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Oden ready for tonsillectomy, much needed rest   -  Jul 11, 2007
AP. LOS ANGELES -- Greg Oden is ready for his upcoming tonsillectomy because the NBA's No. 1 draft pick is "worn out" from a hectic summer and he welcomes ... ESPN

After Tonsillectomy, Short-Term Antibiotics Effective: Study   -  Oct 19, 2009
By Robert Preidt. FRIDAY, Oct. 23 (HealthDay News) -- A three-day course of antibiotics may be as effective as a seven-day course in reducing pain after ... ABC News

No lasting taste change after tonsillectomy   -  Jul 16, 2007
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - New research suggests that persistent alterations in taste seldom occur after surgery to remove the tonsils, or tonsillectomy. ... Reuters UK

Tonsillectomy may improve sleep, ADHD for some   -  Apr 3, 2006
As many as 2 percent of children suffer from breathing difficulties while sleeping. These breathing problems have been linked to learning and behavioral ... Boston Globe

Codeine unsafe for some kids after tonsillectomy   -  Aug 19, 2009
Using codeine to treat pain after a tonsillectomy could be fatal for some children, a Canadian doctor warns. In Thursday's New England Journal of Medicine, ...

Tonsillectomy Not Always Cost-Effective for Kids' Throat Woes   -  Nov 19, 2007
By Robert Preidt. MONDAY, Nov. 19 (HealthDay News) -- In children with mild to moderate symptoms of throat infection, surgery to remove the tonsils is more ... ABC News

Boy, 5, Dies After Complications From Routine Tonsillectomy   -  May 22, 2009
A 5-year-old southwestern Michigan boy has died from medical complications following a routine tonsillectomy. Hunter Mosher of Constantine, about 30 miles ... FOXNews

Tonsillectomy for strep throat   -  Dec 10, 2008
A tonsillectomy is the surgical removal of the tonsils. The adenoids may or may not be removed at the same time. Adenoidectomy is not discussed in this ... WebMD

Chronic infection #1 reason for adult tonsillectomy   -  Sep 24, 2008
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The most common reason that adults undergo tonsillectomy is chronic infection, in contrast with children, who have their tonsils ... Reuters UK

Correction: Trail Blazers-Oden Tonsillectomy story   -  Jul 17, 2007
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — In a July 14 story about Portland Trail Blazers rookie center Greg Oden, The Associated Press, relying on a team press statement, ... USA TODAY - USA Today

Tonsillectomy May Prevent Recurrent Strep Throat in Kids   -  Nov 21, 2006
TUESDAY, Nov. 21 (HealthDay News) -- Intact tonsils can increase the risk of recurrent strep throat in children, a Mayo Clinic study finds. ... Washington Post

Tonsillectomy boosts quality of life: studies   -  Jan 18, 2008
By Megan Rauscher. NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - For children and adults who suffer repeated bouts of tonsillitis, surgery to remove the tonsils ... Reuters UK

Tonsillectomy linked to excess weight gain in kids   -  Mar 30, 2009
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Children who undergo the surgical removal of their tonsils (tonsillectomy) with or without the removal of their adenoids ... Reuters India

Novel Tonsillectomy May Cut Pain, Bleeding   -  Sep 17, 2007
Dimpal Pragji has her tonsils checked by a CARE official in this Feb. 3, 2001 file photo. (AP). Explore health issues including AIDS, cancer and antibiotics ... CBS News

Tonsillectomy - Surgery Procedures & Risks - NY Times Health …   -  Oct 20, 2006
The tonsils help protect against infections. However, children with large tonsils may have frequent sore throats and ear infections, or have nightly ... New York Times

Post-tonsillectomy codeine could be fatal   -  Aug 20, 2009
LONDON, Ontario, Aug. 20 (UPI) -- A doctor in Canada warns the use of codeine to treat pain following a tonsillectomy could prove fatal for some children. ...

Mouth burns during tonsillectomy underreported   -  Jan 30, 2008
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Burns around the lips and mouth - primarily from the use of a cauterizing device -- are an underreported complication of ... Reuters UK

Strep Throat Again? Tonsils May Be Key   -  Nov 7, 2006
Tonsillectomy (surgery to remove tonsils) may be a "useful therapy for ... Tonsillectomy should reduce throat infections and "therefore diminish the number ... WebMD

Smokers More Likely to Bleed After Throat Surgery   -  Aug 18, 2008
The study also found that men who had tonsillectomy alone were much more likely than women to have post-operative bleeding -- 11.2 percent vs. 5.4 percent. ... ABC News

Kids Behave and Sleep Better After Tonsillectomy, Study Shows   -  Apr 4, 2006
ANN ARBOR, MI -- April 4, 2006 -- A rigorous new study finds that children who have surgery to remove their tonsils are very likely to behave and sleep ... DG News

Boy in vegetative state after tonsillectomy, family wants answers   -  Feb 1, 2010
By THE CANADIAN PRESS. Five days later, the 11-year-old suffered a heart attack and is now in a vegetative state, and doctors say ``his prognosis for ...

Blazers' Oden to have knee examined   -  Sep 11, 2007
He had a tonsillectomy in July after struggling in two Las Vegas summer league games. Oden recovered from the tonsillectomy and was working out in the ...

NSAIDs don't increase bleeding after tonsillectomy in children   -  Apr 21, 2005
You can give children NSAIDs for pain relief after removing their tonsils because there is no evidence that the drugs significantly increase bleeding. ...

Family Sues Over Boy's Tonsillectomy Fire   -  Sep 12, 2008
A California family is suing doctors and the makers of a surgical tool after a breathing tube caught fire and injured a boy during a routine tonsillectomy. ... ABC News

VITAL SIGNS: PREVENTION; After Tonsillectomies, Fewer Recurrences …   -  Nov 14, 2006
From these, they selected 145 children who had later had a tonsillectomy and compared them with a group of 145 children, matched for age and sex, ... New York Times

Sleep Benefits From Tonsillectomy Peak at 6 Months   -  Jul 21, 2009
TUESDAY, July 21 (HealthDay News) -- Children who had their tonsils and adenoids removed slept better after having the procedure, but the benefit began to ... BusinessWeek

… Effective in Relieving Postoperative Pain After Tonsillectomy   -  Sep 20, 2005
The authors of "Steroids for Post-tonsillectomy Pain Reduction: Meta-analysis ... Statistically this was a significant reduction in post-tonsillectomy pain. ...

Tonsillectomy results unaffected by kids' obesity   -  Dec 16, 2008
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Among children who undergo removal of their adenoids and tonsils to correct breathing problems when they're sleeping, ... Reuters UK

Sleep apnea may persist after tonsillectomy   -  Jan 30, 2007
By David Douglas. NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Only about one quarter of children who have their tonsils and adenoids removed to relieve obstructive sleep ... Reuters UK

Surgical emphysema following tonsillectomy.   -  Oct 1, 2005
Complications of tonsillectomy have been well documented. However, subcutaneous emphysema of the neck following tonsillectomy has rarely been described. ... Free with registration - Ear, Nose and Throat Journal -

Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy for obstructive sleep apnea and …   -  Jul 9, 2009
For throat swelling, nerve injury, and sleepiness. The surgery itself and the medicines that are used during surgery can cause this. ... WebMD

Tonsillectomy can improve kids' sleep, behavior   -  Oct 24, 2007
By Amy Norton. NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Children with sleep disordered breathing who undergo adenotonsillectomy - surgical removal of the tonsils and ... Reuters India

… to old surgery - Coblation-assisted tonsillectomy gaining in...   -  Oct 1, 2005
A live satellite broadcast of Palmer performing a Coblation-assisted tonsillectomy was presented Sunday at the American Academy of Otolarynogology Head and ... $2.95 - Fort Worth Star-Telegram - NewsBank

Coblation-assisted tonsillectomy gaining popularity   -  Oct 9, 2005
Dalton Rapp was licking Popsicles and drinking Gatorade less than two hours after having his tonsils and adenoids removed. By that evening, the 18-month-old ... $2.95 - Fort Worth Star-Telegram - NewsBank

Tonsillectomy Helps Children Breathe, Sleep   -  Jul 20, 2009
By Jennifer Warner. July 20, 2009 - A simple surgery to remove the tonsils and adenoid glands may help children with sleep-disordered breathing sleep and ... WebMD

Tonsillectomy used to treat apnea in children   -  May 25, 2006
..."More and more, we don't take tonsillectomies lightly,'' said Dr. Daniel Levy of Owings Mills, president-elect of the Maryland chapter of the American ... Pay-Per-View - The Record - ProQuest Archiver

Robotic Surgery Treats Tonsil Cancer   -  Dec 17, 2007
This study included 27 patients who had radical tonsillectomy to treat cancer. ... "Radical tonsillectomy using TORS is a new technique that offers ... ABC News

New Tonsillectomy Technique Cuts Postoperative Complications by 47%   -  Aug 15, 2008
MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Results of an independent study published in the September 2007 issue of the Archives of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery ...

Health Tip: Recovering From a Tonsillectomy   -  Aug 4, 2009
...(HealthDay News) - After having your tonsils removed (a tonsillectomy), expect your throat to be rather sore for at least a few days. Drink a lot of fluids, ... U.S. News & World Report

Kinder, Gentler Tonsillectomy Now Offered At Mayo Clinic   -  Mar 14, 2005
ScienceDaily (Mar. 14, 2005) — ROCHESTER, Minn. -- Surgeons at Mayo Clinic are now using a procedure for removing tonsils that results in far easier ...

Oden Doubtful for US Training Camp, Olympics   -  Jul 28, 2007
1 pick in the NBA draft, had a tonsillectomy July 14 and was forced to miss US minicamp last weekend. He said he probably won't be there when the team ... Washington Post

Post-tonsillectomy, nausea prevention drug linked with higher...   -  Dec 12, 2008
A latest study states that the use of dexamethasone helps in the reduction of nausea and vomiting after tonsillectomies in children; but also, apparently, ...

Asthma and tonsillectomy.(tonsillectomy to treat childhood ashtma)(Bri...   -  Jul 1, 2005
Asthma and tonsillectomy.(tonsillectomy to treat childhood ashtma)(Brief article) ... find Pediatrics for Parents articles. Tonsillectomy in children with ... Pay-Per-View - Pediatrics for Parents - HighBeam Research

Learn to love despite a clash of class   -  Apr 10, 2009
Recently, I had a tonsillectomy and chose to recover there, as my father works late and I didn't want to be alone at his place or mine. ... Toronto Star

Kids Behave and Sleep Better After Tonsillectomy, Study Shows   -  Mar 28, 2006
Newswise — A rigorous new study finds that children who have surgery to remove their tonsils are very likely to behave and sleep better one year later. ...

Greg Oden Rap Song More Painful Than A Tonsillectomy   -  Jul 13, 2007
It's understandable that Portland 's excited about Greg Oden. In fact, you could say Blazer-nation "wants Greg Oden." But that's no excuse. ...

Dexamethasone Carries Unexpected Bleeding Risk in Tonsillectomy   -  Dec 9, 2008
By Crystal Phend, Staff Writer, MedPage Today. GENEVA, Dec. 9 -- For pediatric tonsillectomy, intravenous dexamethasone effectively reduces nausea and ... MedPage Today

Some Parents Aren't Giving Kids Pain Meds Post-Surgery   -  Sep 9, 2009
Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy (to remove the adenoids) are among the most widely performed procedures in younger people. As hospital stays get shorter and ... BusinessWeek

Hyperactivity, Sleepiness, And ADHD Often Improved After Tonsillectomy...   -  Apr 8, 2006
In fact, about half of the children in the study who were found to have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder before tonsil surgery no longer met ... Medical News Today - Medical News Today (press release)

Tonsillectomy enhances quality of life in paediatric and adult...   -  Jan 1, 2008
Washington, Jan 1: Researchers have revealed that Tonsillectomy, a surgical procedure to treat chronic and recurrent tonsillitis, significantly improves a ...

New Tonsillectomy Technique Cuts Postoperative Complications By 47%   -  Nov 9, 2007
Results of an independent study published in the September 2007 issue of the Archives of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery demonstrate that intracapsular ... Medical News Today - Medical News Today (press release)

NSAIDS okay for tonsillectomy, new study finds   -  Apr 15, 2005
When children have their tonsils removed, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be used for pain relief with no significant increase in bleeding and with ...

Fort Worth Star-Telegram : A modern tonsillectomy   -  Aug 17, 2006
Fort Worth Star-Telegram : Complete full-text content of local and regional news, including community events, schools, politics, government policies, ... $2.95 - Fort Worth Star-Telegram - NewsBank

Three-day course of antibiotics may be sufficient after tonsillectomy   -  Oct 27, 2009
Children who receive a three-day course of antibiotics following tonsillectomy rather than a seven-day course appear to have no differences in pain or how ... Virtual Medical Centre - The Virtual Medical Centre

Tonsillectomy can improve life for children with sleep apnea   -  Feb 13, 2008
Washington, Feb 13 : A study has found that a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy is the best way for improving the life of children who are suffering from ...

Article: The new tonsillectomy.(Daily Break) - The Virginian Pilot | ...   -  Mar 14, 2006
The new tonsillectomy.(Daily Break) ... find The Virginian Pilot articles. Byline: ELIZABETH SIMPSON BY ELIZABETH SIMPSON THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT THE... Pay-Per-View - Virginian-Pilot - HighBeam Research

Appendicitis; Tonsillectomy found to be a risk factor for appendicitis   -  Jul 26, 2005
2005 JUL 26 - ( -- Tonsillectomy is found to be a significant risk factor for subsequent acute appendicitis. According to researchers in Spain, ... Pay-Per-View - Life Science Weekly - Factiva, from Dow Jones

Adult tonsillectomy benefits unclear   -  May 4, 2007
By : Health News Editor. SOUTHAMPTON, England, May 4 Adults with recurrent sore throats may benefit from having a tonsillectomy, but the longer-term benefit ...

Red Wing girl dies of accidental overdose   -  Apr 21, 2008
Lee said medical examiners indicated that the girl's body failed to metabolize the medications she received after the tonsillectomy. The Todd County probe ... Minneapolis Star-Tribune - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Faster Recovery From Tonsillectomy .   -  Oct 1, 2005
Tonsillectomy is one of the common surgeries performed on children in the United ... that has patients feeling better soone than traditional tonsillectomy. ... Southeast Missourian - Google News Archive

Tonsillectomy Surgical Procedures Compared for Post-operative Pain   -  Jan 24, 2006
Newswise — The tonsillectomy, with or without adenoid removal, is a commonly performed operation. The surgical procedure is recommended for recurrent ...

A Kinder Form of Tonsillectomy   -  Sep 19, 2007
...(Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Many kids have been lured into tonsillectomies with promises like, "you'll be able to have all the ice cream you can eat," only to ... Ivanhoe Broadcast News

Teen's death after tonsillectomy probed Girl was at home recovering |...   -  Aug 4, 2009
Teen's death after tonsillectomy probed Girl was at home recovering ... find The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel articles. By RYAN HAGGERTY Ambia Lawrence, 15, ... Pay-Per-View - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - HighBeam Research

Tonsillectomy without headlights: a unique solution.(SPECIAL TOPICS …   -  Sep 1, 2005
Tonsillectomy is still one of the most common surgical procedures in otolaryngology. Traditionally, the operation is performed under general anesthesia with ... Free with registration - Ear, Nose and Throat Journal -

ISU's Johnson out after undergoing tonsillectomy   -  Feb 21, 2008
Illinois State's Dom Johnson yells at his teammate across the court during their game against Bradley on Feb. 9, 2008, at Redbird Arena in Normal. ... Bloomington Pantagraph

Tonsillectomy Surgical Procedures Compared for Post-operative Pain   -  Jan 25, 2006
ALEXANDRIA, VA -- January 25, 2006 -- The tonsillectomy, with or without adenoid removal, is a commonly performed operation. The surgical procedure is ... DG News

Determining need for tonsillectomy is tricky   -  Dec 24, 2007
In the first half of the 1900s, tonsillectomies, or removal of the tonsils, were considered by some to be a "public-health measure," and were performed for ... $2.95 - St. Louis Post-Dispatch - NewsBank

Medical Minute 2-23: Less Painful Tonsillectomy   -  Feb 23, 2009
Mason was diagnosed with failure to thrive. Kids with the disorder can't take in enough calories needed for weight gain and growth. ... WCTV

EBSCOhost Connection: Tonsillectomy.   -  Jan 1, 2005
Tonsillectomy: The article focuses on tonsillectomy which is a surgical removal of the tonsils. Tonsils are glands in the back of the throat. Subscription - Tonsillectomy - EBSCO Publishing

Researchers Say Tonsillectomy Not Entirely Good for Children   -  Nov 21, 2007
Utrecht, Netherlands (AHN) - Dutch researchers say that based on their study, the rush decision of removing a child's tonsils may not be the best solution. ... AHN

The coblation tonsillectomy learning curve   -  Sep 18, 2007
Surgeons who learn new surgical techniques for tonsillectomies must master the procedure to ensure proper care for patients. ...

Top Five “Myths? of Tonsillectomy   -  Aug 10, 2007
...( - Approximately 600000 tonsillectomies are performed each year, yet parents hold a variety of misconceptions about the popular ...

Top Five Myths of Tonsillectomy   -  Aug 13, 2007
...( - Approximately 600000 tonsillectomies are performed each year, yet parents hold a variety of misconceptions about the popular ...

Girl dies after routine surgery on her tonsils   -  Jun 6, 2007
Dr Anthony Morley, a doctor at the hospital where Kayleigh had her tonsillectomy, said there was nothing out of the ordinary about the initial procedure. ... Daily Mail

Tonsillectomy keeps UA's Budinger from practicing   -  Sep 12, 2006
UA freshman basketball player Chase Budinger has had his tonsils removed, keeping him out of this week's short practice sessions. ... Arizona Daily Star

Movie review: 'Anita O'Day: The Life of a Jazz Singer' among the best   -  Dec 12, 2008
She was raped, suffered through an illegal abortion, had her uvula accidentally sliced off during a tonsillectomy, grew addicted to heroin and was ... Minneapolis Star-Tribune - Minneapolis Star Tribune

New Tonsillectomy Technique Cuts Postoperative Complications by 47%.   -  Nov 8, 2007
MINNEAPOLIS -- Results of an independent study published in the September 2007 issue of the Archives of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery demonstrate ... Free with registration - Business Wire -

Tonsillectomy Effective In Adults   -  May 4, 2007
By Michael Smith, Senior Staff Writer, MedPage Today. OULU, Finland, May 4 -- Tonsillectomy is an effective remedy for adults with recurrent bouts of group ... MedPage Today

Less Painful Tonsillectomy -- Research Summary   -  Feb 16, 2009
A TIME-TESTED SURGERY: Tonsil removals, or tonsillectomies, are one of the most common procedures performed on children, says the American Academy of ... Ivanhoe Broadcast News

More Hospitals Offer 'Painless' Tonsillectomy   -  Jul 6, 2005
TOWSON, Md. -- Recovering from tonsil surgery often leaves patients with severe pain. But a new surgery is getting much fewer complaints. ... KMBC

NSAIDs Safe for Pain Control After Tonsillectomy in Children   -  Jan 25, 2008
The content of this CME activity, "NSAIDs Safe for Pain Control After Tonsillectomy in Children," was developed by the faculty. ... Medscape

Tonsillectomy Instrument Trends of Today Versus 15 Years Ago   -  Sep 13, 2006
Newswise — Pediatric adenotonsillectomies have been performed for years. However, as new methods have emerged, so have certain trends. ...

… than ice cream Knights' Medolo overcomes tonsillectomy, heavy...   -  Feb 6, 2008
..."At the beginning of the season I had a tonsillectomy and there were some complications," said Medolo. "I missed the first two weeks of the season, ... Eagle Tribune

Perioperative local anaesthesia for reducing pain following tonsillect...   -  Jul 1, 2007
Pain relief after tonsillectomy is an important part of post – operative ... Trials were excluded because procedures in addition to tonsillectomy were ... Medscape

Clinical: Journals Watch - Varicella vaccine, MI and tonsillectomy.   -  Apr 6, 2007
The US has been vaccinating all children against varicella as standard since 1995. Initially a single dose of live attenuated vaccine was given but last ... Free with registration - GP -

Tonsillectomy Instrument Trends Of Today Versus 15 Years Ago   -  Sep 25, 2006
Pediatric adenotonsillectomies have been performed for years. However, as new methods have emerged, so have certain trends. A recent survey sent to 300 ... Medical News Today - Medical News Today (press release)

… Fails to Provide Relief from Pain Post-Tonsillectomy: Presented at...   -  Sep 22, 2006
The rate of readmission to hospital after tonsillectomy is 3.5% in the US Patients are either observed or return to the operating room in efforts to control ... DG News

WLBT 3 - Jackson, MS: Tonsillectomy Weight Gain - Surgeon General …   -  Mar 2, 2006
Having a child's tonsils removed could make them gain weight. A new study found the children who had tonsillectomies to treat sleep apnea gained an average ... WLBT-TV

Asthma medication use drops following tonsillectomy.(Pulmonary …   -  Apr 15, 2006
Miami Beach -- Adenotonsillectomy in children with asthma is associated with a significant improvement in their symptoms, Dr. David E. Karas reported in a ... Free with registration - Family Practice News -

Patients Undergoing Tonsillectomy Shows No Change of Taste   -  Jul 18, 2007
Patients undergoing tonsillectomy, or removal of the tonsils, none reported an ongoing dysfunction in their sense of taste following the procedure. ... MedIndia

GBMC Offers 'Painless' Tonsillectomy   -  Jul 5, 2005
TOWSON, Md. -- Recovering from tonsil surgery often leaves patients with severe pain. But a Maryland hospital offers a new surgery -- and patients have no ... WBAL TV

Tonsillectomy improves boy's sleep, grades, sports   -  May 30, 2008
This time last year, 12-year-old Robert Heimerman's grades and sports playing abilities were hovering around average. He got mostly Cs and ran in the back ... PNW Local News

Short Recovery Room Stay After Tonsillectomy Found Safe   -  Nov 20, 2006
By Michael Smith, Senior Staff Writer, MedPage Today. LOS ANGELES, Nov. 20 -- After an outpatient tonsillectomy, most patients can go home safely within a ... MedPage Today

Health Tip: After Tonsillectomy   -  Apr 26, 2007
...(HealthDay News) -- If your child just had a tonsillectomy, it may take a few days for her to feel normal and want to eat regularly again. ...

Popsicles not enough after tonsillectomy - study shows kids don't get...   -  Sep 18, 2009
Children who have their tonsils removed might suffer unnecessarily because they get inadequate pain relief once they are sent home, a study reports. ... $2.95 - Lexington Herald Leader - NewsBank

Tonsillectomy significantly improves quality of life in patients   -  Jan 1, 2008
New technique could eliminate inherited mitochondrial disease — [26 Aug 2009] — Researchers have developed an experimental technique with the potential to ... Science Centric

Tonsillectomy may help with ADHD - study   -  Apr 18, 2006
By Amy Norton. New York - Children's behavioural problems, including symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), sometimes improve after ... South African Star - The South African Star

How I do it: control of post-tonsillectomy bleeding with the tonsil...   -  Nov 1, 2006
Control of post-tonsillectomy hemorrhage--both arterial and venous--involves evacuation of the clot from the tonsillar fossa, tamponade of the bleeding site ... Free with registration - Ear, Nose and Throat Journal -

Tonsillectomy improves life quality   -  Jan 21, 2008
Scientists believe tonsillectomy in individuals suffering from recurrent tonsillitis can significantly improve their quality of life. ... PRESS TV

… Face Learning Curve In Bipolar Radiofrequency Ablation Tonsillectom...   -  Sep 19, 2007
Using data from the Australian National Tonsillectomy Audit of 2005, the study authors were able to establish that a learning curve does exist between ... Medical News Today - Medical News Today (press release)

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