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Patient wide awake as brain tumour removed   -  Aug 24, 2007
The situation of the tumour in the motor strip led the doctors to perform awake craniotomy (opening of skull) procedure for its removal. ... Times of India

The New York Times > Health > Slide Show > Craniotomy > Slide 3 of 5   -  Aug 1, 2007
The hair on part of the scalp is shaved. An incision is made through the scalp and a hole is drilled through the skull. A piece of the skull may be removed ... New York Times

Awake Craniotomy will be featured on Methodist hospital webcast today   -  Apr 21, 2009
By Lindsay Melvin. UT neurosurgical chief resident Dr. Jay Weimar (left) and Dr. Allen K. Sills perform an "Awake Craniotomy" at Methodist. ... Memphis Commercial Appeal

Chinese do craniotomy 5,000 years ago   -  Jun 20, 2007
A skull, on which a true craniotomy was performed 5000 years ago, has been recently put on display in Shandong Museum. It is believed to be evidence of the ... 大众网

Hospital broadcasts brain surgery on the web   -  May 25, 2009
So, a video Webcast of Ms. Mullins's awake craniotomy, in which the patient remains ... Other Twitter-casts included a hysterectomy and a craniotomy, ... Hamilton Spectator

Ex-illinois Governor Has Surgery .   -  Feb 7, 2005
Doctors at Northwestern Memorial Hospital on Satur day morning performed the surgery, called a craniotomy, . to remove the clot, Robling said. ... Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Google News Archive

The New York Times > Health > Image > Craniotomy for Cerebral Shunt   -  Aug 1, 2007
During a cerebral shunt procedure a flap is cut in the scalp and a small hole is drilled in the skull. A small catheter is passed into a ventricle of the ... New York Times

Besu boy battles for life   -  Aug 11, 2006
A team of surgeons performed brain craniotomy to remove the clot in his brain, but there was no major change in his condition. ... Times of India

Computer program allows users to 'write with their minds'   -  Dec 7, 2009
...two patients have electrodes placed inside their skulls and directly on to the surface of the brain through a surgical incision known as a craniotomy. ...

Pituitary Tumors Treatment (PDQ®)   -  Sep 16, 2008
Surgery to remove the tumor (transsphenoidal surgery or craniotomy) when the tumor does not respond to drug therapy or when the patient cannot take the drug ... WebMD

Awake craniotomy has an edge over general anaesthesia   -  May 31, 2005
Awake craniotomy is performed for resection of epileptogenic foci and other lesions (tumors and arteriovenous malformation), which are close to eloquent ... Express Healthcare Management

The experiences of nurses who participate in awake craniotomy …   -  Nov 1, 2006
During an awake craniotomy procedure, a patient is conscious during the middle ... Awake craniotomy is a widely accepted technique with successful outcomes, ... $4.95 - AORN Journal - ECNext

No Changes In Salvador Cabanas' Situation - Report   -  Jan 28, 2010
Cabanas received medical attention during the early hours of the morning and was supposed to undergo a craniotomy later in the day. ...

Bouncer's manslaughter conviction void   -  Dec 19, 2007
Doctors performed a craniotomy to relieve pressure, however, Mr Leake was declared brain dead. He died shortly after his life support systems were withdrawn ... Sydney Morning Herald

Communicating Using Brain Waves and a Computer   -  Jan 4, 2010
The technique requires a craniotomy - that is, a surgical incision into the skull - to place electrodes directly onto the surface of the brain. ... U.S. News & World Report

Mind-machine breakthrough: People type with just thoughts   -  Dec 9, 2009
This kind of procedure requires a craniotomy, a surgical incision into the skull. Lead investigator Jerry Shih, a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic campus in ... Tehran Times

The rarely performed "awake" craniotomy operation enabled the team at Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, to monitor Simon's motor and sensory functions while ...

Surgery with a smile: wide-awake brain surgery   -  Aug 15, 2007
The operation is called an awake craniotomy, and Mr. Dubovich had it ... Generally, awake craniotomy patients are comfortable and pain-free during surgery. ... Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Smaller Craniotomy With Awake Mapping   -  Jan 3, 2008
January 3, 2008 — A new study suggests that a smaller craniotomy in conjunction with negative language mapping can be used to maximize tumor removal and ... Medscape

MOH denies lifting the ban on 'stopping drug-taking by craniotomy' in...   -  Apr 15, 2005
The Chinese Ministry of Health (MOH) denied yesterday a recent media report that the ban on stopping drug-taking by craniotomy is expected to be lifted in ... People's Daily Online

New brain surgery technique works for children   -  Feb 14, 2007
That time, though, he had a craniotomy, in which his skull was cut open from ear ... Recovery after the craniotomy was far different, Mrs. Eleyssami said. ... Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Pretend blood and guts for Take Your Child to Work Day   -  Apr 23, 2009
Dressed in mini-scrubs, the children watched a craniotomy on a melon — and ate the melon afterward — performed "surgery" on a fake belly only to find it ... Los Angeles Daily News

Karachentsov undergoes craniotomy his life out of danger.   -  Feb 28, 2005
By Kira Fyodorova. MOSCOW, February 28 (Itar-Tass) — The condition of Nikolai Karachentsov is now grave, but there is no direct danger to the life of the ... Pay-Per-View - ITAR-TASS World Service - Factiva, from Dow Jones

Tri-City multiplies marketing budget   -  Jun 14, 2009
...death rates for heart bypass surgery, acute stroke, gastrointestinal hemorrhage and craniotomy, a procedure that removes a portion of the skull. ... San Diego Union - Tribune - San Diego Union Tribune

Surgeon Journeys To The Center Of The Brain, Without The Craniotomy   -  Aug 2, 2006
Neurosurgeon Dr. Mark Souweidane is using an endoscope, a pencil-sized shaped camera, to reach near the center of the brain and to remove intraventricular ... Medical News Today - Medical News Today (press release)

Ex-governor leaves hospital after emergency surgery   -  Feb 12, 2005
Thompson, 68, underwent a craniotomy last Saturday at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Doctors said the clot formed from bleeding inside Thompson's skull ... Pay-Per-View - St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Factiva, from Dow Jones

Awake Craniotomy Growing Trend Among Brain Surgeons   -  Jun 6, 2007
Imagine going into brain surgery and not being put to sleep. It's done all the time these days. In fact, some brain surgeons prefer their patients remain ...

Surgery to remove the tumor   -  Apr 7, 2008
Craniotomy: This is the most common surgery to remove a brain tumor. For this operation, the child may either be put under general anesthesia (in a deep ... ACS News Center

ORLive Presents: Posterior Fossa Craniotomy, a Treatment for Pediatric...   -  Aug 4, 2006
Dr. Alan R. Cohen, Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery, demonstrates the microsurgical resection of a fourth ventricular brain tumor in a 6-year-old girl. ... RedOrbit

Injured Haitians Arrive At Dobbins ARB   -  Feb 2, 2010
..."We have two patients that have complex pelvic fractures, one 18-month child, post head injury and craniotomy, a couple of open long bone fractures and I ... WGCL

Use of telemedicine for an emergency craniotomy in a pediatric trauma   -  Jul 19, 2005
Bruce A. Campana, Sandra Jarvis-Selinger, Kendall Ho, Warwick L. Evans and Thomas J. Zwimpfer. THE CASE: In late March 2002 a private vehicle with 3 ... CMAJ

Business Courier of Cincinnati   -  Mar 3, 2008 advanced treatment using radiation "seeds" instead of whole-brain radiation after craniotomy and resection surgery for brain tumor patients. ... Cincinnati Business Courier

Gilbert's Harris recovering from surgery   -  Sep 8, 2008
He was air-lifted to Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn, where an emergency craniotomy procedure was performed. “It was a life-saving surgery,? Harris' mother, ... AZ

craniotomy | Definition of craniotomy | Online Dictionar...   -  Jul 12, 2006
Find out what craniotomy means: The Oxford American College Dictionary has the definition of craniotomy. Research related newspaper, magazine, ... Pay-Per-View - Oxford American College Dictionary - HighBeam Research

… Repair; Heparan sulfate mimetic augments the healing of craniotomy...   -  Mar 11, 2005
According to researchers in France, "we previously reported that RGTA, a synthetic heparan sulfate mimetic, induces almost complete closure of craniotomy ... Pay-Per-View - Drug Week - Factiva, from Dow Jones

REMINDER: ORLive Presents: Craniotomy Treatment for Meningioma …   -  Jun 20, 2007
BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - June 20, 2007) - Neurosurgeons at Tufts-New England Medical Center in Boston will perform a craniotomy to treat a meningioma tumor ...

… Repair; Heparan sulfate mimetic augments the healing of craniotomy...   -  Mar 8, 2005
According to researchers in France, "we previously reported that RGTA, a synthetic heparan sulfate mimetic, induces almost complete closure of craniotomy ... Pay-Per-View - Life Science Weekly - Factiva, from Dow Jones

I had brain op ...While I was awake!   -  Jul 15, 2006
She is under local anaesthetic, but is still able to move and talk, in a procedure called awake craniotomy. Surgeons needed to keep her awake to make sure ... Free with registration - Europe Intelligence Wire -

Medical Minute 3-19: Brain Surgery Through the Eyelids   -  Mar 19, 2009
During the eyelid craniotomy, a neuro-opthamologist marks the eyelid crease then makes an incision and removes a small piece of bone from the patient's eye ... WCTV

Perforated skulls provide evidence of craniotomy in ancient China   -  Jan 26, 2007
The modern technology of craniotomy, a surgical operation which is performed on the brain through an incision in the skull, may have been in use in China ... China Economic Net

People just expect I know how to do a craniotomy." Tuesday's launch party was, by comparison, a mercifully tranquil affair. Patrick's co-stars Isaiah ...

Controlling Early Emergence Among Craniotomy Patients: Presented at …   -  Oct 22, 2007
By Arushi Sinha, PhD. SAN FRANCISO, CA -- October 22, 2007 -- For patients undergoing craniotomy, rapid awakening from anaesthesia can be key to the early ... DG News

Louisiana Administrative Code - 48:I.2343. Craniotomy   -  Aug 11, 2005
48:I.2343 . Craniotomy Note: Itemization of the procedures and risks under a particular specialty does not preclude other qualified practitioners from using ... Pay-Per-View - Louisiana Administrative Code - Loislaw

… : ORLive Presents: Posterior Fossa Craniotomy, a Treatment for...   -  Aug 31, 2006
Dr. Alan R. Cohen, Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery, demonstrates themicrosurgical resection of a fourth ventricular brain tumor in a 6-year-oldgirl. ... Pay-Per-View - ENP Newswire - Factiva, from Dow Jones

ORLive Presents: Craniotomy Treatment for Meningioma Tumors …   -  May 18, 2007
Neurosurgeons at Tufts-New England Medical Center in Boston will perform a craniotomy to treat a meningioma tumor for a live webcast produced by www. ... Genetic Engineering News - Genetic Engineering News (press release)

Medlen Has Craniotomy; Remains in Critical Condition   -  Mar 21, 2007
Injured NHRA Funny Car driver Eric Medlen survived a delicate, three-hour craniotomy procedure to relive pressure and hemorrhaging Tuesday evening but ...

Craniectomy an Option for Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury:...   -  May 5, 2008
...[Presentation title: Craniectomy Versus Craniotomy as a Method of Treatment for Severe Head Injury: A Retrospective Study. Poster 1204] DG News

Webcast Your Brain Surgery? Hospitals See Marketing Tool   -  May 24, 2009
So, a video Webcast of Ms. Mullins's awake craniotomy, in which the patient remains ... Other Twitter-casts included a hysterectomy and a craniotomy, ... New York Times

District of Columbia Municipal Regulations - 22 DCMR § 2708 …   -  Aug 17, 2005
...(d) Craniotomy instruments; (e) Equipment appropriate for fixation of long-bone and pelvic fractures; (f) Bronchoscope; and (g) Rapid Infuser system. ... Pay-Per-View - District of Columbia Municipal Regulatio... - Loislaw

OR-Live Presents: Right Frontal Craniotomy Performed With Image …   -  May 29, 2007
CLEVELAND, OH -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 05/11/07 -- On Tuesday, May 29th at 3:00pm EDT, University Hospitals Case Medical Center will host a live webcast on ... Web Services Journal - Web Services Journal

Oklahoma Administrative Code - 310:570-3-5. Operating suite [REVOKED …   -  Jul 26, 2005
...(4) X-ray including C-arm capability; (5) Endoscope; (6) Craniotomy instruments; and (7) Equipment for the fixation of long-bone and pelvic fractures. ... Pay-Per-View - Oklahoma Administrative Code - Loislaw

Louisiana Case Law - LITTLE v. BOSTON SCIENTIFIC, 08-271 (La.App. 5 …   -  Apr 17, 2009
Mrs. Little's options were to have an open craniotomy, an Page 4 endovascular coiling ... Mrs. Little stated that she did not want to undergo a craniotomy. ... Pay-Per-View - Louisiana Case Law - Loislaw

Injured Army MD headed back home   -  Mar 7, 2007
His wife, Emily (Preston) Robinson, said she was able to talk to her husband on the phone Monday after his craniotomy in a hospital in Germany. ... Sandusky Register

Human Skull Identified   -  Feb 1, 2007
The man had a craniotomy done, and that was the thing that helped identify him, was taking that scar, and matching that with previous x-rays," said ... WTOK

Popular Radio Personality Faces Reality - Part II   -  May 23, 2007
It's called a awake craniotomy. "It's amazing," Dumas exclaimed. "You can't feel it!" Straight out of the hit ABC show "Grey's Anatomy," Dumas, ...

Neurosurgery Update ~ Minimally Invasive Brain Tumor Removal   -  Jun 1, 2009
Thus, it is important that the neurosurgeon performing a craniotomy for tumor removal ... Treatment may involve surgical debulking through a craniotomy, ... Medical Tourism

Jerden v. Amstutz, No. 04-35889 (9th Cir. 01/12/2006)   -  Jan 12, 2006
After examining MRI reports of Mr. Jerden, Dr. Amstutz made a diagnosis that Mr. Jerden had a brain tumor and recommended a craniotomy. On July 10, 2000, ... $2.95 - U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit - VersusLaw

'I was awake during brain op'   -  Feb 13, 2009
To go for surgery - or what doctors call an awake craniotomy. An awake craniotomy is like a brain surgery with one critical difference: The patient would be ... AsiaOne

Complication keeps Ballesteros in intensive care   -  Oct 16, 2008
The hospital said Ballesteros had presented a "decreased level of consciousness by brain swelling," adding that a decompressive craniotomy had been carried ... Toronto Star

Successful management of central nervous system infection due to …   -  Jan 1, 2005
He returned to the operating room urgently for a left-sided craniotomy for ... Cultures of subdural fluid obtained at the time of the repeat craniotomy grew ... $4.95 - Southern Medical Journal - ECNext

'Awake', Pathankot resident undergoes brain surgery   -  Jun 8, 2008
A patient from Pathankot underwent “Awake Craniotomy?—a form of brain tumour ... She underwent “Awake Craniotomy? under the effect of local anaesthesia and ...

Professor refused to bow to his cancer   -  Jun 6, 2009
It was O'Brien's choice to go for a third craniotomy. That spirit of his, as well as his decency and compassion, made him a well known figure on Channel ... Sydney Morning Herald

Patient-Controlled Analgesia Safe, Effective in Postcraniotomy Pain   -  Feb 4, 2008
After supratentorial craniotomy, 44 patients were randomly assigned to receive ... PCA in the setting of postoperative supratentorial craniotomy pain ... Medscape

Successful management of central nervous system infection due to …   -  Jan 1, 2005
Key Words: craniotomy, neurosurgical infections, Propionibacterium acnes ... He returned to the operating room urgently for a left-sided craniotomy for ... Pay-Per-View - Southern Medical Journal - HighBeam Research

BC hospital report card series: VGH a fortunate choice for columnist...   -  May 26, 2009
On Vancouver Island, Victoria General and Royal Jubilee hospitals performed worse than the BC average for four years in a row for the craniotomy mortality ... Vancouver Sun

Under the Knife - Ted Kennedy Kept Awake During Risky Brain Surgery   -  Jun 2, 2008
Vivek Deshmukh: The reason for doing a so-called awake craniotomy is to ... An awake craniotomy is not a painful experience, but it's a bit disconcerting. ... $2.95 - Newsweek - NewsBank

New York Miscellaneous Reports - KURKOVA v. NEW YORK UNIV. MED. …   -  Sep 8, 2009
On that day, an emergency right frontal intra-cerebral craniotomy was ... On March 30, 2003, plaintiff signed a consent for craniotomy for research of AVM. ... Pay-Per-View - New York Miscellaneous Reports - Loislaw

Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - MIKOLAJCZYK v. BROADSPIRE …   -  Sep 6, 2006
On September 4, 2001, Dr. Joseph S. Yazdi performed a "bifrontal craniotomy transcortial resection of cholloid cyst, (and) placement of a ventriculostmy. ... Pay-Per-View - Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - Loislaw

Cerebral aneurysm--treatment and perioperative nursing care.   -  Jun 1, 2007
...(6) This minimally invasive alternative to craniotomy for aneurysm ... CRANIOTOMY FOR ANEURYSM CLIPPING SETUP. a second back table is prepared for a ... $4.95 - AORN Journal - ECNext

New York Appellate Division Reports - IN THE MATTER OF VICTOR HO v …   -  Mar 16, 2006
After his review of the preliminary testing, he performed a craniotomy for ... He reviewed the first craniotomy procedure, including the information ... Pay-Per-View - New York Appellate Division Reports - Loislaw

Glioblastoma Multiforme in Pregnancy   -  Apr 24, 2005
She underwent a cesarean delivery and then a craniotomy with resection of a ... A cesarean delivery followed by craniotomy at a later date was chosen to ... RedOrbit

Breakthrough surgery in Bali   -  Jan 9, 2009
It is not the first awake craniotomy in Indonesia, as similar procedures had been carried out in hospitals in Bandung, West Java, and in Semarang, ... Jakarta Post

Idaho Statesman, The : ball   -  Mar 29, 2005
After "a lot of tests" Cory went in for his first craniotomy (a type of surgery done to open part of the skull) in October of 2003. ... $2.95 - Idaho Statesman - NewsBank

Stones deny Keith Richards suffered brain damage   -  May 10, 2006
Reports indicated a craniotomy on Monday relieved pressure. A craniotomy involves drilling or cutting into the skull to remove pressure on the brain. New Zealand Herald

Justice at last for critical illness victim   -  Jan 17, 2008
She was listed for a craniotomy to take place six months later. ... 'Before my craniotomy on the 28th of September I received a letter saying my policy was ... This is Money

4/13 UC Berkeley anti-vivisection home demonstration reportback   -  Apr 13, 2008
A craniotomy was performed over each hemisphere...for recordings in visual ... After craniotomy, the dura (tough and inflexible outermost of the three ...

Mikolajczyk v. Broadspire Services, Inc., No. 3:05 CV 7039 (NDOhio...   -  Sep 6, 2006
She has a left side hemiparesis secondary to a craniotomy. ... Dr. Wancier noted that Plaintiff underwent a bifrontal craniotomy on August 31, 2001. ... $2.95 - U.S. District Court, Northern District... - VersusLaw

Minnesota Administrative Rules - 9500.1100 DEFINITIONS.   -  Aug 9, 2005
...and Stroke with thrombolytic agent 531-533, 559 (5) Craniotomy, age 0-17 003 003 excludes shunt as the principal procedure (6) Craniotomy, ... Pay-Per-View - Minnesota Administrative Rules - Loislaw

Colorado Industrial Claim Appeals Office Decisions - IN RE …   -  Jun 11, 2007
Dr. Mobley performed a craniotomy draining the left front sinus on ... Dr. Mobley opined that the reason for the craniotomy was the development of a fluid ... Pay-Per-View - Colorado Industrial Claim Appeals... - Loislaw

Safe Removal Of Gliomas To Preserve Language Requires Less …   -  Jan 28, 2008
A more limited approach to craniotomy---the procedure through which a patient's skull ... During the operations, a so-called tailored craniotomy was done, ... Medical News Today - Medical News Today (press release)

Salvador Cabanas' Condition Worsens - Report   -  Jan 27, 2010
Cabanas received medical attention during the early hours of the morning and was supposed to undergo a craniotomy later in the day. ... -

..."So I had to have a craniotomy (skull surgery) and sinus surgery. ... The craniotomy left a deep, still visible scar running laterally along Griffin's ... $2.95 - Macon Telegraph - NewsBank

Brain cancer survivor completes NYC Marathon   -  Nov 5, 2007
She underwent chemotherapy, radiation treatments and a craniotomy that removed the tumor but also left her partially blind in her left eye and with a ...

Seve Ballesteros Has Complications After Surgery: Golf Digest   -  Oct 12, 2008
The hospital said Ballesteros had presented a "decreased level of consciousness by brain swelling," adding that a decompressive craniotomy had been carried ...

Death Rates Above Average at 2 Area Hospitals   -  Jan 23, 2009
Tri-City had higher-than-average death rates for acute stroke, gastrointestinal hemorrhage and craniotomy, a surgery that removes a portion of the skull. ... San Diego 6

Death-rate data on California's major hospitals   -  Jan 22, 2009
The surgical procedures featured in the report are esophageal resection, or the removal of all of part of the esophagus; pancreatic resection; craniotomy, ... San Francisco Chronicle

Correlation between Patient Outcomes, Care by New Interns and …   -  Apr 8, 2005
In this study, neurosurgeons examined craniotomy for tumor and ... An admission for craniotomy for resection of pediatric brain tumor was defined as ...

Mother seeks 100,000 letters of hope   -  Mar 11, 2009
So, we're going back, and on Thursday, he'll have his second craniotomy, hopefully to get the rest of it out." That thought gives Brown promise that her ...

Treating severe head injury   -  Apr 12, 2007
During a craniotomy a small section of your skull bone is cut away, allowing your ... Following a craniotomy, you may have to be placed on a ventilator. ... NHS Choices

New Approaches for Reducing Patient Movement During Neurosurgery: …   -  Oct 23, 2007
The study enrolled 131 patients with a mean age of 45 years (75% female) undergoing elective craniotomy who were randomised to one of 12 different ... DG News

Hemorrhagic Stroke Guidelines Issued   -  Jun 20, 2007
Very early craniotomy may be associated with an increased risk of recurrent bleeding, the guidelines said. Another intervention of interest involves ... Journal of American Medical Association - Journal of American Medical Association...

supraorbital | Definition of supraorbital | Online...   -  Jul 12, 2006
Luhana The supraorbital 'keyhole' craniotomy with an eyebrow ... approaches for many indications. The supraorbital keyhole craniotomy for anterior and ... Pay-Per-View - Oxford American College Dictionary - HighBeam Research

Indiana Case Law - SPAULDING v. HARRIS, 49A02-0810-CV-954 (Ind. …   -  Oct 8, 2009
Mattie underwent a craniotomy to evacuate the hematoma. ... She further explained that Mattie's hematoma necessitated a craniotomy, the craniotomy required ... Pay-Per-View - Indiana Case Law - Loislaw

Midland Reporter-Telegram   -  Feb 2, 2006
Although awake craniotomy has been around for a while, ... During an awake craniotomy, the patient is awake during the latter part of the procedure. ... $2.95 - Midland Reporter-Telegram - NewsBank

Federal Register 2005 - 70 FR 47681 (PART D) Medicare Program; …   -  Aug 12, 2005
...[fn5] CRANIOTOMY AGE >17 W 1.7034 38.5 32.1 CC. 2............ [fn7] CRANIOTOMY AGE > 17 1.7034 38.5 32.1 W/O CC. 3............ [fn7] CRANIOTOMY AGE 0-17. ... Pay-Per-View - Federal Register 2005 - Loislaw

Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - GOLEZ v. KERRY, INC....   -  Dec 29, 2008
The craniotomy wound is flat and well healed. No diplopia is elicitable. The gait is much steadier with good tandem testing. ... Pay-Per-View - Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - Loislaw

Mild hypothermia during intercranial aneurysm surgery.(EVIDENCE FOR …   -  Jul 1, 2007
Perioperative nurses should understand that intraoperative hypothermia does not appear to have any beneficial effect on the outcome of open craniotomy ... $4.95 - AORN Journal - ECNext

[U] Troxal v. State, 885 NE2d 768 (Ind.App. 05/01/2008)   -  May 1, 2008
When Dr. Turner testified that Dr. Young had performed a craniotomy on KB, Troxal objected on hearsay grounds. The State also offered State's Exhibit 34, ... $2.95 - Indiana Court of Appeals - VersusLaw

Reducing the risk of cross-contamination from transmissible spongiform...   -  Sep 1, 2005
The scrub person opens a basic craniotomy supply pack along with the TSE disposable ... This tray is assembled with basic craniotomy instruments to help ... Pay-Per-View - AORN Journal - Factiva, from Dow Jones

California Code of Regulations - Appendix B.   -  Aug 16, 2005
Geometric Mean DRG Number Description Weights Ratio Weight LOS 1 CRANIOTOMY AGE > 17 EXCEPT FOR TRAUMA 3.097 1.000 3.097 6.3 2 CRANIOTOMY FOR TRAUMA AGE ... Pay-Per-View - California Code of Regulations - Loislaw

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