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Chiari I malformation associated with syringomyelia: a retrospective...   -  Nov 20, 2007
The level of the cervical laminectomy also depends on the level of tonsillar herniation so that the level below the herniated tonsils is reached. ... Nature.com

Ohio Appellate Reports - GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER v. INDUS. COMM …   -  Mar 30, 2006
The SHO determined that "necessity for the surgical revision of the allowed cervical condition, the 11/14/2003 cervical laminectomy, and the period of ... Pay-Per-View - Ohio Appellate Reports - Loislaw

Board suspends doctor's license   -  Feb 21, 2009
The latest complaint came after Rosner performed a cervical laminectomy, a procedure where the back of the spinal canal is removed to provide more space for ... BlueRidgeNow.com

Abstract and Introduction   -  Nov 1, 2005
Benzel EC, Lancon J, Hadden T. Cervical laminectomy and dentate ligament section for ... A comparison of anterior cervical fusion, cervical laminectomy and ... Medscape

Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - MARSHALL v. BLUE CROSS …   -  Sep 13, 2006
...(Id.) Dr. Monteleone treated her with "cervical laminectomy with fusion," physical therapy, trigger blocks, Flexeril, and Maraflex. (Id.) At that time, ... Pay-Per-View - Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - Loislaw

laminectomy | Definition of laminectomy | HighBeam.com: Online …   -  Jul 12, 2006
Biotech Week; March 11, 2009 ; 700+ words ... ... posterior instrumentation following cervical laminectomy has been shown to reduce the incidence ... the ... Pay-Per-View - Oxford American College Dictionary - HighBeam Research

Former NFL star Dave Pear is sorry he ever played football   -  Dec 18, 2009
Over the past 18 years, he has undergone eight surgeries, beginning with a Posterior Cervical Laminectomy on his neck in 1981, and including disc removal ... SI.com

Washington Court of Appeals Reports - CENTRALIA MINING COMPANY …   -  Mar 15, 2005
...disk at the C5/6 vertebrae, Christiansen referred him to a neurosurgeon, who performed a C5/6 left cervical laminectomy to remove part of the disk. ... Pay-Per-View - Washington Court of Appeals Reports - Loislaw

Veterans Affairs throws scare into seniors   -  Dec 21, 2009
It caused what in later years would become a degenerative condition in Bob's neck, which would in turn lead to his having a cervical laminectomy, ... Canada.com

Governor To Undergo Surgery In Portland   -  Jul 18, 2007
The procedure, known as a posterior cervical laminectomy, will be performed at an un disclosed Portland-area hospi tal, said Chip Terhune. the governor's ... Eugene Register-Guard - Google News Archive

Arachnoid Opening With Dural Graft May Provide Optimal Treatment for ...   -  May 5, 2008
Patients underwent suboccipital craniectomy alone or with cervical laminectomy; 40 patients had an arachnoid opening and 23 patients had a dural graft. ... DG News

When the One You Love Hurts   -  Sep 12, 2008
The cervical laminectomy opened several of Paul's vertebrae and relieved some of the pressure on his spine, but he's never fully been free from neck and ... ChristianityToday.com

Caregiving: Home access -- Part 2.   -  Apr 7, 2006
His doctor diagnosed a herniated disk and he had a lumbar laminectomy and later a cervical laminectomy. His injury forced him to quit his job as a manager ... Free with registration - UPI Health Business - AccessMyLibrary.com

Michigan Court of Appeals Reports - SHIVERS v. SCHMIEGE, 284635 ( …   -  Sep 29, 2009
Doctors viewed this as a medical emergency and performed an emergency decompressive cervical laminectomy. However, by that time plaintiff had lost most of ... Pay-Per-View - Michigan Court of Appeals Reports - Loislaw

Oregon Court of Appeals Reports - WHITE v. THE BOLDT CO., 212 Or. …   -  Apr 11, 2007
He was diagnosed with a herniated C6-7 disc, and a C6-7 cervical laminectomy was performed in 1987. Claimant was thereafter able to perform his regular work ... Pay-Per-View - Oregon Court of Appeals Reports - Loislaw

Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - BAKER v. ASTRUE (Del. 1-10-...   -  Jan 10, 2008
In May 1996, Baker underwent a decompressive cervical laminectomy C3 to C7. Tr. at 271. This procedure did not resolve all of Baker's problems. ... Pay-Per-View - Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - Loislaw

South Dakota Administrative Rules - APPENDIX A   -  Aug 9, 2005
APPENDIX A DEPARTMENT OF LABOR WORKERS' COMPENSATION INPATIENT AND RETURN-TO-WORK ORGs Chapter 47:03:06 SEE: ยงยง 47:03:06:13 and 47:03:06:14 Source: 21 SDR ... Pay-Per-View - South Dakota Administrative Rules - Loislaw

New York Appellate Division Reports - IN THE MATTER OF STEWART, …   -  Mar 23, 2006
His report also acknowledges that, in addition to a lumbar laminectomy necessitated by the 1998 back injury, petitioner underwent a cervical laminectomy to ... Pay-Per-View - New York Appellate Division Reports - Loislaw

Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - ZYLA v. ASTRUE (NH 4-6-2009)   -  Apr 6, 2009
...a fairly complete left C7 nerve injury status-post surgical decompression and cervical laminectomy, and right knee osteoarthritis status-post anterior ... Pay-Per-View - Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - Loislaw

Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - MARION v. AGERE SYSTEMS, …   -  Mar 26, 2008
On June 3, 1996, he underwent a cervical laminectomy at C6-7. On April 7, 1997, he underwent an anterior cervical discectomy and. Pay-Per-View - Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - Loislaw

Illinois Appellate Court Reports - FEDERAL MARINE TERMINALS v. …   -  Mar 6, 2007
The procedure was quite extensive, involving a C4 corpectomy, C5 corpectomy, a decompressive cervical laminectomy at C3-C7, a posterior osteotomy at C4 and ... Pay-Per-View - Illinois Appellate Court Reports - Loislaw

Verdicts & Settlements-August 15, 2005: 'No cause' returned in auto …   -  Aug 15, 2005
...which caused her to suffer a closed head injury, cervical laminectomy, as well as other injuries including, but not limited to, lactating breasts. ... $2.95 - Michigan Lawyers Weekly - NewsBank

Tennessee Reports - CORRELL v. CORRELL, E2008-00845-COA-R3-CV …   -  Jan 29, 2009
...history of cervical laminectomy in 2005 with right arm and shoulder pain and left arm and shoulder pain due to rotator cuff surgery in the early 1990s. ... Pay-Per-View - Tennessee Reports - Loislaw

Delver v. Commissioner of Social Security, No. C-1-06-266 (SDOhio 02/...   -  Feb 26, 2008
...[21], The ALJ found that Plaintiff suffered from a number of severe impairments, to wit: "chronic neck pain status-post cervical laminectomy, ... $2.95 - U.S. District Court, Southern District... - VersusLaw

North Carolina Workers' Compensation Decisions - STARR v. GASTON …   -  Feb 2, 2007
In 1983, Plaintiff had a cervical laminectomy due to a work-related accident at Duke Power. Plaintiff recovered fully from this surgery and eventually ... Pay-Per-View - North Carolina Workers' Compensation... - Loislaw

Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - HARNER v. KAISER (EDMo. …   -  Dec 14, 2005
As a result of an automobile collision on March 28, 2004, Plaintiff underwent medical treatment, including a cervical laminectomy-disectomy performed by Dr. ... Pay-Per-View - Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - Loislaw

Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - MAGID v. ASTRUE (EDPa. 9-18...   -  Sep 18, 2008
...joint disease in his right knee, status post total knee replacement surgery, status post cervical laminectomy, and pancreatitis were severe impairments. ... Pay-Per-View - Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - Loislaw

Louisiana Administrative Code - 40:I.5157. Maximum Reimbursement …   -  Aug 11, 2005
...heart/lung transplant 20 + TM 00600 Cervical spine & cord; nos 10 + TM 00604 Post cervical laminectomy 13 + TM sitting 00620 Thoracic spine & cord; ... Pay-Per-View - Louisiana Administrative Code - Loislaw

Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - LANDIS v. US (SDOhio 3-27- …   -  Mar 27, 2009
She was transferred to Riverside Methodist Hospital; and on August 17 Page 2 she had a cervical laminectomy and fusion of C5-C6, an arthrodesis posteriorly ... Pay-Per-View - Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - Loislaw

Spouses' testimony can be key in informed consent cases. | Article...   -  Mar 1, 2009
Prior to performing a cervical laminectomy on David Casey, a document was provided for Casey's signature, entitled, "INFORMED CONSENT FOR SURGICAL AND/OR ... Pay-Per-View - Medical Law's Regan Report - HighBeam Research

Huberty v. Standard Insurance Co., No. 06-CV-2388 (D.Minn. 03/25/2008)   -  Mar 25, 2008
Hartleben "advised [Huberty] of his diagnosis which is symptomatic mechanical neck pain[,] status post multiple level cervical laminectomy for myelopathy," ... $2.95 - U.S. District Court, District of... - VersusLaw

Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - MORGAN v. ASTRUE (SDInd. 5-...   -  May 22, 2009
Plaintiff also had coronary artery disease, a prior cervical laminectomy, non-insulin dependant diabetes, mild carpel tunnel syndrome, diffuse paresthesias ... Pay-Per-View - Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - Loislaw

Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - HORNER v. ASTRUE (EDVa. 2- …   -  Feb 17, 2009
Dr. Nagia noted Plaintiff's cervical laminectomy C5-C6 and toe amputations and also that Plaintiff smoked ten (10) cigarettes a day and drinks alcohol ... Pay-Per-View - Loislaw Federal District Court Opinions - Loislaw

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