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Foreskin restoration -   -  Jan 26, 2008
By Phillip McCallister. The subject simply pulls the remaining skin over the head. Once stretched, tape is applied to keep the glans covered. ... AskMen

Circumcision 'the unkindest cut of all'   -  Mar 24, 2008
Then one day I saw an article on foreskin restoration in my son's Maxim magazine and I thought, 'Whoa!'� Restoration of the foreskin takes many forms, ... Times Online

A CUT BELOW Uncovering the truth about women's pleasure   -  Jul 15, 2007
Women advocated for foreskin restoration. Doctors and parents disputed the ... Twenty-one years ago, he went through a foreskin restoration process and ever ... San Francisco Chronicle

Circumcised men are employing weights and pulleys to cover themselves...   -  Jul 11, 2007
But the term "foreskin restoration" is misleading, since all these men are doing ... (Because of doctors' general lack of interest in foreskin restoration, ... Houston Press

Should Circumcision be for Adults Only?   -  Jan 9, 2008
..."I hear from men all around the country about the damage caused by circumcision," said Low, who owns and operates, a foreskin restoration ...

Star Magazine's 2008 Emerging Artists   -  Apr 27, 2008
He attracted the ire of the Foreskin Restoration and Intactivist Network, who didn't appreciate being lampooned on the site. ... $2.95 - Kansas City Star - NewsBank

Circumcision circumspection: Weigh the facts before making the call.   -  Jan 9, 2007
Jan. 9--To snip or not to snip? That is the question increasingly being asked of pediatricians. Circumcision, a procedure once performed routinely on nearly ... Free with registration - Chicago Tribune -

When Cutting Isn't Cruel   -  Aug 20, 2006
There's a site for "intactivists" and another for foreskin restoration. There's a gallery of naked men, literally uncut. Some groups troll for personal ... Washington Post

Tackling a touchy subject   -  Nov 3, 2009
WHERE do you stand on foreskin restoration? Pro? No firm view? I can understand that. I myself hadn't given it a tremendous amount of thought before I ...

The Great Uncircumcision Debate   -  Nov 2, 2007
That wasn't the case 20 years ago, when R. Wayne Griffiths, a construction inspector whom some consider the granddaddy of foreskin restoration, jury-rigged ... TIME

Cutting comments: the foreskin debate   -  Nov 4, 2007
Foreskin restoration? It can be done. Sort of. Medical techniques are not sufficiently advanced to give back the erogenous tissue and nerves amputated at ... Times Online

When Cutting Isn't Cruel | Article from The Washington Post |...   -  Aug 20, 2006
There's a site for "intactivists" and another for foreskin restoration. There's a gallery of naked men, literally uncut. Some groups troll for personal ... Pay-Per-View - Washington Post - HighBeam Research

Studies: Circumcision Lowers HIV Risk   -  Feb 23, 2007
Do more research on harms, and tell me how these "researchers" are going to fund the foreskin restoration (like they do for mastectomies) after they realize ... CBS News

Circumcision could prevent the spread of AIDS in Africa   -  Aug 28, 2006
There's a site for "intactivists'' and another for foreskin restoration. There's a gallery of naked men, literally uncut. Some groups troll for personal ... Pay-Per-View - The Record - ProQuest Archiver

HIV - AIDS - Circumcision - Men's Health - New York Times   -  Apr 15, 2007
...insist that sex with uncircumcised men is superior, and the “foreskin restoration movementâ€? which utilizes tape, small weights and parental resentment.) ... New York Times

Comments on: Adult Circumcision: No Sex Woes Seen - CBS News   -  Jan 10, 2008
Google "foreskin restoration" and you will discover it is possible to regenerate much of what was lost. by mikebury1 January 10, 2008 7:30 PM EST ... CBS News

Circumcision removes sensitive parts   -  Jun 19, 2007
...also makes sex less pleasurable by exposing and numbing the tip of the penis, called the glans. Some have gone so far as recommending foreskin restoration. Times of India

`Intactivists' oppose male circumcision   -  Oct 11, 2007
..."I haven't attempted foreskin restoration surgery, but I've thought about it," said Matthew Taylor, an active Bay Area Jew who resents his own circumcision ... Toronto Star

Making the Cut   -  Jan 20, 2005
Foreskin restoration was considered to also restore a man's damaged masculinity. Slowly, new strides were made in the field. In World War I and World War II ... Jewish Journal of greater L.A - The Jewish Journal of greater L.A

Support Grows for Ban on Male Circumcision; Proposals to Regulate …   -  Feb 6, 2006
While thousands of men are taking up foreskin restoration to reverse some of their circumcision damage, others are working with human rights groups to stop ... Free with registration - America's Intelligence Wire -

Restoring Your Foreskin   -  Jan 26, 2008
There are two non-surgical foreskin restoration methods: using a product like ForeSkin Natural Restorer (R2K) or using a home method. ... AskMen

Opponents of circumcision ignore this fact: It can save lives   -  Aug 25, 2006
There's a site for "intactivists" and another for foreskin restoration. There's a gallery of naked men, literally uncut. Some groups troll for personal ... Concord Monitor

If That Makes You Happy Then Do It (PART 2)   -  Sep 21, 2008
Even though there's some physical change, most of foreskin restoration is psychologically gratifying more than physically. But whatever makes you happy and ... Opposing Views

Mail Call   -  Aug 1, 2007
I am certain that once doctors realize they can make money on both ends of the circumcision debacle, surgical foreskin restoration will be advertised as ... Houston Press

Haves and Have-Nots   -  Mar 18, 2008
For cut guys, foreskin restoration is possible, either by grafting or stretching-verbs that, though innocuous on their own, sound a wee bit frightening in ...

Även pojkar har rĂ€tt till kroppslig integritet   -  Jun 21, 2009
En sökning pĂ„ termen â€?foreskin restorationâ€? ger 98 000 trĂ€ffar pĂ„ Google. SĂ„ oavsett hur förtrĂ€fflig Veeder anser att en omskĂ€relse Ă€r, sĂ„ finns det ett ... Stockholms Fria Tidning

Procedure popularity slips .   -  Jan 23, 2007
Circumcision, a procedure once performed routinely on nearly all baby boys, now is a choice left up to the parents. Experts say: The number of American ... Island Packet - Google News Archive

Bleach your way to a pretty little pucker   -  Jan 22, 2007
Since the launch, however, of the Foreskin Restoration Society (I am not kidding), I am not that easily shocked. Moreover, let us not forget Britney ... Mail & Guardian Online

Jewish "Intactivists" in US Stop Circumcising.   -  Oct 4, 2007
..."I haven't attempted foreskin restoration surgery, but I've thought about it," said Matthew Taylor, an active Bay Area Jew who resents his own circumcision ... $4.95 - Israel Faxx - ECNext

Background information on Foreskin restoration [When available]

Foreskin restoration is the process of restoring, via surgical or other methods, the foreskin (prepuce), usually in a circumcised male. Foreskin restoration techniques may also be used by men who have sustained an injury to the foreskin, or who have a naturally short foreskin. Also males with phimosis seek the assistance of restoration techniques to cure their problem.

Reasons for foreskin restoration

Men attempt foreskin restoration for many reasons. Some attempts to restore the foreskin, usually through tissue expansion techniques, are aimed at improving sexual sensation. Other men have cited a desire to appear natural, or to regain a sense of control over their sexual organs.

Foreskin restoration is attempted mostly by circumcised adult men, sometimes with the assistance of support groups who share information and ideas. Many believe foreskin restoration should be delayed until sexual development is completed at around 18 years of age.


A form of foreskin restoration, historically known as epispasm, was practiced among some Jews in Hellenistic and Roman societies.[1]

European Jews, along with men circumcised for medical reasons, sought out underground foreskin restoration operations during World War II as a method to escape Nazi persecution.[2]

The practice was revived in the late twentieth century using modern materials and techniques.[3] The development of the T-Tape in the 1990's has enabled the process to take place more rapidly.

Surgical techniques

Surgical methods of foreskin restoration, sometimes known as foreskin reconstruction, usually involve some method of grafting skin and/or mucous membrane taken from elsewhere on the body, typically the scrotum, onto the distal portion of the penis. Another method involves a four stage procedure in which the penile shaft is buried in the scrotum for a period of time(1). Such tecnniques have generally not produced satisfactory results, with some patients experiencing serious complications.

Nonsurgical techniques

Nonsurgical methods of foreskin restoration are performed by means of stretching the skin, dartos muscle, and mucous membrane covering the shaft of the penis. The stretching stimulates new growth, but requires patience and dedication; the process may take several years to complete.

Varying degrees of success have been reported by males employing stretching techniques.

The most common method of restoring the foreskin is to use tape to provide adhesion to the skin. The tape can be attached to elastic straps or weights to apply tension to the skin, directing the skin, along with any remnant of inner mucosa, over the glans. Specialized devices that grip the skin without tape are also commercially available. The tension produced by any device used should be adjusted so as to never cause pain or discomfort. This is often the limiting factor in any tissue expansion, since there is a risk of damaging tissues by use of excessive tension.

Physical aspects

The natural foreskin has three principal components, in addition to blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue: skin, which is exposed exteriorly; mucous membrane, which is the surface in contact with the glans penis when the penis is flaccid; and a band of muscle within the tip of the foreskin. Generally, the skin grows more readily in response to stretching than does the mucous membrane. The ring of muscle called the dartos, which normally holds the foreskin closed, is completely removed in the majority of circumcisions and cannot be regrown, so the covering achieved via stretching techniques is usually looser than that of a natural foreskin. According to some observers, however, it is difficult to distinguish a restored foreskin from a natural foreskin because restoration produces a "nearly normal-appearing prepuce" [4].

Nonsurgical foreskin restoration does not restore the frenulum or the ridged band. Although not commonly performed, there are surgical "touch-up" techniques that can re-create some of the functionality of the frenulum and dartos muscle.

The process of foreskin restoration seeks to regenerate some of the tissue removed by circumcision, as well as providing coverage of the glans. According to research, the foreskin comprises over half of the skin and mucosa of the human penis [5].

Tissue stretching has long been known to stimulate mitosis, and some research shows that regenerated human tissues have many of the attributes of the original tissue [6].

In some men, foreskin restoration may alleviate certain problems they attribute to their circumcisions. Such problems, as reported to an anti-circumcision group by men circumcised in infancy or childhood, include prominent scarring (33%), insufficient penile skin for comfortable erection (27%), erectile curvature from uneven skin loss (16%), and pain and bleeding upon erection/manipulation (17%) (see poll at NOHARMM).

Some men who have undertaken foreskin restoration report a visually smoother glans, which they attribute to decreased levels of keratinization following restoration. However, a study that investigated the effect of glans coverage on levels of keratinisation found no difference in keratin levels[7] within the group studied.

Although research studies have found no measurable difference with respect to glans sensitivity [8] [9], some men have reported a qualitative improvement in sensitivity of the glans. Some have suggested that the perceived sensitivity gains of the glans are psychological, with glans sensitivity itself being unaffected[10][11]. According to some, however, protecting the glans from dryness and abrasion with clothing can allow the glans texture to change to a quality similar to that of intact genitalia among men who undergo this process.

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