vivisection   -  Oct 7, 2008
TRINITY COLLEGE Dublin has denied that using live animals for medical and scientific research is a "cheaper" option. The university was responding to ... Irish Times

Anti-fur crowd tells Pope to stop   -  Apr 15, 2007
The Italian Anti-Vivisection League said the Pope should not wear a fur hat the Vatican has ordered from a manufacturer in the northern city of Pavia ahead ...

Vivisection debate detours to Holocaust   -  Jan 25, 2005
Anti-vivisectionists who have used a "Holocaust" metaphor to denounce animal experimentation were condemned at a joint session of the Knesset Science ... Pay-Per-View - Jerusalem Post - ProQuest Archiver

Money on offer to cut vivisection   -  Sep 8, 2009
A new national body designed to reduce the number of animals that die in scientific experiments today announced £500000 worth of grants to "replace, ... The Guardian

Woman, 88, in animal protest fast   -  Apr 26, 2007
Pro-Test, a group backing vivisection in the interests of medical science, said the stunt was regrettable and Mrs Court was putting her health at risk. ... BBC News

Article: Vivisection debate detours to Holocaust - Jerusalem Post | …   -  Jan 25, 2005
Vivisection debate detours to Holocaust ... find Jerusalem Post articles. JUDY SIEGEL Jerusalem Post 01-25-2005 Headline: Vivisection debate detours to ... Pay-Per-View - Jerusalem Post - HighBeam Research

Vivisection appeal victory   -  Jan 31, 2008
THE UK government will be forced to release more information about animal experiments following a legal decision. The British Union for the Abolition of ... Scotsman

Head to head: Laws on activists   -  Jan 31, 2005
The pro-vivisection lobby tries to focus the attention on a few isolated cases in their effort to make people forget the mass slaughter happening in ... BBC News

Britain overlooking animal suffering, court finds   -  Jul 27, 2007
...has ridden roughshod over the public's trust in this matter," said Michelle Thew, chief executive of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection. ... Toronto Star

Researchers say anti-vivisection protests are misguided   -  Dec 15, 2009
Anti-vivisectionists have demanded that researchers reduce their use of animal testing during World Laboratory Animal Week, ending on Sunday. ... The Guardian

'No plans' to stop animal testing   -  Oct 26, 2006
Anti-vivisection campaigners want a ban on testing on any non-human primates. ... The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (Buav) has called for ... BBC News

Animal vivisection at Trinity   -  Oct 21, 2008
Madam, - Ruarc Gahan (October 15th) seems to deliberately ignore the fact that predatory and exploitative behaviour between animal species is part of the ... Irish Times

Vivisection: Scientists use 6% more animals for research   -  Oct 1, 2009
The number of scientific procedures carried out on animals rose by 6% last year to just over 3.2m. The vast majority (83%) used rodents, while the number of ... The Guardian

Animal experiment figures 'are unclear'   -  May 25, 2005
...according to a report from the Nuffield Foundation of Bioethics, which also calls for more to be done to find alternatives to vivisection. ...

Bloody protest staged over animal testing   -  Jul 10, 2007
Activist Jamie Yew, dressed only in a white sheet covered in fake blood, was strapped to a vivisection board – a table used to dissect animals – her arms ...

Vivisection: Study finds 115 million animals used in tests worldwide   -  Oct 1, 2009
About 115 million animals were used in scientific research globally in 2005, according to an estimate based on official national figures and extrapolations ... The Guardian

Animal research: extremists are not the problem   -  May 16, 2006
Tony Blair has signed up against anti-vivisection agitators - but that is not the ... In the absence of offering a moral justification for vivisection they ... Spiked

Animal rights group's court bid   -  Feb 7, 2005
Anti-vivisection campaigners are seeking a High Court ruling that laws to ... The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) is asking for ... BBC News

Animal rights fire-bomber jailed   -  Dec 7, 2006
An animal rights activist who admitted conducting an arson campaign against people he believed had links to the vivisection industry has been jailed. ... BBC News

National Anti Vivisection Campaign   -  Sep 11, 2007
Anti Vivisection campaigners say the situation for animals in laboratories is getting worse, not better. This follows the release of the Ministry of ...

GM mice lead to rise in animal testing   -  Dec 9, 2005
The statistics confirm Britain's status "as the vivisection capital of Europe", said the director of the campaign group Animal Aid, Andrew Tyler. ...

I support vivisection but must we really kill 4million animals?   -  Jul 23, 2009
By Dr Danny Penman. Vivisection polarises British society like almost no other issue. On the one hand, medical researchers claim that animal experiments are ... Daily Mail

Experiments on GM animals on the increase   -  Jul 29, 2006
The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection describes the trend as "disturbing". The overall number of animal experiments in the UK in 2005 was 2.91 ... New Scientist

GM animal tests continue to rise   -  Dec 8, 2005
The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (Buav) criticised the government for failing to provide adequate funding into alternatives. ... BBC News

Darwin understood the need for animal tests   -  Feb 12, 2009
The great naturalist loved all living creatures but defended vivisection. This sparked a debate that still rages today. Charles Darwin had a thing about ... Times Online

Anti-Vivisection Conference Protests in Auckland   -  Jun 20, 2008
Animal Rights activists will be descending on Auckland to protest against a conference promoting animal experimentation. ANZCCART (the Australian and New ...

Article: pets AND THEIR people: Plea over pig trials.(Features) - The...   -  Feb 18, 2007
Article: Anti-Vivisection Society deplores violent protests ... The National Anti-Vivisection Society, which is participating in the campaign to stop the ... Pay-Per-View - The People - HighBeam Research

Anti-vivisection campaigners win legal bid   -  Apr 12, 2005
The High Court has granted permission for animal rights campaigners to challenge the legality of animal experiments conducted at Cambridge University. ... 4RFV

An evil experiment in pumpkin vivisection.(Daily Break) | Article...   -  Oct 24, 2007
An evil experiment in pumpkin vivisection.(Daily Break) ... find The Virginian Pilot articles. Carving your standard Jack-O'-Lantern is easy as long as you ... Pay-Per-View - Virginian-Pilot - HighBeam Research

Order to release animal test data   -  Apr 9, 2009
The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection had asked for the details under the Freedom of Information Act. The campaign group requested information ... BBC News

… new terror war VIVISECTION: MORE VIOLENT PROTEST VIVISECTION: …   -  Jan 22, 2006
In 2002, the year the association began to collect data, two incidents involving incendiary devices were reported. Only one took place over 2003 and 2004. ... Pay-Per-View - Sunday Herald - ProQuest Archiver

Labour's vivisection 'failure'   -  Jul 21, 2008
Despite the now tired refrain from government that Britain has some of the strictest vivisections rules in the world, we experiment on more animals than any ...

Literal take on vivisection.(letters)(Letter to the editor)   -  Mar 20, 2006
The letter by Adam Colclough (13 March) describes the. $4.95 - New Statesman - ECNext

An evil experiment in pumpkin vivisection   -  Oct 24, 2007
Carving your standard Jack-O'-Lantern is easy as long as you don't think too much about it. But as soon as you start asking yourself, "Can this pumpkin feel ... $2.95 - Virginian-Pilot - NewsBank

Contact Drilltech Inc. - Subcontractors of Vivisection at UC Berkeley   -  Jul 24, 2008 contact. Apparently ashamed of their involvement in the construction of University of California-Berkeley's $266 million Li Ka-Shing Center for ...

vivisection | Definition of vivisection | Online...   -  Jul 12, 2006
Find out what vivisection means: The Oxford American College Dictionary has the definition of vivisection. Research related newspaper, magazine, ... Pay-Per-View - Oxford American College Dictionary - HighBeam Research

Vivisection Conf. Forced To Find Another Venue   -  Jun 15, 2005
A conference on vivisection that was to be held at the National Library has been forced to find another venue after animal rights activists threatened ...

Vivisection Study Finds 115 Million Animals Used in Tests Worldwide   -  Aug 12, 2008
About 115 million animals were used in scientific research globally in 2005, according to an estimate based on official national figures and extrapolations ... Buzzle

Animal rights activists accused of stealing wrong dogs   -  Aug 26, 2005
..."(The activists) thought they were liberating animals facing vivisection," ... "(The farm) was built by Glaxo as a vivisection lab animal breeding farm, ... New Zealand Herald

Barbara Sumner Burstyn: Vivisection For Hire   -  Nov 13, 2007
By Barbara Sumner Burstyn. Margaret Harkema is well groomed, her well appointed home is set in expansive grounds. She owns her own business and her daughter ...

Sat. 5/31 - UC Berkeley anti-vivisection home demonstrations   -  May 26, 2008 yeah. The campaign against the systematic confinement and torture of non-human animals at UC Berkeley continues, where 40000 sentient beings are viewed ...

Animalearn report says former household pets used for medical …   -  Apr 27, 2009
Animalearn, a division of the American Anti-Vivisection Society, spent two years studying how public universities acquire animals for medical education. ...

Greens call for vivisection solution   -  Aug 26, 2005
The Green Party has called for the UK Government to step up research into alternatives to animal testing, in the wake of the Darley Oaks guinea pig farm ... Green Consumer Guide

Peta's 'ghastly gravy train' vivisection mailing banned   -  Mar 23, 2006 Alex Donohue, Brand Republic 23-Mar-06, 07:00. LONDON - The advertising watchdog has upheld complaints made by the Research Defence Society regarding a ... Brand Republic

Jan Creamer - National Anti-Vivisection Society   -  Apr 15, 2007 talks to Jan Creamer of the National Anti-Vivisection Society about their campaign to encourage the European Commission to end laboratory ... ePolitix

Vivisection on pigs and dogs aids drug development   -  Dec 18, 2008
Testing drugs on larger animals such as pigs and dogs could help speed-up the development of human and animal drugs. It could also speed-up other forms of ... Laboratory Talk

Terror-Tierversuch Forscher sprengen lebende Schweine in die Luft   -  Jan 25, 2010
Auch der britische Verband gegen Tierversuche, die British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, stellte den Test infrage. Die Wirkung einer Bombe auf ... Spiegel Online

Pro-test outweighed by anti-vivisection group   -  Aug 9, 2006
THURSDAY'S Advertiser featured an extensive piece about Laurie Pycroft and the Pro-test movement, a small group of people who support animal testing. ... Swindon Advertiser

Article: Pope asked to pack in the fur - Chicago Sun-Times | HighBeam...   -  Apr 15, 2007
The Italian Anti-Vivisection League made the appeal ahead of the pope's April 22 ... The Anti-Vivisection League (LAV) demanded that furs be banned from the ... Pay-Per-View - Chicago Sun-Times - HighBeam Research

UC threatens lawsuit - wants Stop Cal Vivisection site removed   -  May 11, 2008 {}. UC tries to squash first amendment rights in an effort to keep their animal research secretive. So a message concerning our website ...

Pietro Croce, Vivisection or Science? An Investigation into Testing...   -  Jun 22, 2005
Pietro Croce, Vivisection or Science? An Investigation into Testing Drugs and Safeguarding Health (London and New York: Zed Books, 1999), viii + 209 pp, Pb, ... Free with registration - Islam & Science -

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Vivisection is always evil.   -  Jul 18, 2006
Jo Tanner (letter, June 13) says she "like the Prime Minister has signed the people's petition" - as if that's a recommendation! Follow my leader? ... Free with registration - Europe Intelligence Wire -

4/13 UC Berkeley anti-vivisection home demonstration reportback   -  Apr 13, 2008 me. On Sunday 4/13, activists demonstrated in the Berkeley neighborhood of CAL vivisector Ralph Freeman. Professor Freeman performs invasive vision ...

Voir à travers son poisson rouge   -  Jan 5, 2010
Alors ça lui évite la vivisection, selon les chercheurs japonais qui l'ont mis au point par une habile manip génétique. On avait déjà eu en 2007 la ... Libération

iMac autopsy (vivisection?) photos posted online   -  Aug 9, 2007
By Jacqui Cheng | Last updated August 9, 2007 12:47 PM. For those of you who haven't checked it out yet, hop on over and look at our review of the new ... Ars Technica

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Introduction.(vivisection lab)(Editorial)   -  Dec 1, 2006
As I write this Introduction, a longstanding and ongoing debate at the University of Oxford over the ethics of animal vivisection is reported to have ... Free with registration - Mosaic -

End monkey misery in labs; pets AND THEIR people.(Features) | Article...   -  Sep 9, 2007
Jan Creamer, boss of the National Anti-Vivisection Society, said: "Yet again the animal experimenters have shown themselves to be out of control. ... Pay-Per-View - The People - HighBeam Research

Alternatives à la vivisection récompensées   -  Jan 25, 2010
La Fondation E. Naef, qui souhaite limiter le recours à l'expérimentation animale dans la recherche scientifique, a primé jeudi deux chercheurs romands. ... Le Temps

THE SCOTTISH ANTI-VIVISECTION SOCIETY (Company Report)   -  Nov 22, 2009
Related Reports:, THE SCOTTISH ANTI-VIVISECTION SOCIETY (Mortgage Report); THE SCOTTISH ANTI-VIVISECTION SOCIETY (Corporate Tree Report) ... Pay-Per-View - Experian Company Reports - Alacra Store

Greens condemn animal experiments   -  Jul 15, 2008
The National Anti Vivisection Campaign said the situation was deteriorating. "Every time they release the vivisection statistics they claim they are ... Otago Daily Times

Video prompts vivisection ban call   -  Oct 23, 2006
Influential Euro-MP Dr. Caroline Lucas has called for a complete ban on animal experiments using primates, following the release of video footage ... Green Consumer Guide

A Treatise Against Vivisection   -  Dec 29, 2005
By Punkerslut. Charity: it is the revealed essence of a good heart, the revelation of humanity. Charity is the acceleration of human thought, ... Buzzle

Vivisection challenge   -  Apr 15, 2005
A High Court judge has ruled that animal-rights campaigners can challenge the legality of animal experiments at Cambridge University. ... Times Higher Education

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Vivisection under microscope   -  Mar 23, 2005
In the first study of its kind, the science community weighs up testing on primates. It's a burning question for the scientific community, ... Channel 4 News - Channel 4 News

Anti-vivisection demonstrations arrested! TELL UCPD TO DROP …   -  Oct 22, 2007 Call! Sunday, October 21, 18 individuals were cited for "disturbing the peace" at the first home demonstration of the afternoon against UC Berkeley ...

ADI: Anti-vivisection groups unite to urge MEPs: 'Don't sell the...   -  Mar 25, 2009
Six leading animal protection groups have joined forces to urge key MEPs to vote for measures that would end laboratory secrecy and cruelty, as we approach ...

La recherche sans vivisection encouragée   -  Jan 14, 2010
EXPÉRIMENTATION - La Fondation Naef récompense les travaux de trois scientifiques actifs dans le développement de méthodes alternatives à l'expérimentation ... Le Courrier

Vet School Defends Using “Patients? in Vivisection Dog Labs   -  Mar 2, 2009 Martha Rosenberg / March 2nd, 2009. You wouldn't think a veterinarian would have to say, “I love animals.? After all, doctors don't say, “I love people. ...

The hard arguments about vivisection   -  Mar 2, 2006
Animal research is vital to the development of new medicines and therapies. Ongoing animal experimentation is being used to investigate AIDS, cancer, ... Spiked

McClone Construction - contractors of vivisection at UC Berkeley   -  Feb 3, 2009 Stop Cal Vivisection. McClone Construction ( is a contracting company specializing in concrete forms. ...

Activists say travel agents supporting vivisection   -  Sep 16, 2005
Wellington animal rights campaigners have joined a protest campaign against the tourist industry on the island of Mauritius. They say Mauritius sells ...

Shlongg Vivisection [Archive] - Forums   -  Jul 22, 2006
Developers often do "postmortems" when their projects are complete to reinforce what they learned from the project. I debated back and forth wether to do ... Devmaster

… , with offices in San Diego, to build new vivisection lab in...   -  Dec 6, 2007
McCarthy Building Companies (, with offices in Southern California, has plans to build a new vivisection lab in Berkeley. ...

A vivisection of the everyday   -  May 24, 2007
Writing extracts and examines the minutest valuations that we perform at lightning speed in our heads all day long, all our lives long. ... $2.95 - Erie Times-News - NewsBank

AAA Supports The Liberation Of Six Dogs From Farm   -  Aug 29, 2005
According to information obtained by the National Anti Vivisection Campaign under the Official Information Act, Massey University maintains a small ...

… campaign to demonise opponents of vivisection.(News) | Article...   -  May 17, 2006
Orchestrated campaign to demonise opponents of vivisection.(News) ... find The Birmingham Post (England) articles. Byline: ANDRE MENACHE MRCVS Scientific ... Pay-Per-View - Birmingham Post - HighBeam Research

EBSCOhost Connection: AGONY OF VIVISECTION MONKEYS …   -  Apr 1, 2005
Ecologist: Cites the efforts of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection to produce evidence on the difficulties facing laboratory animals in ... Subscription - Ecologist - EBSCO Publishing

Vivisection Statistics Miss The Big Picture   -  Aug 18, 2005
The NZ Anti-Vivisection Society (NZAVS) says that the official statistics on animal experiments in New Zealand "miss the big picture". ... Pay-Per-View - - Factiva, from Dow Jones

Re: Shlongg Vivisection   -  Jul 24, 2006
Thanks, eddie. It was only intended to be high-level, but I may update it in the future if I get a lot of requests for more detail. ... Devmaster

Anti-Vivisection Protest Monday in Berkeley!   -  Sep 16, 2007 animal liberation. Come out and protest the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute's 10th Anniversary at Berkeley Club Ballroom at 2315 Durant Ave. in ...

Euro MP backs a ban on monkey vivisection   -  Jul 14, 2007
By Colleen McDonnell ». Labour MEP Robert Evans, whose UK base is in Feltham, and three other MEPs started the campaign for a Europe-wide commitment to end ... Richmond and Twickenham Times

… Companies ( building new UC Berkeley vivisection lab   -  Dec 4, 2007 lets stop this. McCarthy Building Companies of San Francisco (http://www. is now seeking subcontractors for the Li-Ka-Shing Center, ...

Animal rights activists stage Ledbury protest   -  Sep 6, 2008
The five-hour protest, billed as the 'Carnival Against Vivisection', is also a show of support for Malvern campaigner Sean Kirtley who was recently jailed ... Hereford Times

Protest Funeral March For The Abolition Of Vivisection | Article from...   -  Jul 24, 2006
Protest Funeral March For The Abolition Of Vivisection ... find Getty Images articles. Peter Macdiarmid Getty Images 07-24-2006 LONDON - JULY 24: Protestors ... Pay-Per-View - Getty Images - HighBeam Research

Background information on Vivisection [When available]

Etymologically, vivisection refers to the dissection or, more generally, any cutting or surgery upon a living animal, typically for the purpose of physiological or pathological scientific investigation.

Some dictionaries and encyclopaedias use the term "vivisection" to refer to any kind of harmful animal experiment, whether it entails surgery or not. "Vivisection" has thus become an emotive term (Croce 1991). It is claimed that animal rights advocates attempt to use the word "vivisection" to recast the terms of the discourse on animal research to favor their position. The term has been applied broadly to any type of experimentation in which animals (including humans) are injured, with or without cutting or surgery (see animal testing for information on other forms of animal experimentation). Supporters of animal research and testing respond that animal experimentation does not require the invasive procedures suggested by the word "vivisection".

Historical overview

Comparatively recent (mainly since the 19th century) controversy regarding vivisection has centred around moral questions of whether the benefits of animal experimentation outweigh the suffering inflicted. Those advocating a strict animal rights view, rather than a more general animal welfare position, may argue that, regardless of possible benefits to society, vivisection is immoral based on its transgression of the rights of animals.

Modern codes of practice like those issued by the U.S. National Institute of Health or the British Home Office require that any invasive procedure on laboratory animals must be performed under deep surgical anaesthesia. These codes are legally binding for most organisations involved in vivisection in the western world (see, for example the U.K. animals (scientific procedures) act (ASPA). Welfare laws and accepted codes of conduct specify that the procedures carried out on laboratory animals should not be painful to them, however the laws do allow for anaesthetic not to be used if it will confound the results of an experiment. Opponents to vivisection claim that the law can fail to protect animals being vivisected [1] and point to undercover investigations showing that animals sometimes do suffe

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