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Euronext (persbericht)...(5% vs 40 to 50% reported with fenofibrate) and on a marker of renal dysfunction, creatinine (non significant vs 10 to 15% reported with fenofibrate). ...

FAIR-HF: Symptom improvement, functional gains follow correction of iron ...  -  ‎Nov 17, 2009‎
TheHeart.Org...class 3 with an LVEF <45%, had an initial hemoglobin level of 95 g/L to 135 g/L, depressed serum ferritin levels, and no hepatic or renal dysfunction. ...

Iloprost Prevents Contrast-Induced Nephropathy in Patients With Renal ...  -  ‎Oct 29, 2009‎
CardiosourceThe goal of the trial was to evaluate treatment with the prostacyclin analog iloprost in patients with renal insufficiency undergoing coronary angiography ...

BC ARTHRITIS STRENGTH  -  ‎Nov 10, 2009‎
Monthly Prescribing ReferenceNSAIDs increase risk of renal dysfunction. Additive effects with other caffeine-containing products. GI upset/bleed, prolonged bleeding time, anaphylaxis, ...

Acute Renal Failure in ICUs  -  ‎Nov 16, 2009‎
Express Healthcare (blog)Patient's drug history should be sought to rule out renal dysfunction due to drugs like NSAIDs , aminoglycosides, ACE inhibitor or radio contrast agent. ...

Low bone mineral density common in HIV-positive men  -  ‎Nov 19, 2009‎
AidsmapCalmy A et al. Low bone mineral density, renal dysfunction, and fracture risk in HIV infection: a cross-sectional study. J Infect Dis 200: 1746-54, 2009.

Active Surveillance for BK Virus May Help Minimize Nephropathy in Kidney ...  -  ‎Nov 1, 2009‎
Renal and Urology NewsIt frequently leads to graft loss when it occurs in the presence of renal dysfunction, despite reduction of immunosuppression. “If you get this virus it is ...

More H1N1 flu vaccine  -  ‎Nov 11, 2009‎
Stillwater NewsPress...renal dysfunction, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and immunosuppressive disease – that put them at higher risk for flu-like complications. ...

ACE Inhibitors May Negatively Impact CABG Outcomes Study finds increased risk ...  -  ‎Oct 29, 2009‎
ModernMedicinePreoperative ACE inhibitor administration was also associated with a higher risk of postoperative renal dysfunction (7.1 versus 5.4 percent), ...

Cytokinetics shares fall on drug development delay  -  ‎Oct 29, 2009‎ - people ) on conducting additional mid-to-late-stage studies on omecamtiv mecarbil for heart failure and renal dysfunction patients in 2011. ...

"My Brother wasn't Warned about MRI Health Risks"  -  ‎Nov 15, 2009‎
Lawyers and SettlementsScreen all patients for renal dysfunction by obtaining a history and/or laboratory tests. • When administering a GBCA, do not exceed the dose recommended in ...

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Treatment for Postoperative Pericardial ...  -  ‎Nov 16, 2009‎
CardiosourceIn addition, renal dysfunction, myocardial infarction, and gastrointestinal bleeding associated with NSAIDs may lead to potential harm. ...

FDA Approves Exenatide for First-Line Use; Warns of Renal Failure Risk  -  ‎Nov 3, 2009‎
Medscape...advises caution during initiation of therapy and dose increases in patients with moderate renal dysfunction (creatinine clearance, 30 – 50 mL/minute). ...

Fifty Years of Thiazide Diuretic Therapy for Hypertension  -  ‎Nov 9, 2009‎
Archives of Internal Medicine...the thiazide type is the one that is most frequently used in the treatment of hypertension except in the presence of renal dysfunction. ...

H1N1 vaccine clinic will be held Thursday in Sallisaw  -  ‎Nov 2, 2009‎
Sequoyah County Times...•Persons 19 to 64 years old with chronic medical conditions such as chronic pulmonary disease, renal dysfunction, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, ...

GileadAnnouncesLong-TermDatafromTwo PivotalPhaseIIIStudiesEvaluatingViread ...  -  ‎Oct 31, 2009‎
ReutersIn patients at risk of or having underlying renal dysfunction, chronic administration of Hepsera may result in nephrotoxicity. These patients should be ...

Cytokinetics, Incorporated Reports Third Quarter 2009 Financial Results  -  ‎Oct 31, 2009‎ (press release)In addition, the companies are planning to conduct another pharmacokinetic trial to evaluate omecamtiv mecarbil in patients with renal dysfunction, ...

Iloprost zapobiega wystąpieniu nefropatii pokontrastowej u chorych z ...  -  ‎Nov 12, 2009‎
Polskie Towarzystwo KardiologiczneIloprost prevents contrast-induced nephropathy in patients with renal dysfunction undergoing coronary angiography or intervention. ...

ACE-Inhibitor May Contribute to Poor CABG Outcome  -  ‎Aug 13, 2009‎
MedPage TodayHe said the findings -- especially those on renal dysfunction and inotropic support -- suggest that patients who are using ACE-inhibitors before surgery may

Uric acid is a strong independent predictor of renal dysfunction ...  -  ‎Jul 24, 2009‎
7thSpace Interactive (press release)In this study we investigated whether UA associates with renal dysfunction in patients with RA and whether such an association is independent or mediated

CHARM pegs albumin excretion as prognostic marker in heart failure  -  ‎Aug 13, 2009‎
TheHeart.OrgThe risk increases were independent of major CV risk factors and comorbidities such as diabetes or hyperglycemia, renal dysfunction, and hypertension.

MDRD Formula May Be Inferior  -  ‎Jul 20, 2009‎
Renal and Urology NewsUse of the Modification of Diet in Renal Disease (MDRD) study formula may overestimate the number of patients with renal dysfunction, according to

Nile Therapeutics, Inc. Announces Dosing of First Patient in Phase ...  -  ‎Aug 4, 2009‎
PR Newswire (press release)...and is of particular clinical importance for the approximately two-thirds of heart failure patients with pre-existing renal dysfunction.

Results from a Phase 2 Study of ABRAXANE ® In Combination With ...  -  ‎Aug 3, 2009‎
Business Wire (press release)The use of ABRAXANE has not been studied in patients with hepatic or renal dysfunction. In the randomized controlled trial, patients were excluded for

Regular visits to vet will improve pet's quality of life  -  ‎Jul 20, 2009‎
Daily Mail - CharlestonHe has a heart murmur and some renal dysfunction. I have not kept up with the recommended vaccination schedule because he has no exposure to disease,

VIDEO: Exercise May Ease Lymphedema Symptoms, ACE Inhibitors May ...  -  ‎Aug 13, 2009‎
Insidermedicine...researchers found that ACE inhibitor use nearly doubled the relative risk of death, and also increased the risk of postoperative renal dysfunction.

MRI Health Risks and NSF/NFD: Interview with Attorney Debra DeCarli  -  ‎Aug 13, 2009‎
Lawyers and SettlementsHowever, The FDA warning says everyone should be screened for renal dysfunction by history and/or a lab test before undergoing an MRI.

Editorial - Effect of warm ischemia time during laparoscopic ...  -  ‎Aug 4, 2009‎ in which all patients are carefully categorized as to risk of postsurgical renal dysfunction (ie diabetes, pre-existing renal dysfunction,

Pharmacological Approaches for Pediatric Patients With ...  -  ‎Aug 4, 2009‎
Ortho SuperSiteThis study suggests initial empiric vancomycin doses of 60 mg/kg per day, depending on age, in children without underlying renal dysfunction.

Perioperative Transfusion May Not Affect Long-Term Survival Study ...  -  ‎Jul 27, 2009‎
Modern Medicine...reduced left ventricular function, use of a mammary graft, renal dysfunction, chronic pulmonary disease and preoperative anemia.

Continued warfarin seems okay for high-thrombotic-risk device ...  -  ‎Jul 24, 2009‎
TheHeart.Org...dalteparin for reasons that included concomitant clopidogrel therapy, renal dysfunction, known coagulopathy, or planned submuscular device insertion.

Lab Test Predicts Acute Kidney Injury in ICU Patients  -  ‎Jul 23, 2009‎
Atlanta Journal ConstitutionAlmost every paper is positive for the association of NGAL and renal dysfunction/disease," he said. Dr. T. Alp Ikizler of Vanderbilt University in Nashville

BioInvent signs Licensing Agreement with Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma ...  -  ‎Aug 1, 2009‎ (press release) complications (renal dysfunction/dialysis) and stroke including the total range of disease phases such as acute phase, convalescence and maintenance.

New lab test helps predict kidney damage  -  ‎Jul 27, 2009‎
innovations reportAlmost every paper is positive for the association of NGAL and renal dysfunction/disease." In the ICU study, patients with higher urine NGAL levels were

Gadolinium Contrast Dye Risks Can be Reduced Through Screening  -  06 Feb 2009,...found that the implementation of policies regarding the use of gadolinium contrast dyes in patients with severe renal dysfunction resulted in reducing

Renal Failure, Contrast Agent Linked to Systemic Fibrosis ...  -  Feb 4, 2009
Modern Medicine,..."In January 2007, our institution implemented policies regarding the use of GBCA in patients with severe renal dysfunction, with the aim being to reduce the

Clinical Trial: yes  -  Jan 13, 2009
Cardiosource,There was no difference in minor bleeding or ischemic events in patients with renal dysfunction who were treated with enoxaparin or UFH.

BNP-Guided Therapy for Heart Failure  -  Jan 27, 2009
Journal of American Medical Association (subscription),7 Brain natriuretic peptide is cleared by the kidney, so BNP levels also may be elevated in patients with renal dysfunction. The ability to measure BNP as a

Abraxis BioScience Launches ABRAXANE in Germany  -  Feb 3, 2009
Stockhouse,...alopecia, hepatic dysfunction, mucositis and renal dysfunction. Neutropenia was lower with ABRAXANE compared to solvent-based paclitaxel.

JAMA letters probe bicarbonate and contrast-induced nephropathy study  -  Jan 27, 2009
TheHeart.Org,...does not prevent contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN) in patients with moderate to severe renal dysfunction undergoing coronary angiography [1].

Is preoperative serum creatinine a reliable indicator of outcome ...  -  Jan 30, 2009
The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgeryPreoperative renal dysfunction is a significant risk factor that influences the outcome of cardiac surgery. 1,2 With the rapid rise in the aged population,

Spironolactone alleviates late cardiac remodeling after left ...  -  Jan 21, 2009
The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery2 This was attributed to lack of clinical and laboratory monitoring, increased doses in patients with diabetes mellitus, renal dysfunction, left ventricular

Impact of preoperative clopidogrel in off pump coronary artery ...  -  Jan 30, 2009
The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery...need for intra-aortic balloon pump use, and development of arrhythmias and stroke with no impact on myocardial infarction rate and renal dysfunction).

Υψηλή πίεση έχει το 4% των μαθητών γυμνασίου και λυκείου  -  Jan 15, 2009
Ιατ?οnet,Επισημαίνεται ότι το 1ο Διεθνές Συμπόσιο ‘?εφ?ική Δυσλειτου?γία και Κα?διαγγειακές Παθήσεις-Renal Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Disease’ στο οποίο θα

Induction therapies for proliferative lupus nephritis  -  Dec 9, 2008
The Virtual Medical Centre,Additional complexities occur in the management of LN in patients with severe renal dysfunction. Studies with MMF typically excluded these types of patients

How are babies, infants and young children exposed to mercury ...  -  Dec 26, 2008, may just be a problem with the kidneys, issues with the ability to urinate, or they're feeling out of whack because of renal dysfunction.

Lowering Homocysteine With B Vitamins in Patients With Coronary ...  -  Dec 23, 2008
Journal of American Medical Association (subscription),...when the analysis was confined to patients with hyperhomocysteinemia and adequate vitamin B 12 supplementation and without renal dysfunction,

Controversies in Lupus Nephritis  -  Dec 16, 2008
MedscapeJust as important, the biopsy can tell you that maybe you should back off of therapy if you have somebody who has renal dysfunction, and they're not that

FDA Approvals: Apriso, Promacta, Treanda  -  Dec 4, 2008
MedscapeCaution is advised when treating patients with known renal dysfunction or a history of renal disease. The FDA also warns that mesalamine has been linked to

Experts assess strategies, innovations and outcomes in liver ...  -  Dec 7, 2008
China Post,Among these concerns, he singled out graft failure from recurrent disease, renal dysfunction, calcineurin inhibitor toxicity, late infections,

NPS RADARhelps Prescribers Navigate Decision-making  -  Dec 8, 2008
Medical News Today (press release),..."Like other bisphosphonates, zoledronic acid has been associated with serious, often delayed, adverse effects, including renal dysfunction,

Trasylol class action commenced in Canada  -  Dec 4, 2008
CNW Telbec (Communiqué de presse),Use of Trasylol during surgery has been linked to an increased risk of developing cardiovascular or cerebrovascular adverse events, renal dysfunction,

Data Demonstrating Significant Efficacy of Viread® in Treating ...  -  Dec 4, 2008,In patients at risk of or having underlying renal dysfunction, chronic administration of Hepsera may result in nephrotoxicity. These patients should be

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