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News: Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy

Divided nerves helping William conquer illness   -  Mar 22, 2005
In 2003 William was chosen for selective dorsal rhizotomy, a procedure that was once occasionally performed but was stopped because doctors could not be ... The Age

Victoria, 6, couldn't walk - now she dances with joy   -  Apr 4, 2009
A year ago, at age five, Victoria became the first WA female with cerebral palsy to have complicated spinal surgery known as selective dorsal rhizotomy to ...

Continuous intrathecal baclofen infusion for intractable spastic...   -  Jun 1, 2008
Botulinum toxin and selective dorsal rhizotomy are very effective for patients who have spasticity, with botulinum toxin being particularly useful when only ...

Surgery helps girl to walk again   -  Jan 8, 2010
The operation, called selective dorsal rhizotomy, was carried out by surgeons at St Louis Children's Hospital in Missouri. ... BBC News

Surgery lets boys stand tall at last   -  Oct 28, 2007
But, luckily, the boys were perfect candidates for radical neurosurgery - selective dorsal rhizotomy - that can heal the disability. ...

'Pioneering op in America is our last hope'   -  Oct 31, 2009 chance in life, her parents were relieved to find out that her problems could be helped through an operation called a selective dorsal rhizotomy. ... WalesOnline

Miracle spine op for cerebral palsy boy | The Sun |Woman|Real Life   -  Jan 21, 2010 savings to fly with Lewis to the St Louis Children's Hospital in Missouri after hearing about a procedure called selective dorsal rhizotomy. ... The Sun

Imaging technology enhances Children's care   -  Apr 17, 2006
...epilepsy; head trauma; hydrocephalus; neurofibromatosis; spasticity/dystonia; selective dorsal rhizotomy; spina bifida/myelomeningocele; spinal trauma; ...

Wash U professor, St. Louis Children's neurosurgeon Park wins...   -  Jun 26, 2008
He also pioneered the use of selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) as a treatment for patients with spastic cerebral palsy, the most common form of cerebral ...

Girl hopes surgery will allow her to run The surgical procedure...   -  Sep 13, 2005
The surgical procedure, selective dorsal rhizotomy, involves cutting of the nerves in the spine that are causing the problem. ... $2.95 - St. Louis Post-Dispatch - NewsBank

Giving Chance a chance to walk   -  Apr 24, 2007
Most recently, the youngster, who has been unable to walk due to his brain injury at birth, underwent selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery to improve his ... $2.95 - Buffalo News - NewsBank

Hospitals target today's consumer Marketers mix new media, traditional...   -  Mar 27, 2009
So the Decatur, Ala., mother began searching her son's symptoms online and discovered a procedure called selective dorsal rhizotomy that had yielded ... $2.95 - St. Louis Post-Dispatch - NewsBank

After surgery that may allow her to walk, Highland girl gets help...   -  Nov 14, 2005
16 at Children's Hospital in St. Louis she underwent selective dorsal rhizotomy, a surgical procedure that involves cutting the spinal nerves that cause the ... $2.95 - St. Louis Post-Dispatch - NewsBank

Angmering family in bid to change disabled daughter's life   -  Jan 28, 2010
Called selective dorsal rhizotomy, it is neurosurgical procedure that changes the signals from the brain to the muscles, meaning Sophie could walk unaided, ... Littlehampton Gazette

Two Grand Rapids hospitals pioneer treatment to help kids with...   -  Jan 31, 2008
A neurosurgery never before available in West Michigan—limited exposure selective dorsal rhizotomy—offers children suffering from spasticity the chance to ... Rapid Growth

Article: On the path to recovery. - Australasian Business Intelligence...   -  May 18, 2006
Hall, who suffers from severe cerebral palsy, is the first child in Queensland to undergo a procedure called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy, which aims to ... Pay-Per-View - Australasian Business Intelligence - HighBeam Research

Boxing Day swim for Elodie   -  Jan 1, 2010
The Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) procedure is best performed when patients are young, before joint deformities take place. ... Penarth Times

Lewis Evans helps 32 families by telling his story on GMTV| This is...   -  Sep 17, 2009
His family contacted the St Louis clinic at the end of March and three weeks later the operation, known as a selective dorsal rhizotomy, was booked. ... This is Somerset

Miracle Surgery Helps Boy Walk   -  Nov 14, 2005
Dr. Park is a neurosurgeon and the world's leading expert on a surgery called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy. It can help a child with CP walk without ... First Coast News

Cerebal Palsy Surgery Brings Miracles To Families   -  Apr 28, 2005
Dr. Park is also the world's leading expert on a surgery called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy. "If we remove the stiffness in the legs, he will have a good ... First Coast News

Cerebral Palsy sufferer Jake Storr heading to America for surgery …   -  Dec 30, 2009
After weeks spent waiting for confirmation that Jake would be suitable for selective dorsal rhizotomy, the procedure is now booked for March 8 at St Louis ... Grimsby Telegraph

Cards for Joey   -  May 16, 2006
On May 24 our 5-year old son Joey will be having a surgery called a selective dorsal rhizotomy in St. Paul, Minn., at Gillette Children's. ... Helena Independent Record

On Friday, Lauren will undergo a procedure called selective dorsal rhizotomy. "This is just a one-time surgery," said Laura Hammel, Lauren's mom. ... $2.95 - Belleville News-Democrat - NewsBank

Longitudinal construct validity of the GMFM-88 total score and goal...   -  Apr 1, 2009
Nordmark et al (13) studied responsiveness in 18 children undergoing selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR). The total and goal total scores were found to respond ... Pay-Per-View - Physical Therapy - HighBeam Research

Boy to walk mother down aisle. | Article from Daily Post (Liverpool, ...   -  Sep 4, 2009
She contacted the hospital and three weeks later the operation, known as a selective dorsal rhizotomy, was booked. The family raised the money themselves ... Pay-Per-View - Daily Post - HighBeam Research

Vigor for life, sports is source of child's vitality   -  May 25, 2009
In December 2006, Coley underwent selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery in a St. Louis hospital, which improved the amount of movement in his legs from 5 to 35 ... Aiken Standard - Aiken Standard (subscription)

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