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News: Circumcision

Male circumcision: Leading health authorities debate benefits   -  19 Jan 2010
Circumcision, long one of the most emotionally charged surgical procedures performed in the United States, has become the focus of yet another intense ... Washington Post

Traditional leaders discuss circumcision   -  19 Jan 2010
In the documents circulated before the start of the Tuesday workshop, provincial government said a number of studies had shown that while male circumcision ... Independent Online

Circumcising babies could help Africa AIDS fight   -  19 Jan 2010
The findings suggest "Rwanda should be simultaneously scaling up circumcision across a broad range of age groups, with high priority to the very young," ... Reuters South Africa

Circumcision and Penile Anesthesia: Not Before but After   -  19 Jan 2010
I thought I should enter the fray from the “other side? of the scalpel – Circumcision by an Intern, Dec. 30, 2009 [2] . I did do one circ while I was an ... Salem-News.Com

Nigeria: Bill Gates Should Outsource Some Services to Malumfashi   -  19 Jan 2010
The service I am referring to is male circumcision. In a nutshell, Gates' Foundation is budgeting US 50000000 dollars to circumcise 650000 Africans, ...

Q&A: Dean Michael Klag of The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health   -  19 Jan 2010
Take the circumcision study. This is the trial in Africa that showed that you could reduce the risk of getting HIV as a man by getting circumcised. ... The JHU Gazette

Mauritanian Muslim leaders ban female genital mutilation, say Qur'an does not ...   -  ‎Jan 18, 2010‎
The process, also called female circumcision, is common in parts of Africa and involves the surgical removal of the clitoris or other genital parts. ... The Canadian Press

Thousands face agony or death after Zulu king's circumcision decree   -  ‎Jan 16, 2010‎
An edict by the king of the Zulus to bring back circumcision for thousands of teenage boys is causing alarm in South Africa, amid record numbers of deaths ... The Guardian

Chronic sleep loss can be risky   -  ‎Jan 18, 2010‎
Circumcision. It's a delicate procedure and a loaded word, filled with connotations of pain, religious significance and hotly debated health benefits. ... Los Angeles Times

Looking for guidance on circumcision? You're on your own   -  ‎Jan 13, 2010‎
Circumcision. It's a delicate procedure and a loaded word, filled with connotations of pain, religious significance and hotly debated health benefits. ... Los Angeles Times (blog)

Circumcise or not? Parents, you're on your own   -  ‎Jan 12, 2010‎
Over just the past week, two reputable medical journals published articles on male circumcision and came to totally different conclusions ...

Circumcision's long-term effects   -  ‎Jan 18, 2010‎
Letter-writer Dr. Paul D. Tinari claims that kids who were circumcised in their early days might be physiologically disturbed. I wonder what went wrong with ...

Botched circumcision leaves Solwezi man bitterly in pain   -  ‎Jan 16, 2010‎
Annoyed that his decision to go under a clinical officer's knife and perform one important ritual – circumcision – has brought him pain and anguish. ...

Penis Microbiome Offers Clues about Circumcision Protection against HIV   -  ‎Jan 6, 2010‎
By a GenomeWeb staff reporter NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – Changes to the penis microbiome following circumcision may help protect against the transmission ... GenomeWeb Daily News

Casper dad pleads not guilty of murder   -  ‎Jan 15, 2010‎
CASPER — A Casper man who authorities say murdered one of his infant sons and mutilated another in a botched at-home circumcision attempt pleaded not guilty ... Billings Gazette

Morning Coffee - 18 January   -  ‎Jan 18, 2010‎
Link UNKINDEST CUT - Zulu king Goodwill Zwelithini has reinstated ritual circumcision for teenage boys nearly 200 years after a previous king abolished the ... UN Dispatch

Maintain support for male circumcision - MoH   -  ‎Jan 14, 2010‎
The Ministry of Health has urged the public to keep the safe male circumcision campaign alive and to encourage men to go for the operation in large numbers. ... Mmegi Online

More initiates will perish in circumcision rituals   -  ‎Jan 14, 2010‎
This comes after the Free State department of health reveale that 10 initiates undergoing circumcision rituals died in the province in December and January. ... Times LIVE

Circumcision Doesn't Make the Cutting Edge of Pediatric   -  ‎Jan 13, 2010‎
Whether or not parents opt for circumcision to be performed on their newborn sons has long been an issue of heated debate. ... HealthNews

KZN to scale up circumcision services   -  ‎Jan 17, 2010‎
Pretoria - The KwaZulu-Natal Government will be engaging with Amakhosi on the provincial's plan to scale-up the circumcision services at ... BuaNews Online (press release)

New Data Support Long-Term Health Benefits of Male Circumcision   -  ‎Jan 4, 2010‎
January 4, 2010 — The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) policy on newborn male circumcision, initiated in 1999 and reaffirmed in 2005, states that data ... Medscape

The ongoing debate over circumcision   -  ‎Jan 13, 2010‎
So ignore the politics swirling around circumcision; they only obscure the issue. No parent needs what may be the first decision they make on behalf of ...

Should Pediatricians Recommend Routine Circumcision?   -  ‎Jan 4, 2010‎
The American Academy of Pediatrics is on the fence about circumcision for newborn boys: The group says there's not enough evidence to ... Wall Street Journal (blog)

Breaking down cultural barriers to address HIV   -  ‎Jan 12, 2010‎
Cultural structures and systems can facilitate or inhibit the success of HIV programs such as voluntary male circumcision, PMTCT and social protection. ... UNAIDS

Saved from the agony of female circumcision   -  ‎Jan 8, 2010‎
Some villagers insisted female circumcision was essential as it stopped females from being rude," he says, employing the word which Ethiopians of all ages ... Independent

Initiation is a deadly, barbaric practice   -  ‎Jan 17, 2010‎
The Free State department of health reveals that at least 10 initiates died during the circumcision ritual, "'More initiates will perish'". ... Times LIVE

Ask the Rabbi: Oral traditions   -  ‎Jan 15, 2010‎
The ritual of circumcision has suffered from many controversies over the centuries. Christianity eradicated it, claiming that God only ... Jerusalem Post

Circumcision Proposal Adds Fuel to Health Care Debate   -  ‎Jan 12, 2010‎
Bill proposal from would protect boys from forced circumcision and save hundreds of millions of dollars in annual health care costs. ... PR Web (press release)

Teen boys in hospital after botched circumcisions   -  ‎Jan 10, 2010‎
They had just been through a circumcision ceremony in a camp outside Tennant Creek, 500km north of Alice Springs. It had gone badly wrong. ... Herald Sun

Circumcision may protect against HIV due to changes in bacteria   -  ‎Jan 8, 2010‎
The reduction in HIV infection risk after circumcision may be the result of a decline in bacteria on the surface of the penis that assist the process of ... Aidsmap

Circumcision may protect against HIV   -  ‎Jan 10, 2010‎
Rakai, Uganda, January 10 -- In a novel study, researchers claim to have found a remedy for HIV infection, in circumcision ... TheMedGuru

Even Cheaper: Ask Mom and Dad   -  ‎Jan 12, 2010‎
Based on a 16S rRNA sequencing study of a dozen Ugandan men before and after circumcision, an American and Ugandan research team concluded that circumcision ... GenomeWeb Daily News (blog)

Happy Holy Circumcision Day!   -  ‎Jan 1, 2010‎
But the church hasn't officially celebrated the Day of the Holy Circumcision since the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II) banished it from the calendar in ... Daily Beast (blog)

WEEK IN REVIEW: Reporters' Notebook   -  ‎Jan 17, 2010‎
What Janison didn't say is the Masai are also known for practicing the most severe form of female circumcision, removing all or a part of the external ... Las Vegas Review - Journal

EDITORIAL: Education will end female circumcision   -  ‎Jan 13, 2010‎
The law should only come in to supplement the campaign, rather than banking on it per se to end female circumcision because it may not succeed. ... The Observer

NCBI ROFL: Did you hear about the penis microbiome? It's got lots of cocci.   -  ‎Jan 15, 2010‎
...…Among the 42 unique bacterial families identified, Pseudomonadaceae and Oxalobactericeae were the most abundant irrespective of circumcision status. ... Discover Magazine (blog)

Mad rantings about politics, evolution, and microbiology   -  ‎Jan 11, 2010‎
Hence, the decrease in these anaerobic bacteria after circumcision may complement the loss of the foreskin inner mucosa to reduce the number of activated ... ScienceBlogs (blog)

Big Ten Power Rankings: Schrute Style   -  ‎Jan 7, 2010‎
Growing up I performed my own circumcision. - Yeah, Wisconsin is that tough. They dragged Michigan State into their style of play last night in East Lansing ... Hammer and Rails (blog)

Govt backs revival of circumcision   -  ‎Jan 6, 2010‎
THE KwaZulu-Natal government has thrown its weight behind King Goodwill Zwelithini's plan to revive the custom of male circumcision as part of preventing ... Sowetan

January/February 2010 Annals of Family Medicine tip sheet   -  ‎Jan 11, 2010‎
The eight studies included in the review did provide evidence for the efficacy of adult male circumcision in preventing HIV/AIDS acquisition in sub-Saharan ... EurekAlert (press release)

Mauritanian Islamic leaders ban genital mutilation   -  ‎Jan 15, 2010‎
..."Were the imams and circumcision victims on two different planets? Personally speaking, I find no answer to those questions." "All I am trying to say is ...

Circumcision by an Intern   -  ‎Dec 30, 2009‎
I was told by the maternity nurse that the doctor/teacher said I should do a circumcision on his newest boy child patient. There is/was an instrument known ... Salem-News.Com

Should a Nine-Year-Old Boy Be Circumcised Against His Wishes?   -  ‎Jan 12, 2010‎
She even knew that her son might be circumcised if he converted as well, since circumcision, traditionally, is obligatory for Jewish males. ... Reader's Digest

Uganda Bans Female Circumcision   -  ‎Jan 1, 2010‎
The Ugandan Parliament unanimously passed a bill in the beginning of December, 2009, that bans female circumcision which is also known as female genital ... EmpowHer (blog)

That takes guts, or something else   -  ‎Jan 16, 2010‎
Everything from the whimsical (skydiving, missing a train stop) to the deadly serious (breast cancer, sexual slavery and circumcision in Third World ... Omaha World-Herald

Barbara Kay: A good spanking   -  ‎Jan 13, 2010‎
I recall for example a ludicrous "study" "proving" that the pain of circumcision resulted in anti-social aggression in later life. ... National Post (blog)

LG to circumcise 400000 children   -  ‎Jan 12, 2010‎
By Agency Reporter, Published: Tuesday, 12 Jan 2010 No fewer than 40000 children are to benefit from the free circumcision embarked upon by Malumfashi Local ... The Punch

Mauritanian Muslim leaders ban female genital mutilation, say Qur'an does not ...   -  ‎Jan 18, 2010‎
The process, also called female circumcision, is common in parts of Africa and involves the surgical removal of the clitoris or other genital parts. ... Winnipeg Free Press

Also in global health news: Afghan waste management, social issues; male ...   -  ‎Jan 8, 2010‎
IRIN looks at a national voluntary male circumcision campaign in Kenya and the related "benefit" of sexually transmitted infection screening. ...

Weird Science performs laser-based fly circumcisions   -  ‎Jan 10, 2010‎
A double dose of circumcision, followed by some chili peppers, mystery roaches, and obsessive-compulsive guard dogs. It's a potentially painful expedition ... Ars Technica

Male circumcision cuts HIV transmission   -  Dec 13, 2006
Should adult men in areas rife with unprotected sex and AIDS be encouraged to go under the knife? Dec. 14, 2006 | AIDS researchers in Africa have long ... Salon

Circumcision Recommended in Global HIV Fight   -  Mar 29, 2007
By Craig Timberg. JOHANNESBURG, March 28 -- Global health officials said Wednesday that countries with rampant AIDS epidemics should begin offering free or ... Washington Post

Male circumcision "lowers AIDS risk"   -  Jul 28, 2005
BEIJING, July 28 -- Male circumcision significantly reduces the chances of female-to-male transmission of the AIDS virus, according to a new study French ... 新?网

UN urges circumcision to fight HIV   -  Mar 28, 2007
GENEVA (AP) — UN health agencies recommended Wednesday that heterosexual men undergo circumcision because of "compelling" evidence that it can reduce their ... USA TODAY - USA Today

Court bans forcing boy's circumcision: Non-custodial dad wins right...   -  Oct 25, 2006
Oct. 25--In a case that has been closely watched by anti-circumcision groups nationwide, a Cook County judge ruled Tuesday that the medical benefits of the ... Free with registration - Chicago Tribune -

Circumcision could save millions from AIDS-studies   -  Jul 24, 2007
By Jane Lee. SYDNEY, July 24 (Reuters) - Millions of new HIV infections in Africa could be avoided if more men were circumcised, an International AIDS ... Reuters

Questioning Whether Circumcision Protects Against HIV - TIME   -  Oct 7, 2008
By Catherine Guthrie Tuesday, Oct. 07, 2008. Male circumcision has been shown to protect men from acquiring HIV infection during sex with women — it has ... TIME

SAfrica Questions Circumcision Advice   -  Feb 7, 2008
By CLARE NULLIS, AP Writer. CAPE TOWN, South Africa — South Africa's health minister took another controversial foray into the AIDS debate Thursday by ... FOXNews

AIDS meeting spotlight on circumcision Despite promising research, it...   -  Aug 16, 2006
...(08-16) 04:00 PST Toronto -- At a conference often dominated by high-tech research from the world's most sophisticated labs, a medical practice dating back ... San Francisco Chronicle

More Parents in the US Refusing Circumcision   -  Jun 19, 2007
SAN FRANCISCO — On the eighth day of her son's life, Julia Query welcomed friends and family to celebrate his birth and honor their Jewish heritage. ... FOXNews

Male Circumcision No Aid to Women in Study   -  Feb 4, 2008
By LAWRENCE K. ALTMAN. BOSTON — A number of studies showing that circumcision among men reduces their risk of infection from the AIDS virus has raised the ... New York Times

Circumcision 'reduces HIV risk'   -  Oct 25, 2005
Circumcision can reduce the rate of HIV infections among heterosexual men by around 60%, a study suggests. The South African study, reported in Public ... BBC News

Africa: Circumcision Urged As Protection Against HIV   -  Aug 17, 2006
Toronto — Scientists at the International AIDS Conference in Toronto have been calling for urgent action on compelling evidence that circumcision may reduce ...

NYC mulls circumcision campaign - AIDS-   -  Apr 5, 2007
NEW YORK - City health officials are considering a program to urge circumcision for men at high risk of AIDS, noting studies that the procedure can reduce ...

AIDS-hit Swaziland promotes circumcision   -  Nov 2, 2008
By CLARE NULLIS, AP Writer. MBABANE, Swaziland — Nelson Mdlovu strides out of the small clinic with a spring in his step and a smile on his lips just ... FOXNews

Circumcision Studied in Africa as AIDS Preventive   -  Apr 28, 2006
By SHARON LaFRANIERE. JOHANNESBURG, April 27 — For well over a decade, southern Africans have battled the spread of HIV with everything from condoms and ... New York Times

Study: Circumcision cuts HIV risk - AIDS-   -  Feb 23, 2007
LONDON - In an “extraordinary development? in the fight against AIDS, a medical journal article published Friday says that conclusive data shows there is no ...

Cutting the HIV Rate?(research finding circumcision lowers risk of...   -  Oct 31, 2005
A landmark study with major implications for the global AIDS epidemic, published this week by French and South African researchers, seems to confirm what ... Free with registration - Newsweek -

More circumcision needed to control AIDS in Africa   -  Aug 4, 2008
By Tan Ee Lyn. MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Governments and health communities need to ramp up male circumcision to prevent HIV infection, particularly in ... Reuters

Circumcision 'helps to halt HIV'   -  Jul 26, 2005
New research suggests circumcision could be effective in preventing the spread of HIV among men. The study of more than 3000 men in South Africa was done by ... BBC News

Male circumcision to fight HIV poses risk to women   -  Mar 7, 2007
Policy-makers must exercise caution when including male circumcision among their tactics for fighting AIDS, researchers said on Tuesday. ... New Scientist

Expert says circumcision is low risk.   -  Jun 15, 2006
Jun. 15--A medical expert testified Wednesday that circumcision would be less stressful for an 8-year-old boy than having to be treated for recurrent ... Free with registration - Chicago Tribune -

Circumcision: To cut or not to cut?   -  Jul 16, 2008
Yet as with most things circumcision-related, all is not necessarily as it first seems - starting with the trials themselves. Numerous criticisms levelled ... New Scientist

A proposed bill to ban male circumcision   -  Apr 8, 2005
By Sherry Colb. (FindLaw) -- A San Diego, California-based group that calls itself a health and human rights organization recently submitted a proposed bill ... CNN

Circumcision cuts the risk of HIV infection: study   -  Jul 10, 2006
Globe and Mail Update Published on Monday, Jul. 10, 2006 8:20PM EDT Last updated on Tuesday, Apr. 07, 2009 12:28AM EDT. A study published Monday stated more ... Globe and Mail

Male circumcision gains as Kenya anti-AIDS weapon   -  May 24, 2008
By Katharine Houreld, AP Writer. KISUMU, Kenya — Sitting underneath the bright murals at a clinic, 22-year-old Elijah Ochanda gestures at his shorts and ... USA TODAY - USA Today

Egypt Officials Ban Female Circumcision   -  Jun 29, 2007
By MAGGIE MICHAEL. AP. CAIRO, Egypt -- The death of a 12-year-old Egyptian girl at the hands of a doctor performing female circumcision has sparked a public ... Washington Post

Circumcision reduces risk of HIV   -  Oct 29, 2005
Should men be circumcised to help slow the spread of HIV infection? The controversial idea is on the agenda after a study published this week involving over ... New Scientist

Report: Male circumcision cuts HIV risk by half   -  Dec 15, 2006
BEIJING, Dec. 15 (Xinhuanet) -- Circumcised adult men may reduce by half their risk of getting the AIDS virus through heterosexual intercourse, ... 新?网

Ore. Court: Boy Has Say in Circumcision   -  Jan 25, 2008
By SARAH SKIDMORE, AP Writer. PORTLAND, Ore. — The wishes of a 12-year-old boy should be considered in a dispute between his divorced parents about whether ... FOXNews

Ouch! Readers react to circumcision debate   -  Mar 9, 2007
We heard from parents who flatly refused to circumcise their sons, parents who rushed to circumcise their sons and parents who are utterly conflicted over ...

City Questions Circumcision Ritual After Baby Dies   -  Aug 26, 2005
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg met with Orthodox leaders and health officials at City Hall on Aug. 11 to discuss a practice that some rabbis consider integral ... New York Times

Unsafe circumcision can kill: UNAIDS chief   -  Dec 21, 2006
NEW DELHI: It's well-known that circumcision cuts the risk of HIV infection but an improper surgical procedure without local anaesthesia can kill, ... Times of India

Circumcision 'does not curb sex'   -  Jan 7, 2008
Circumcision does not reduce sexual satisfaction and so there should be no reservations about using this method as a way to combat HIV, a study says. ... BBC News

Circumcision may offer Africa AIDS hope Procedure linked to much...   -  Jul 6, 2005
French and South African AIDS researchers have called an early halt to a study of adult male circumcision to reduce HIV infection after initial results ... San Francisco Chronicle

Scientists Disagree About Circumcision Sensation   -  Apr 26, 2007
By Brandon Keim. Kimberley Payne of the Riverside Professional Centre in Ottawa, Canada, and her colleagues tested the sensitivity of 20 intact and 20 ... Wired News

S. Africa Slow To Encourage Circumcision To Curb HIV   -  Jul 16, 2006
JOHANNESBURG -- In the year since a major South African study indicated that circumcision reduced the rate of HIV infection among men, several African ... Washington Post

AFRICA: Make circumcision safer, say researchers   -  Sep 2, 2008
Reuters and AlertNet are not responsible for the content of this article or for any external internet sites. The views expressed are the author's alone. ... Reuters AlertNet

New courts for illegal circumcision   -  Jan 27, 2005
BEIJING, Jan. 27 -- South African authorities say they want to introduce special courts to prosecute people doing botched circumcisions in the Eastern Cape ... 新?网

In Africa, a problem with circumcision and AIDS - Africa & Middle...   -  Feb 26, 2007
By Elisabeth Rosenthal. ROME — Unsterile circumcision is a potentially important route of HIV infection among children and adolescents in Africa, ... New York Times

Report: male circumcision reduces STDs   -  Nov 7, 2006
BEIJING, Nov. 7 (Xinhuanet) -- A 25-year study reports male circumcision may reduce the risk of acquiring and spreading sexually transmitted infection by as ... 新?网

Little HIV protection from circumcision for gay sex: study   -  Oct 8, 2008
Circumcision, which has been found to reduce by about one-half the transmission of HIV between heterosexuals, appears to offer far less protection for men ... Sydney Morning Herald

AIDS expert advocates circumcision as vaccine   -  Sep 25, 2005
AP. CAPE TOWN, South Africa -- A South African AIDS expert Saturday advocated male circumcision as the best available "vaccine" against the virus in his ...

Eritrea bans female circumcision   -  Apr 5, 2007
By Jack Kimball. ASMARA (Reuters) - Eritrea has banned female circumcision, a life-threatening tradition that aid groups say afflicts some 90 percent of the ... Reuters

Judge rules against circumcision for boy.   -  Oct 24, 2006
CHICAGO _ In a case that has been closely watched by anti-circumcision groups nationwide, a Cook County judge Tuesday ruled that a 9-year-old Chicago-area ... Free with registration - Chicago Tribune -

Article: Circumcision campaign is aimed at curbing HIV BRIEFLY: …   -  Aug 14, 2008
The Ugandan authorities have begun a mass circumcision drive in the hope that it will reduce rates of HIV/AIDS. Government officials in Kampala have decided ... Pay-Per-View - International Herald Tribune - HighBeam Research

Mass Circumcision in Morocco   -  Apr 15, 2005
RABAT, Morocco — The infant son of King Mohammed VI (search) was circumcised Thursday, and thousands of Moroccans also went through the procedure in a ... FOXNews

Africa: Unhygienic Circumcision 'Increases Risk of Hiv'   -  Feb 28, 2007
The circumcision procedure itself carries a significant risk of HIV transmission if carried out under unsafe conditions, according to a study. ...

Is Ritual Circumcision Religious Expression?   -  Feb 5, 2006
By JEFFREY ROSEN. Americans pride themselves on their commitment to freedom of religion, but how much religious freedom is too much religious freedom? ... New York Times

Circumcision plan rejected by Kenyans   -  Jul 19, 2008
KISUMU, Kenya, July 19 (UPI) -- Members of western Kenya's Luo community say a proposed circumcision plan aimed at limiting the spread of AIDS is against ... United Press International

Delicate choice just got tougher; Circumcision may protect against...   -  Nov 28, 2005
As new HIV cases remain at a stubborn 40000 a year and infections continue to disproportionately affect minorities (especially minority women) and the poor, ... Pay-Per-View - Los Angeles Times - ProQuest Archiver

HIV Loosens Tribe's Resistance to Circumcision   -  Sep 7, 2007
By Craig Timberg. MBITA, Kenya -- Family gatherings for Collins Omondi once were boisterous affairs here on the verdant shores of Lake Victoria. ... Washington Post

Pretoria curbs circumcision   -  Aug 4, 2006
In the year since a major South African study indicated that circumcision reduced the rate of HIV infection among men, several African countries hit hard by ...

Mom can't sue over circumcision: Court   -  Feb 8, 2008
St. Paul: The Minnesota Court of Appeals has ruled that a mother who didn't like the way her baby's circumcision looked cannot sue a Fridley hospital for ... सिफी - सिफी

Bush under pressure, Circumcision, Feminism boomerang, Covering …   -  Nov 1, 2005
I am no admirer of President George W. Bush or his policies, but it is too much for Paul Krugman to insist, week in and week out, that everything the ... New York Times

UN urges circumcision in AIDS-hit southern Africa   -  Dec 19, 2006
By Kamil Zaheer. NEW DELHI (Reuters) - AIDS-stricken Southern African nations should develop a policy of mass male circumcision to fight the disease, ... Washington Post

Grass-Roots Movement Fights Female Circumcision in Egypt   -  Aug 4, 2008
SULTAN ZAWYIT, Egypt — In this small Nile River farming village, Maha Mohammed has started to doubt whether she should circumcise her two daughters. ... FOXNews

Rwanda to urge male circumcision in AIDS fight   -  Sep 28, 2007
KIGALI, Sept 28 (Reuters) - Rwanda plans to encourage male circumcision to help the tiny African nation curb HIV/AIDS rates, a senior official told Reuters ... Reuters

A Small Revolution in Cairo Theologians Battle Female Circumcision   -  Dec 6, 2006
By Amira El Ahl in Cairo. In Cairo, a small revolution has been launched: A conference of high-ranking Muslim theologians has agreed that the practice of ... Spiegel Online

Male circumcision lowers cervical cancer risk: study   -  Dec 18, 2008
By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Three studies published on Wednesday add to evidence that circumcision can protect men from ... Reuters India

Egypt death sparks debate on female circumcision   -  Aug 20, 2007
By Cynthia Johnston. MAGHAGHA, Egypt (Reuters) - It was a routine procedure undertaken by thousands of Egyptian girls every year, but something went wrong ... Reuters India

NIH backs circumcision in AIDS fight - AIDS-   -  Dec 29, 2006
Dec. 12: New studies find that circumcision is key in stopping the transmission of the virus that causes AIDS. NBC's Robert Bazell reports. ...

Male circumcision no help to women?   -  Feb 4, 2008
Feb. 04, 2008 | The debate over the not-so-"simple snip" is becoming ever more complex -- and not just as a question of sexual pleasure or cultural mores ... Salon

Circumcision May Help Protect Against HIV   -  Feb 23, 2007
THURSDAY, Feb. 22 (HealthDay News) -- Getting circumcised may reduce men's risk of acquiring HIV, according to a study conducted in Africa. ... Washington Post

Circumcision could save money in AIDS-hit Africa   -  Dec 25, 2006
JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Male circumcision, which has been shown to decrease the chances of contracting HIV, could save billions of dollars in AIDS-hit ... Washington Post

Muslim scholars join rare summit on anti-female circumcision in Cairo   -  Nov 25, 2006
By AP. CAIRO - Prominent Muslim scholars from around the world, including conservative religious leaders from Egypt and Africa, met Wednesday to speak out ... Ha'aretz

Study: No proof circumcision cuts gay male HIV risk_English_Xinhua   -  Oct 9, 2008
BEIJING, Oct. 9 -- There is not enough evidence to say circumcision protects men from getting the AIDS virus during sex with other men even as studies show ... 新?网

Circumcision does not affect HIV in US men: study   -  Dec 4, 2007
By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Circumcision may reduce a man's risk of infection with the AIDS virus by up to 60 percent ... Reuters India

Is America Ready for Adult Male Circumcision?   -  Apr 16, 2007
By Brandon Keim. After three clinical trials showed that the circumcision of adult males appears to lower their chances of contracting HIV, ... Wired News

Circumcision 'the unkindest cut of all'   -  Mar 24, 2008
Barbaric, mutilation, child abuse, freaks, nutters, obsessives. The language on both sides of the debate about infant male circumcision is not always ... Times Online

China-Japan relations; Circumcision and AIDS - Opinion - International...   -  Dec 15, 2006
Regarding the article "Report: China to include Japanese shrine visits in Nanjing memorial" (Dec. 12): Will the hostility over the Yasukuni Shrine ever end? ... New York Times

Male circumcision: A contentious cut   -  Nov 23, 2006
..."THERE are already queues of men demanding circumcision," says Mark Stirling, regional director of UNAIDS for Eastern and Southern Africa. ... New Scientist

Circumcision doesn't reduce sensation - study   -  Jul 28, 2007
By Naomi Kim. TORONTO (Reuters) - Uncircumcised men receive no more sexual sensation than circumcised men, according to a new study that contradicts the ... Reuters India

Question of circumcision not necessarily based on religion for some -...   -  Oct 20, 2007
By Rich Barlow | October 20, 2007. 'Such shall be the covenant between Me and you and your offspring to follow which you shall keep: Every male among you ... Boston Globe

Report: Male circumcision cuts AIDS risk   -  Jul 5, 2005
Male circumcision reduces the risk that men will contract HIV through intercourse with infected women by about 70 percent, according to a study reported in ...

Police investigate baby's death after circumcision   -  Feb 16, 2007
By Martin Beckford. Detectives are investigating the death of a baby boy who stopped breathing minutes after he was circumcised. ...

New York City considers promoting circumcision   -  Apr 15, 2007
Never a city to trail behind, New York is already considering whether promoting circumcision among the city's men might help limit the spread of HIV there. ... New Scientist

Circumcision dispute lands in Illinois court   -  Feb 19, 2006
CHICAGO (AFP) — A clash over of their son's circumcision has landed the parents of an eight-year-old Illinois boy in a US court where there is no apparent ... USA TODAY - USA Today

NYC eyes circumcision push to fight AIDS   -  Apr 7, 2007
NEW YORK (AP) — City health officials are considering a program to urge circumcision for men at high risk of AIDS, noting studies that the procedure can ... USA TODAY - USA Today

Female circumcision focus of ferocious debate in Egypt   -  Sep 19, 2007
By Michael Slackman. KAFR Al MANSHI ABOU HAMAR, Egypt — The men in this poor farming community were seething. A 13-year-old girl had been brought to a ... New York Times

Second Egyptian girl dies during circumcision   -  Aug 11, 2007
By AP. A 13-year-old Egyptian girl died during a circumcision operation, the second such case reported over the past two months, local media said Saturday. ... Jerusalem Post

Kenyan MPs admit to circumcision   -  Sep 23, 2008
By Muliro Telewa. Top politicians from Kenya's Luo community have publicly admitted to getting circumcised as part of a campaign to tackle HIV/Aids. ... BBC News

Male circumcision becomes the focal point in HIV/Aids prevention   -  May 11, 2008 Godfrey Ganetsang. Botswana is set to use male circumcision as one of the key factors in HIV/Aids prevention. This emerged at a recent annual planning ... Sunday Standard

Eritrea bans female circumcision   -  Apr 5, 2007
Asmara - Eritrea has banned female circumcision, a life-threatening tradition that aid groups say afflicts about 90 percent of the country's women. ... Independent Online

Prostitutes, Not Circumcision, Key to Preventing HIV   -  Jun 21, 2007
By Brandon Keim. A research review suggests that the effect of male circumcision on reducing HIV infection rates is not nearly so significant as thought. ... Wired News

Mufti forbids circumcision   -  Jun 26, 2007
CAIRO: The state-appointed Grand Mufti of Egypt has decreed that female circumcision is forbidden by Islam after an 11-year-old girl died while undergoing ... Brisbane Times

Circumcision May Reduce Risk of HIV Infection by 65 Percent   -  Aug 8, 2008
Circumcision may offer men greater protection against HIV than previously thought, according to a study that included 2784 Kenyan men who were uncircumcised ... ABC News

The great circumcision debate, continued   -  Jul 31, 2007
Jul. 31, 2007 | Oh, circumcision. Remember how a while ago we had a post about its effects on female pleasure? Just in case the guys are feeling left out, ... Salon

Anti-AIDS Program To Fund Circumcision   -  Aug 20, 2007
By Craig Timberg. JOHANNESBURG, Aug. 19 -- President Bush's $15 billion anti-AIDS program will begin investing significant money in making circumcision ... Washington Post

New study touts circumcision, fidelity in Africa's AIDS fight.   -  Apr 22, 2006
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa _ The most promising way to stem Africa's worst AIDS epidemics appears to be encouraging male circumcision and faithfulness to a ... Free with registration - Chicago Tribune -

Rabin's assassin attends son's circumcision on macabre date   -  Nov 5, 2007
By Agence France Presse (AFP). Yigal Amir, Israel's most notorious political assassin, attended his baby son's circumcision in shackles at a high-security ... Daily Star - Lebanon

Circumcision Benefit in AIDS Is Divided   -  Oct 7, 2008
By REUTERS. WASHINGTON (Reuters) — There is not enough evidence to show that circumcision reduces the risk of AIDS in sex between men, researchers are ... New York Times

Kenyan boy in circumcision injury   -  Aug 1, 2008
A sixteen-year-old Kenyan boy is being treated in hospital after losing part of his penis in a circumcision ritual. He suffered the accident during the ... BBC News

Circumcision cuts female pleasure?   -  Jul 16, 2007
An author argues that "frigidity" can be blamed on "the abnormal structure of the circumcised penis." Jul. 16, 2007 | What better way to ease into the week ... Salon

Community outlaws female circumcision   -  Oct 15, 2008
Kampala - A community in eastern Uganda that has practiced female genital mutilation "since time immemorial" has banned the ritual, a local official said on ... Independent Online

Should South Africa pursue a mass circumcision drive?   -  Jun 7, 2007
The Third South African AIDS Conference yesterday heard calls for a mass circumcision drive to become an integral part of public health policy in the ... Aidsmap

Health fear drives circumcision comeback   -  May 13, 2007
CIRCUMCISION — shunned by Australian doctors for a generation as unnecessary — is making a comeback as new research shows the procedure can cut the risk of ... The Age

Africa: Circumcision Likely to Be the New Defence Against Aids   -  Aug 22, 2006
Nairobi — Age-old male circumcision, and the not so new high-tech gels or drugs, could be the next big thing in the fight against HIV/Aids. ...

Joy Behar Suggests 'Public Circumcision' as Way for Mel Gibson to …   -  Aug 2, 2006
NEW YORK — Comedian Joy Behar is suggesting a painful way for Mel Gibson to show he's sorry. Behar said on "The View" that Gibson "needs to be welcomed into ... FOXNews

Circumcision 'just another way to win sperm war'   -  Jun 6, 2008
London: Circumcision and other forms of male genital mutilation have long been a part of various religious rituals after which the man is left vulnerable to ... सिफी - सिफी

Background information on Circumcision [When available]

Circumcision is the removal of some or all of the prepuce (foreskin). The frenulum is often excised at the same time, in a procedure called frenectomy. The word circumcision comes from Latin circum (meaning "around") and caedere (meaning "to cut"). Female circumcision is a term applied to a variety of procedures performed on the female genitalia, of which only one, the removal of the clitoral hood, is comparable to male circumcision. Except where specified, "circumcision" in this article should be taken as "male circumcision."

Reasons for circumcision

Circumcision is performed for religious, cultural, and medical reasons. Elective adult circumcision may also be chosen as a form of body modification, or for aesthetic or other reasons.

Religious and cultural circumcision

Circumcision is a religious practice traditionally required by Judaism, usually performed in a ceremony called a Brit milah or Bris Milah (Hebrew for "Covenant of circumcision"). The ceremony is to be performed on the eighth day after birth of the newborn boy unless health reasons force a delay. A trained professional, called a mohel, performs the ceremony. See also: Circumcision in the Bible.

According to nearly all Muslim religious leaders, circumcision is an important element of Islam. Although circumcision is not mentioned in the Qur'an, it is mentioned in some parts of the Hadith, a set of texts explaining Islamic law that most Muslims view as authoritative. Most Muslims believe that Muhammad was born circumcised. Moreover, Hadiths describe that the ritual of circumcision was started by Abraham, who is seen as the founder of Islam. Muslim custom on circumcision varies. Some Muslim communities perform circumcision on the eighth day of life, as the Jews do, while others perform the rite at a different time. Turkish, Balkan, and Central Asian Muslims typically circumcise boys at between six and eleven years of age, and the event is viewed communally as a joyous occasion and celebrated with sweets and feasting. In contrast, Iranian Muslims are typically circumcised in the hospital at birth without much ado. In Egypt, farmers in rural areas celebrate circumcision as a joyous occasion, while in urban populations, as in many industrialized countries such as the USA, the procedure is routinely performed at a hospital.

Circumcision is also customary in the Coptic Christian and Ethiopian Orthodox religious traditions. It is usually performed on the eighth day of life. This practice was condemned by the Council of Florence [1] in 1442, held by leading theologians of the Roman Catholic Church, which said in part:

Therefore it strictly orders all who glory in the name of Christian, not to practise circumcision either before or after baptism, since whether or not they place their hope in it, it cannot possibly be observed without loss of eternal salvation. [2]

Circumcision is also common in a number of African and Australian Aboriginal religious traditions. Among some West African animist groups, such as the Dogon and Dowayo, it is taken to represent a removal of "feminine" aspects of the male, turning boys into fully masculine males. Among Nilotic peoples, such as the Nandi, circumcision is a rite of passage observed collectively by a number of boys every few years, and boys circumcised at the same time are taken to be members of a single age set. Aboriginal circumcision ceremonies, which also constitute a rite of passage, are noted for their painful nature, including subincision for some tribes.

The United States and South Korea are the only countries that still practice circumcision routinely on a majority of males for non-religious reasons. Routine circumcision practices in South Korea are largely the result of American cultural and military influence following the Korean War.

Medical circumcision

Circumcision may be recommended in cases such as phimosis (a very tight foreskin), balanitis xerotica obliterans or posthitis(an inflamed foreskin). Other treatments exist for phimosis [3] and balanitis [4][5][6], though these are not as successful in the case of balanitis xerotics obliterans [7] [8] [9]. Circumcision may also be advised in cases of recurrent balanitis and urinary tract infections, Zoon's balanitis, and penile cancer.

A recent South African study found that circumcision may reduce the transmission of HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) by 63%[10]. The study was terminated early so that circumcision could be offered to the control group. However, The Lancet, the most prestigious of all British medical journals, declined to publish the report. "At issue, Auvert and Puren told Science, is an ethical disagreement that involves how participants learned their HIV status and the counselling they received." The study was presented to an International AIDS Society conference in Brazil in July 2005. Some fear that if widespread circumcision is touted as an effective way to reduce HIV infection rates, people will develop a false sense of security and be more likely to engage in sexual intercourse without latex condoms, which would still carry significant risk if either partner has HIV or another sexually transmitted disease.

Statistically, uncircumcized men are several times more likely to be carriers of human papilloma virus than circumsized men. HPV is a significant cause of cervical cancer. Circumcized men are less likely to infect their partners. Further, some medical sources believe that being uncircumsized multiplies a man's risk of developing penile cancer.

Recommending circumcision for infants as a preventative measure is controversial. No national medical body recommends routine infant circumcision. Some argue that circumcision is a significant public health measure while others have asserted that there are no net benefits to the procedure, or that the drawbacks outweigh the benefits. Still others discourage the procedure altogether. The American Academy of Pediatrics argues that parents should make an informed decision based upon medical and other benefits and risks, [11]. For a detailed discussion, see medical analysis of circumcision.

Circumcision and body modification

Circumcision may be undertaken voluntarily as a body modification. (See also foreskin restoration).

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