Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

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News: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

A guide for women's health  -  23 Nov 2009
Jamaica ObserverIf you experience pelvic pain during sexual intercourse, it could indicate a number of disorders such as pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts, ...

Teen Girls' Chlamydia Drives STD Rate Up  -  ‎Nov 16, 2009‎
WebMDBecause chlamydia infections usually don't cause symptoms until they result in pelvic inflammatory disease, many cases remain undetected and hence ...

Focus on teenage pregnancy distracts from dangerous STIs  -  ‎Nov 19, 2009‎
The GrioThe CDC estimates that 10 to 20 percent of chlamydia or gonorrhea cases among women can result in pelvic inflammatory disease,, an infection of the uterus, ...

Alberta guidelines change around Pap tests  -  ‎Nov 20, 2009‎
The Weekly AlbertanIf left untreated, Chlamydia can cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) which can lead to infertility. If you're pregnant, it can lead to miscarriage or ...

MIDLER v. CRANE  -  ‎Nov 20, 2009‎
Leagle, Inc.The doctor diagnosed her with pelvic inflammatory disease without doing a pelvic examination. Six days later the plaintiff was admitted to a hospital, ...

STD Programs Facing Severe Cutbacks, Affecting Public Health Infrastructure  -  ‎Nov 16, 2009‎
PR Newswire (press release)The consequences of untreated STDs include infertility, pregnancy complications, cervical cancer, pelvic inflammatory disease, birth defects and an ...

NHS missed target on chlamydia screening, says watchdog  -  ‎Nov 11, 2009‎ men and women in their areas for the disease, which if left untreated can lead to infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease and ectopic pregnancy. ...

Contraceptives: safe and effective  -  ‎Nov 19, 2009‎
Express BuzzSTDs are a significant problem in our country and can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility and chronic morbidity. They are the ONLY method by ...

STDs and infertility  -  ‎Nov 7, 2009‎
Examiner.comDelayed treatment can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Symptoms of PID include lower abdominal and pelvic pain, pain during urination and sex, ...

Health Matters : What is Salpingitis ?  -  ‎Nov 18, 2009‎ (Pressemitteilung)Pelvic inflammatory disease occurs more commonly in sexually active adolescent women. It is also more common in women with multiple sexual partners. ...

Kid Tips: Teen girls have greater burden than boys  -  ‎Nov 11, 2009‎
San Jose Mercury NewsChlamydia is a sexually transmitted bacterial disease and, if left untreated, it can develop into pelvic inflammatory disease. Each year, up to 1 million ...

Number of UK children with sex diseases soars  -  ‎Nov 16, 2009‎
StarPhoenix...screening program in England in 2007 were found to have the infection, which can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy and infertility. ...

The New York Times Embraces 'Douche' as the Television Dirty Word of the Moment  -  ‎Nov 16, 2009‎
AlterNet...of Health and Human Services strongly discourages douching, warning that it can lead to irritation, bacterial vaginosis and pelvic inflammatory disease. ...

Students get 'the talk'  -  ‎Nov 18, 2009‎
uco360.comChlamydia, if spread to a female and ignored, can cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which can result in infertility. “Pregnancy's not the worst thing ...

DIY sex disease tests by post in the north-east  -  ‎Nov 3, 2009‎
Aberdeen Press and JournalIn women it can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, and ectopic pregnancies. The free postal kits, including clear instructions, are available ...

Chlamydia cases on the rise  -  ‎Oct 27, 2009‎
Independent and Free PressChlamydia is the leading cause of pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic pelvic pain, ectopic pregnancy and preventable infertility in women. ...

Doing it in the duke city  -  ‎Nov 12, 2009‎
UNM Daily Lobo...and 50 percent of men with chlamydia show no symptoms, but if left untreated chlamydia may cause pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility in women. ...

Sexually Transmitted Diseases  -  ‎Oct 29, 2009‎
Lakeland Mirror (subscription)Some of the most common STDs include chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, and human papillomavirus (HPV). ...

Itching in the scrotum  -  ‎Nov 4, 2009‎
Daily the wombs (fibroids) may be the cause and if painful, it is usually due to infections in the womb and fallopian tubes (pelvic inflammatory disease). ...

Issue of the week: Period pain and how to combat it  -  ‎Nov 7, 2009‎ and gonorrhoea - both can cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which would explain the previous symptoms, as well as bleeding after ...

Brand Name: Lukol  -  ‎Nov 11, 2009‎
Pattaya Daily NewsIt is also used in the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease. Follow the directions for using this medicine provided by your doctor. ...

Mary Wakefield: Sex education classes are the last thing young children need  -  ‎Nov 6, 2009‎ this order: genital herpes, gonorrhoea, pubic lice, hepatitis, trichomoniasis, genital warts, scabies, pelvic inflammatory disease and crabs. ...

India is promising destination for laparoscopic ectopic pregnancy  -  ‎Oct 29, 2009‎ (Pressemitteilung)Avoiding risk factors for pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) such as having many sexual partners, having sex without a condom, and getting sexually ...

10 Birth Control Practices We're Really Glad Don't Exist Anymore  -  ‎Oct 30, 2009‎
The FriskyEven though they look fancy, the Dalkon Shield, a kind of IUD, caused pelvic inflammatory disease in many women proving once and for all that the cervix ...

Laws Must Be Linked To Cultural Practices - FIDA  -  ‎Nov 7, 2009‎
Ghana...a higher risk of contracting reproductive illnesses including vaginal yeast infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, and cervical cancer among others. ...

Teen Girls Diagnosed With STI More Likely To Seek Treatment For Partners After ...  -  ‎Nov 5, 2009‎
RedOrbitA study at Johns Hopkins Children's Center found that girls diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) who watched a short educational video were ...

University Of Maryland, Baltimore Heads $12.2 Million Study Of Chlamydia  -  ‎Oct 29, 2009‎
Medical News Today (press release)...but as many as 40 percent of women with untreated chlamydia develop pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), and one in five women with PID becomes infertile. ...

UPI NewsTrack Health and Science News  -  ‎Nov 16, 2009‎ (press release)Left untreated, it is estimated that 10 percent to 20 percent of chlamydia or gonorrhea infections in women can result in pelvic inflammatory disease, ...

Shopping vouchers offered for STI test  -  ‎Nov 3, 2009‎
Great Yarmouth MercuryIt can lead to a condition known as pelvic inflammatory disease which can cause infertility in women. Ms Chaplin added: “Chlamydia can be caught not just ...

Lords debate Health: Cerebral Palsy  -  ‎Nov 5, 2009‎
DeHavilland (press release) (subscription)Causes of cerebral palsy during pregnancy can include infections caught by the mother such as German measles or pelvic inflammatory disease, by abnormally ...

The Nutrition - Fertility Connection  -  15 Aug 2009
Examiner.comCopper imbalance also increases the risk of infections such as pelvic inflammatory disease, another cause of infertility. Fears can raise copper levels.

Incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease in a large cohort of ...  -  ‎Aug 14, 2009‎
7thSpace Interactive (press release)We linked C. trachomatis laboratory data to data on hospitalizations for pelvic inflammatory disease during 1990-2005. Cox regression analysis with

Funds Awarded to Prevent  -  ‎Aug 4, 2009‎
FOX 9 News...such as pelvic inflammatory disease, that can lead to infertility, ectopic pregnancy and chronic pelvic pain," stated director of the STD and HIV

The ABCs of STDs  -  ‎Aug 12, 2009‎
Washington PostLeft untreated, these two curable diseases could lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, urinary tract infections or infertility.

Chlamydia is common sexual disease  -  ‎Aug 6, 2009‎
SunJournal.comIt also can infect the pelvic organs to produce pelvic inflammatory disease, a painful condition often requiring hospitalization. Neither should happen to

More kids are turning to virtual sex ed to learn about the birds ...  -  ‎Aug 10, 2009‎
WCBD...“Chlamydia is important because it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, long term pelvic pain,“ Powell said. Dr. Gilliam also worries that

Syphilis Comeback Could Wipe Out Control Gains, Make Gonorrhea ...  -  ‎Jul 24, 2009‎
Infection Control TodayM. Genitalium has the potential to become a public health target as recent work has now linked it to pelvic inflammatory disease in women along with being a

I'm sore during sex with new boyfriend  -  ‎Aug 8, 2009‎ the pain is deeper, it may be chlamydia or gonorrhoea, which can both cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Get a check up at your local

Sexually transmitted disease rates soar: CDC  -  ‎Jul 29, 2009‎
Vancouver SunUntreated, chlamydia and gonorrhea -- both bacterial infections -- can cause pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility in women.

Chlamydia Screening Among Sexually Active Young Female Enrollees ...  -  ‎Aug 11, 2009‎
Journal of American Medical Association (subscription)2 Untreated chlamydia can progress to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), infertility, ectopic pregnancy, and chronic pelvic pain. In 1989, the US Preventive

An Owner's Manual to Your Body  -  ‎Aug 10, 2009‎
The Faster TimesChlamydia and gonorrhea are relatively common STDs that lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancies, and infertility.

One in ten youngsters 'have sex disease'  -  ‎Aug 10, 2009‎
South Devon Herald Express...they have it because it tends to have no symptoms and can often go undiagnosed, causing infertility, ectopic pregnancy or pelvic inflammatory disease.

New Chlamydia Test Accurate for Men  -  ‎Jul 30, 2009‎
MedPage TodayExplain to interested patients that chlamydia infection may cause suboptimal fertility in men and pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic pelvic pain,

Schools may be STD test sites  -  ‎Aug 12, 2009‎
Muskegon Chronicle - MLive.comThe testing is part of a nationwide effort to stop the spread of chlamydia and gonnorhea, which can cause pelvic inflammatory disease in women and result in

Contraception 101: What to expect when having an IUD implanted  -  ‎Aug 4, 2009‎
Examiner.comBecause risk of pelvic inflammatory disease is higher with an IUD in place it is a good idea to be tested for Chlamydia and gonorrhea, and some physicians

What you don't know can hurt you  -  ‎Jul 30, 2009‎
Ventura County Reporter...the chlamydia infection can spread, often resulting in PID, or pelvic inflammatory disease, which can damage a woman's reproductive organs.

Number of UK children with sex diseases soars  -  ‎Jul 29, 2009‎
Vancouver Sun...screening program in England in 2007 were found to have the infection, which can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy and infertility.

FDA Safety Changes: Rocephin, Amaryl, Prandin  -  ‎Jul 29, 2009‎
Medscape...uncomplicated gonorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, bacterial septicemia, bone and joint infections, intra-abdominal infections, and meningitis.

Chlamydia Screening Among Sexually Active Young Female Enrollees ...  -  ‎Jul 29, 2009‎
Medscape...[2] Untreated chlamydia can progress to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), infertility, ectopic pregnancy, and chronic pelvic pain.

Perpetuating the myth of the 'safer' cigarette  -  ‎Jul 30, 2009‎
Globe and MailThe bacterium can ascend up a woman's genital tract and invade the reproductive organs, possibly leading to pelvic inflammatory disease, entopic pregnancy

The Best Birth ControlWhy more young women should start using IUDs.  -  ‎Jul 29, 2009‎
SlateA study at the time linked the shield and other IUDs to pelvic inflammatory disease, and lawsuits were promptly filed. With the possibility of litigation of

Gonorrhea 'superbug' comes to Canada  -  ‎Jul 29, 2009‎
Vancouver SunIn women, untreated gonorrhea can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease and scarring of the fallopian tubes, causing infertility.

10 symptoms you should never ignore  -  ‎Aug 5, 2009‎
goodtoknow...sign you shouldn't ignore as is bleeding in between periods of from your vagina after sex - this could be something like pelvic inflammatory disease.

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