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Relatives of lobotomy patients want Nobel revoked   -  Jul 14, 2005
Associated Press Published on Thursday, Jul. 14, 2005 11:34AM EDT Last updated on Tuesday, Apr. 07, 2009 10:52PM EDT. Thirty years after doctors stopped ... Globe and Mail

Book Review: My Lobotomy   -  Sep 17, 2007
By William Grimes. As a child, Howard Dully was a handful and a half. Wayward, high-spirited, dreamy, careless and slovenly, he drove his father and his ... New York Times

Debating the Benefits of a Transorbital Lobotomy   -  May 6, 2005
By DANA STEVENS. From its opening scene, in which a traveling neurologist named Dr. Harold Ashton (Bill Raymond) demonstrates the benefits of transorbital ... New York Times

My Lobotomy: A Memoir - Howard Dully and Charles Fleming - New York …   -  Sep 14, 2007
By WILLIAM GRIMES. By Howard Dully and Charles Fleming. As a child, Howard Dully was a handful and a half. Wayward, high-spirited, dreamy, careless and ... New York Times

… E-mails Show Industry Ties; Chief Wrote Lawyer About Staff 'Lobotom...   -  Mar 18, 2006
..."I don't have the personal view that I performed a lobotomy." The former Eastern Shore delegate said he was anticipating questions about his dismissal of ... Pay-Per-View - Washington Post - ProQuest Archiver

'My Lobotomy': Howard Dully's Journey   -  Nov 16, 2005
Howard, standing in front, with his parents, June Dully and Rodney Dully (holding Howard's brother Brian), in Oakland, Calif., c. 1950. ... NPR

Nov. 12, 1935: You Should (Not) Have a Lobotomy   -  Nov 12, 2008
By Tony Long 11.12.08. 1935: The world's first modern frontal leukotomy is performed in a Lisbon hospital by Portuguese neurologist Antonio Egas Moniz. ... Wired News

His lobotomy, his recovery, in his words   -  Sep 26, 2007
Until he was 5, Howard Dully was a happy child. That was the year his mother, June, died of cancer. June was "loving and indulgent," Dully writes, ... San Francisco Chronicle

Lobotomy inventor's Nobel challenged   -  Jul 17, 2005
...[Egas Moniz] developed the lobotomy procedure in 1936 as a way to treat people with severe psychiatric illnesses, particularly agitation and depression. ... Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - ProQuest Archiver

Lobotomy: Proceeding Without Caution   -  Jan 21, 2008
...[Howard Dully]'s stepmother read about [Walter Freeman] and scheduled a consultation about the boy's personality, which she called "unruly and defiant. ... Pay-Per-View - Tampa Tribune - ProQuest Archiver

Article: Brain Drain; 'Lobotomy' tells unsettling story of why the...   -  Aug 15, 2007
Brain Drain; 'Lobotomy' tells unsettling story of why the author's stepmother sought this treatment for her then 12-year-old 'troublemaker' ... find Chicago ... Pay-Per-View - Washington Post - HighBeam Research

Survivor recounts lobotomy at age 12   -  Nov 30, 2005
By A. Chris Gajilan. (CNN) -- Howard Dully was 12 years old when he was told he was going to the hospital for some tests. ... CNN

MP on record as having a lobotomy   -  Mar 5, 2009
FORMER unions boss turned Prisons Minister John Robertson yesterday offered an explanation for his reversal on privatisation. "I've had a frontal lobotomy," ... NEWS.com.au

The Story of My Lobotomy - Scandals & Feuds, Medical Conditions, Real...   -  Jan 22, 2010
By Frank Swertlow. At 12, Howard Dully Underwent Radical Brain Surgery to Change His Behavior. His Doctor, Walter J. Freeman, Performed a Crude Lobotomy—One ... People Magazine

Op-Ed: Reversing the Congressional Science Lobotomy   -  Apr 29, 2009
By Rush Holt. Beginning with a declaration during his inaugural address that we will “restore science to its rightful place,? President Obama has placed ... Wired News

A Lobotomy That He Says Didn't Touch His Soul   -  Nov 16, 2005
By CHARLES McGRATH. The case files of mental illness are filled with half-baked theories and their drastic advocates. Wilhelm Fleiss, for example, ... New York Times

Review: Howard Dully's memoir about having a lobotomy at age 12   -  Sep 10, 2007
By Howard Dully and Charles Fleming. When Howard Dully was 12, his life was taken away from him. He had a lobotomy. That 10-minute operation determined the ... San Francisco Chronicle

Microsoft and the Yahoo Lobotomy   -  May 19, 2008
They want to buy just Yahoo search? Nothing else? Wall Street Journal, which has a good record reporting the Microhoo blow-by-blows, claims Microsoft wants ... Microsoft Watch

I'ma lobotomy, get me out of here   -  Dec 13, 2009
It's entirely possible to imagine that had it not lurked underneath the venerable and trustworthy Horizon umbrella, How Mad Are You? ... The Guardian

Rosemary Kennedy dies at 86   -  Jan 7, 2005
In her own diaries before the lobotomy, she chronicled a life of tea dances, ... Doctors told Joseph Kennedy that a lobotomy, a medical procedure in which ... USA TODAY - USA Today

Metzger Receives a Lobotomy   -  Jan 6, 2009
Have you ever heard of Kali? No, not like the "Sick bro, let's go hit Venice Beach pounce on some cali cougars!" I'm talking about the helmet company called ... ESPN - ESPN

..."He's brought a little of this on himself," [Bill Parcells] said seven years ago. "But then, we've both done that." It wouldn't be such a terrible thing if ... Pay-Per-View - New York Post - ProQuest Archiver

Last Night's TV: Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery BBC4   -  Aug 21, 2008
The most unnerving of them was Dr Walter Freeman, the American doctor who developed the frontal lobotomy, and then peddled it as a mental cure-all. ... Independent

Bush's 'brain' in danger of lobotomy   -  Jul 25, 2005
Karl Rove, Deputy White House Chief of Staff and George Bush's closest political adviser for more than three decades, is fighting for his political life. ... The Age

Head trip; My Lobotomy A Memoir; Howard Dully and Charles Fleming; …   -  Oct 14, 2007
Nowhere is this clearer than when Dully, along with other patients of [Walter Freeman], participates in a National Public Radio piece produced by MacArthur ... Pay-Per-View - Los Angeles Times - ProQuest Archiver

How Americans View and Predict the Future   -  Nov 4, 2006
Popular Science has forecast the future for nearly a century, and while we're still waiting for our flying cars, our plastic houses and the lobotomy as a ... ABC News

The sister who inspired Eunice Kennedy Shriver   -  Aug 14, 2009
Today, the lobotomy has largely been superseded by antipsychotic drugs, and is widely seen as barbaric. But it in a dozen or so countries, including the US ... The Hindu

Miracle worker or a monster?   -  Jan 18, 2008
It came to be known as a lobotomy. At first, he had to work with a ... Freeman once went to a hostage-taking, performing a lobotomy at the scene as police ... Toronto Star

Article: Brain Drain; 'Lobotomy' tells unsettling story of why the...   -  Sep 9, 2007
Brain Drain; 'Lobotomy' tells unsettling story of why the author's stepmother sought this treatment for her then 12-year-old 'troublemaker' ... find Chicago ... Pay-Per-View - Chicago Sun-Times - HighBeam Research

THE SECRET HISTORY OF lobotomy; Despite criticism and failures, Dr. …   -  Feb 3, 2005
It was an Eagan woman's angry 1996 letter to the editor that sparked Jack El-Hai's seven-year scrutiny of one of America's most scorned physicians of the ... Pay-Per-View - Star Tribune - Factiva, from Dow Jones

NFL Teams Woo Seasoned Head Coaches   -  Jan 4, 2010
Does Smith think everybody out there has had a lobotomy?? First-year Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris faced an uncertain future as his owners showed interest ... St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Tight battle for lobotomy limbo crown   -  May 8, 2006
...&&&&& the game this week at MMQB Central, laggies und grunts, is to answer the following limbo question: HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? C'mon now, limbo limbo be quick ... Canada.com

Sorry, I'm still recovering from my cottage lobotomy   -  Aug 4, 2007
From Saturday's Globe and Mail Published on Saturday, Aug. 04, 2007 8:13AM EDT Last updated on Friday, Apr. 03, 2009 10:21AM EDT ... Globe and Mail

By Glennda Chui. In 1960, Howard Dully's parents took him to a San Jose hospital for what they said would be tests. Two days later, he woke up with a ... Pay-Per-View - San Jose Mercury News - Factiva, from Dow Jones

Green Day plans rare NYC club gig   -  Apr 11, 2009
...and "Horseshoes and Handgrenades" -- and its tracks include "21 Guns," "East Jesus Nowhere," "Before the Lobotomy," and "Restless Heart Syndrome." ... Reuters India

Zimbabwe: Pressure Mounts on Zuma to Act on Zimbabwe   -  Jan 27, 2010
Pressure Mounts On Zuma to Act On Zimbabwe .." Pressure is all in your head. Even a lobotomy wouldn't help you .. AllAfrica.com

So jarring was this clash of high-minded legal principles and banal television that I wondered if the televised intrusion wasn't part of a master plan to ... Pay-Per-View - Hartford Courant - ProQuest Archiver

New Green Day album "Breakdown" coming May 15   -  Mar 26, 2009
...and "Horseshoes and Handgrenades" -- and includes tracks like "21 Guns," "East Jesus Nowhere," "Before the Lobotomy," and "Restless Heart Syndrome." ... Reuters UK

… : The CTPL controversy: A simple headache does not require a lobotom...   -  Aug 6, 2008
BY AL ABATAYO*, JR CORPUZ*, RM DOMINGO* and RV FABELLA. THE CONTROVERSY over the proposed GSIS monopoly takeover of third party liability insurance industry ... BusinessWorld Online

Excerpt from 'My Lobotomy'   -  Sep 24, 2007
By Howard Dully and Charles Fleming. This much I know for sure: I was born in Peralta Hospital in Oakland, California, on November 30, 1948. ... USA TODAY - USA Today

Doctor, a lobotomy for my niece, please | Article from The Record...   -  Nov 16, 2006
Doctor, a lobotomy for my niece, please ... find The Record (Bergen County, NJ) articles. ROBERT FELDBERG, STAFF WRITER The Record (Bergen County, ... Pay-Per-View - The Record - HighBeam Research

Eunice Kennedy Shriver's death leaves two Kennedy siblings   -  Aug 11, 2009
Rosemary was institutionalised through most of her life because of mental disability and a failed lobotomy. Kathleen married William John Robert Cavendish, ... Telegraph.co.uk

'Lobotomy' tells unsettling story of why the author's stepmother...   -  Sep 9, 2007
By Howard Dully and Charles Fleming. For decades, in books, plays and movies, giving a lobotomy was about the worst thing doctors could do to patients ... $2.95 - Chicago Sun-Times - NewsBank

..."My Lobotomy" focuses on Howard Dully, whose transorbital lobotomy was performed ... "'My Lobotomy' is a remarkable tale about a man coming to terms with a ... NPR

… : Been Missing Since Nov. 4. Staffers Say Lobotomy Appears to have ...   -  Dec 6, 2008
While surgeons were performing a frontal lobotomy, a last ditch surgery technique to cure mental mis-speak embarrassments, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reed ... thespoof.com

Blog this on:   -  Aug 24, 2009
When Rosemary was 23, she had a prefrontal lobotomy; from that point on, she spent most of her life in an institution. Shriver deplored the practice of ... TIME

In a most profound error of judgment, the Middletown Redevelopment Agency has approved a project to erect six apartment buildings with 96 low-income units ... Pay-Per-View - Hartford Courant - ProQuest Archiver

Ghana: "Farewell, Frontal Lobotomy!"   -  Dec 19, 2007
Accra — Some ladies are so strong-willed, that they succeed in overpowering their former husbands, to agree to their children being adopted by their new ... AllAfrica.com

Generation O: A New Blog of Obama Voters - Newsweek.com   -  May 9, 2009
First off, Obama is 5 times better that the last president we had, however he would have to had a lobotomy to compete with Bush's incompitences. ... Newsweek

Nemesis Now's Lobotomy Coaster Set: The Gift that Keeps On Giving!   -  Jul 20, 2008
The Nemesis Now Lobotomy Coaster Set is a skull whose top opens to reveal a set of waiting coasters. Made of polystone, this Lobotomy Coaster Set from ... Inventorspot

Rosemary Kennedy   -  Jan 10, 2005
...eldest sister of President John F Kennedy but spent most of her life in a convent in Winconsin after undergoing a prefrontal lobotomy when she was 23. ... Telegraph.co.uk

Four memoirs of family ties — and family lies   -  Sep 26, 2007
My Lobotomy plunges like a knife into the brain — which is exactly what ... Then he designed his own lobotomy knife. The goal was to alleviate mental ... USA TODAY - USA Today

Flaming Norah! Is that what men have to go through?   -  Feb 17, 2009
Listening to them was like undergoing a slow frontal lobotomy.' Vincent calls for a male liberation movement. She wants men to free themselves from their ... The Guardian

Lobotomies lead to fresh controversy   -  Jul 18, 2005
The lobotomy, once a widely used method for treating mental illness, epilepsy, ... But relatives of lobotomy patients want the Nobel Prize given to its ... Boston Globe

Comments on: Palin-Mania Sweeping Nation - CBS News   -  Sep 6, 2008
How about Palin Lobotomy ? The choice of her as his running mate is a slap in the face to every woman in America. Pandering at its lowest form. ... CBS News

In a time before Prozac, Xanax and Zoloft, Dr. Walter Freeman once performed 25 lobotomies in a single day. That exhibition in West Virginia -- a ... $2.95 - San Jose Mercury News - NewsBank

Gaynor Faye, 35, models fab fashion from Debenhams, and talks about her skater's bum, treating herself to a toyboy, why she can't be bothered to get wed, ... Mirror.co.uk

Possible Sign You've Had A Lobotomy ...   -  Feb 17, 2006
...by dean adams. Formula One champ Fernando Alonso (perhaps just slightly jealous because of the attention paid to Val Rossi at the recent F1 test? ... superbikeplanet.com

Cornell's Scream: Lobotomy or happy pills?   -  Mar 11, 2009
By Kristy Conlin. The new Chris Cornell CD, Scream, released Tuesday, March 10, after numerous delays, is certainly one of the most highly anticipated ... News & Record - The News Record

Bunch of wet nurses turned me right off   -  Aug 3, 2008
And speaking of those lobotomy jobs Rowing NZ should have all their oars broken in half for trying to keep this athletic orgasm to themselves. ... Stuff.co.nz

On Lobotomy and Phantom Limbs   -  Jul 28, 2008
Studied for hundreds of years, the brain is still a mystery in many respects and one part of it is particularly mysterious: the Frontal Lobes. ... Future of Things - The Future of Things

Green Day rocks out energy-charged show   -  Jul 21, 2009
The group ricocheted from the staccato "Brain Stew" to the antic swing of “Welcome to Paradise'' to the slips and slides of “Before the Lobotomy'' to the ... Boston Globe

Political Lobotomy: De-Zionizing the American Mind   -  Aug 16, 2007
...by Jean Bricmont. Americans are constantly told that they have to defend themselves against people who "hate them", but without understanding why they are ... Pacific Free Press - Pacific Free Press

Article: THE SECRET HISTORY OF lobotomy; Despite criticism and …   -  Feb 3, 2005
THE SECRET HISTORY OF lobotomy; Despite criticism and failures, Dr. Walter Freeman performed thousands of lobotomies. Local author Jack El-Hai wanted to ... Pay-Per-View - Star Tribune - HighBeam Research

The 'living wage': Chicago lobotomy ...   -  Jun 3, 2006
Anyone who has suffered the left's preferred medical procedure -- the prefrontal lobotomy -- is encouraged to climb aboard the "living wage" bandwagon in ... pittsburghlive.com

Revised SAT: improvement:: lobotomy: ___   -  Mar 18, 2005
The new SAT has gotten rid of its analogy questions. I find this to be absolutely insane, because without good analogies -- or atrocious ones that even I ... San Francisco Chronicle

Green Day's 'Breakdown' arrives May 15   -  Mar 25, 2009
..."Know Your Enemy" is a sturdy, catchy rock cut demanding "revolution," while "Before the Lobotomy" begins as an acoustic wash before shifting into a heavy ... Hollywood Reporter

Writer explores how he subjected to lobotomy   -  Aug 19, 2007
...compared to some of th« tions imaginable? more horrific results the does he deal with resembled ice picks operation could have, ... Spokesman-Review - Google News Archive

Lobotomy doctor a celebrity in pre-anti-depressant world   -  Mar 14, 2005
Anyone who believes that medical malpractice lawsuits have gone too far should read a new book about the doctor who popularized lobotomies in America. ... $2.95 - Chicago Sun-Times - NewsBank

I woke up to find, I've undergone a "mommy lobotomy .   -  Jun 7, 2006
Before I had children, I was brilliant. I could have an adult conversation anyone and discuss a plethora of topics; literature, politics, international fi ... Boise City News - Google News Archive

Sun suffers self-imposed Linux lobotomy   -  Jul 21, 2005
By Ashlee Vance in Chicago • Get more from this author. Not too long ago, Sun Microsystems proudly sold Linux for its line of x86 processor-based servers. ... Register

Information on lobotomy procedure shows small percentage benefited .   -  Jul 14, 2005
AP . The procedure was so in vogue that Rosemary Kennedy: former President Kennedy's mildly re tarded sister, had a lobotomy in the 1940s at age She ... Lodi News-Sentinel - Google News Archive

Howard Dully's lobotomy   -  Aug 12, 2007
AP. A horrendous childhood is bad enough, but how does a child understand being given one of the most frightening operations imaginable? ... $2.95 - Erie Times-News - NewsBank

The shock that saves > SundayPaper.com > The Sunday Paper :: All you ...   -  Jul 27, 2008
Dr. Freeman's cross-country lobotomy tour—he performed some of his 2500 ... Just a few years after Dully's lobotomy, poet Sylvia Plath would publish an ... Sunday Paper

"The Lobotomist" examines an infamous doctor   -  Feb 27, 2005
The answer is hard to decipher, El-Hai says, but he knows that "the operation Freeman refined and promoted, lobotomy, still maintains a uniquely infamous ... Seattle Times

Nobel Panel Urged to Rescind Prize for Lobotomies   -  Aug 10, 2005
The now-discredited procedure of the lobotomy, which involves severing nerve ... Now there's an effort by the families of lobotomy patients to persuade the ... NPR

Deseret News, The : Lobotomy for Imus?   -  Apr 12, 2007
Deseret News, The : Complete full-text content of local and regional news, including community events, schools, politics, government policies, ... $2.95 - Deseret News - NewsBank

Hollywood Actress | Naomi Watts | Live Schreiber | Son Samuel King …   -  Feb 11, 2009
I call it the lactose lobotomy," The Daily Express quoted Watts, as saying. Watts has even started forgetting with her dialogues these days, ... Oneindia

Article: Lobotomy for Imus? - Deseret News (Salt Lake City) |...   -  Apr 12, 2007
Lobotomy for Imus? ... find Deseret News (Salt Lake City) articles. Pay-Per-View - Deseret News - HighBeam Research

Article: Lobotomy a requirement? - Deseret News (Salt Lake City) | …   -  Nov 4, 2007
Lobotomy a requirement? ... find Deseret News (Salt Lake City) articles. After watching both parties' presidential debates, I'm confused. Pay-Per-View - Deseret News - HighBeam Research

Lobotomy a requirement?   -  Nov 4, 2007
After watching both parties' presidential debates, I'm confused. Congressman Dennis Kucinich three times called for the impeachment of the "boob" we now ... $2.95 - Deseret News - NewsBank

Article: Lobotomy doctor a celebrity in pre-anti-depressant world - …   -  Mar 14, 2005
Lobotomy doctor a celebrity in pre-anti-depressant world ... find Chicago Sun-Times articles. Anyone who believes that medical malpractice lawsuits have ... Pay-Per-View - Chicago Sun-Times - HighBeam Research

The purpose of this week's delegation meeting was to choose the lawmaker who would be responsible for pushing the county's agenda in Tallahassee. ... $2.95 - Miami Herald - NewsBank

lobotomy | Definition of lobotomy | HighBeam.com: Online Dictionary   -  Jul 12, 2006
Find out what lobotomy means: The Oxford American College Dictionary has the definition of lobotomy. Research related newspaper, magazine, ... Pay-Per-View - Oxford American College Dictionary - HighBeam Research

A light lobotomy might convince the Victor Meldrews that all is...   -  Aug 2, 2008
By Mary Kenny. Warm congratulations, surely, to the Equality Authority for waging war against ageism -- that is, discrimination against individuals because ... Irish Independent

San Francisco Lobotomy memoir strikes chord with public   -  Oct 1, 2007
By Edward Guthman. Until he was 5, Howard Dully was a happy child. That was the year his mother, June, died of cancer. June was "loving and indulgent," ... Ravenna Record Courier - Ravenna Record Courier

At Charlie's insistence, Shelley resorts to psychiatric help in a...   -  Aug 20, 2005
While most viewers suspect only electro-shock treatment or a full-frontal lobotomy would remove her demons, she fulfils her bullying boyfriend's condition ... Mirror.co.uk

SMBs emerge from the enterprise shadow   -  May 17, 2007
...network products for small and midsize businesses were nothing more than enterprise products with lower port densities and perhaps a partial lobotomy. ... NetworkWorld.com - networkworld.com

Writings revive debate on lobotomy   -  Jul 14, 2005
Linda A. Johnson. The News & Observer does not own the rights to republish this article. See microfilm for full text. Pay-Per-View - News & Observer - Factiva, from Dow Jones

Nurses Recall A Kind, Cruel, Strange Era .   -  May 23, 2005
Sonn remembers a prefrontal lobotomy per formed on a woman who had killed six people. was terrible," she said of conditions that would be unspeak able ... St. Petersburg Times - Google News Archive

Kennedy lived apart from fame, turmoil .   -  Jan 8, 2005
In 1941 while her mother was visiting England, Kennedy underwent a frontal lobotomy oh orders of her fa ther. Joseph Kennedy was concerned that his ... Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Google News Archive

Boston Globe, The (MA)   -  Mar 22, 2009
My Lobotomy By Howard Dully and Charles Fleming. Three Rivers.10. Skinny B**** By Kim Barnouin and Rory Freedman. Running Press. $2.95 - Boston Globe - NewsBank

Article: Man survives lobotomy surgery, shares experience - Oakland …   -  Aug 20, 2007
Man survives lobotomy surgery, shares experience ... find Oakland Tribune articles. AHORRENDOUS childhood is bad enough, but how does a child understand ... Pay-Per-View - Oakland Tribune - HighBeam Research

frontal lobotomy | Definition of frontal lobotomy | HighBeam.com:...   -  Jul 12, 2006
Find out what frontal lobotomy means: The Oxford American College Dictionary has the definition of frontal lobotomy. Research related newspaper, magazine, ... Pay-Per-View - Oxford American College Dictionary - HighBeam Research

Article: READ THIS.(Life and Arts)(Correction Notice) - Seattle Post-...   -  Sep 4, 2007
..."MY LOBOTOMY" Howard Dully. Crown Publishers. 272 pages. $24.95. ... LOBOTOMY 1 SJ KRT US NEWS STORY SLUGGED: MED-LOBOTOMY KRT PHOTOGRAPH BY JUDITH ... Pay-Per-View - Seattle Post-Intelligencer - HighBeam Research

BOOK REVIEW MY LOBOTOMY Pictures from July 31, 2007 | HighBeam …   -  Jul 31, 2007
Find pictures of BOOK REVIEW MY LOBOTOMY from July 31, 2007 in the AP Images collection at HighBeam Research. Pay-Per-View - AP Images - HighBeam Research

lobotomy (surgery) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia   -  Jun 3, 2008
Britannica online encyclopedia article on lobotomy (surgery), surgical procedure in which the nerve pathways in a lobe or lobes of the brain are severed ... Subscription - Encyclopedia Britannica

Article: Lobotomy Back in Spotlight After 30 Years - AP Online |...   -  Jul 13, 2005
Lobotomy Back in Spotlight After 30 Years ... find AP Online articles. LINDA A. JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer AP Online 07-13-2005 Anna Ruth Chann... Pay-Per-View - AP Online - HighBeam Research

Lobotomy Back in Spotlight After 30 Years | Article from AP Online | ...   -  Jul 14, 2005
Lobotomy Back in Spotlight After 30 Years ... find AP Online articles. LINDA A. JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer AP Online 07-14-2005 HOLD FOR RELEAS... Pay-Per-View - AP Online - HighBeam Research

Man survives lobotomy surgery, shares experience   -  Aug 20, 2007
Author: Mary Foster, AP. AHORRENDOUS childhood is bad enough, but how does a child understand being given one of the most frightening operations imaginable. ... $2.95 - Oakland Tribune - NewsBank

Background information on Lobotomy [When available]

Psychosurgery is a term for surgeries of the brain or autonomic nervous system involving the severance of neural pathways to effect a change in behaviour, usually to treat or alleviate severe mental illness. The procedures typically considered psychosurgery are now almost universally shunned as inappropriate, due in part to the emergence of less invasive methods of treatment such as psychiatric medication. Although the term psychosurgery might imply a broad class of treatments, in reality, it is confined to variations on two themes:
  1. leucotomy/prefrontal lobotomy/cingulotomy - the intentional severing of the pre-frontal cortex from the thalamic region of the brain
  2. sympathectomy - the intentional severing of the sympathetic nerve trunk
Psychosurgery should not be confused with neurosurgery, though they may seem similar; neurosurgery is surgery intended to treat or alleviate neurological disorders, which may or may not manifest mental illnesses as symptoms. Psychosurgery should also not be confused with the practice of psychic surgery -- surgery purportedly performed by paranormal means.


There is evidence that trephining (or trepanning)the practice of drilling holes in the skull for pseudo-medical reasonshas been in widespread, if infrequent, use since 5000 BCE. This may have been done in an attempt to allow the brain to expand in the case of increased brain fluid pressure, for example after head injuries; several documented cases of healed wounds indicate that such crude surgery could be survived back then. However, psychosurgery as understood today was not commonly practised until the early 20th century.

The first systematic attempts at psychosurgery in humans occurred from 1935, when the neurologist Egas Moniz teamed up with the surgeon Almeida Lima at the University of Lisbon to perform a series of prefrontal leucotomies - a procedure severing the connection between the prefrontal cortex and the rest of the brain. This procedure is commonly (and incorrectly) called a "lobotomy", although this name should refer to a whole class of unrelated surgeries (that is, a lobotomy should refer to the removal of a lobe of the brain, not merely the severing of interconnections).

Moniz and Lima claimed fair results, especially in the treatment of depression, although about 6% of patients did not survive the operation and there were often marked and adverse changes in the patients' personality and social functioning. Despite the risks the process was taken up with some enthusiasm, notably in the US, as a treatment for previously incurable mental conditions. Moniz received a Nobel Prize in 1949.

The initial criteria for treatment were quite steep, only a few conditions of "tortured self-concern" were put forward for treatment. Severe chronic anxiety, depression with risk of suicide and incapacitating obsessive-compulsive disorder were the main symptoms treated. The original leucotomy was a crude operation and the practice was soon developed into a more exact, stereotactic procedure where only very small lesions were placed in the brain.

The procedure was popularized in the United States when Walter Freeman invented the "icepick lobotomy" procedure, which literally used an icepick and rubber mallet instead of the standard surgical leucotome. Leaving no visible scars, the icepick lobotomy was heralded as a great advance in "minimally invasive" surgery, and was eventually done under only local anaesthesia.

In a minimally invasive procedure, Freeman would hammer the icepick into the skull just above the tear duct and wiggle it around. Between 1936 through the 1950s, he advocated lobotomies throughout the United States. Such was Freeman's zeal that he began to travel around the nation in his own personal van, which he called his "lobotomobile", demonstrating the procedure in many medical centres. He reputedly even performed a few lobotomies in hotel rooms.

Freeman's advocacy led to great popularity for lobotomy as a general cure for all perceived ills, including misbehaviour in children. Ultimately between 40,000 and 50,000 patients were lobotomised. A follow-up study of almost 10,000 patients claimed 41% were "recovered" or "greatly improved", 28% were "minimally improved", 25% showed "no change", 4% had died, while only 2% were made worse off (Tooth, et al 1961). Lobotomies gradually became unfashionable with the development of antipsychotics and are no longer performed. The era of lobotomy is now generally regarded as a barbaric episode in psychiatric history.

It is possible that some patients did benefit from the more precise psychosurgery, but there was a strong division amongst the medical profession as to the viability of the treatment and concern over the irreversible nature of the operation and the extension of the surgery into the treatment of unsuitable cases (drug or alcohol dependence, sexual disorders etc). Whatever the truth, psychosurgery was offered in only a few centres and by the 1960s the number of operations was in decline. The signal improvements in psychopharmacology and behaviour therapy gave the opportunity for more effective and less invasive treatment.

Neurological impact

The frontal lobe of the brain controls a number of advanced cognitive functions, as well as motor control. Motor control is located at the rear of the frontal lobe, and is usually unaffected by psychosurgery. The anterior or prefrontal area is involved in impulse control, judgement, language, memory, motor function, problem solving, sexual behaviour, socialization and spontaneity. Frontal lobes assist in planning, coordinating, controlling and executing behaviour.

Thus, the efficacy of psychosurgery was often related to changes in personality and reduced spontaneity (this included making the person quieter, and lowering their sex-drive). Certain processes related to schizophrenia are also believed to occur in the frontal lobe, and may explain some success. However, certain types of inappropriate behaviours increased, as a function of reduced impulse control (in some respects they became more child-like). Further, it decreased their ability to function as a member of the community by reducing their problem solving and planning abilities and making them less flexible and adaptive. It usually had no impact on IQ except with respect to problem-solving.

Present day

Psychosurgery today is almost entirely limited to endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS surgery). While this is normally used for somatic conditions, many patients with anxiety disorder report significant reduction in fear and alertness after this intervention (Teleranta, Pohjavaara, et al 2003,2004).

Today, lobotomy is very infrequently practised. It may be a treatment of last resort of OCD sufferers, and may also be used for people suffering chronic pain. In the latter case, the surgery does not act on the perception of pain, but leads to a lack of concern about the pain. The procedure usually involves a 2-3cm lesion in the cingulum, near the corpus callosum. The efficacy is not high, with improvement in 5 of 18 patients (Baer et al., 1995). Lobotomy is no longer used as a treatment for schizophrenia.

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