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Getting cancer, being cool don't go hand-in-hand  -  ‎Nov 9, 2009‎
Great Falls TribuneOral tobacco use has gone up significantly. Chew is easily hidden from parents, friends and teachers. Yes, I said teachers. Numerous students use tobacco ...

Down to the last cigarette - and beyond  -  ‎Nov 10, 2009‎
Globe and MailMany countries in the European Union as well as Australia and New Zealand, ban oral tobacco, Prof. Sweanor said. The pouch could give Reynolds a way around ...

House of Lords  -  ‎Nov 2, 2009‎
BBC NewsHealth spokesman Baroness Thornton has said the government intends to move "as quickly as we can" to put into effect a proposed new law to ban cigarette ...

Unfinished Business in Tobacco Control  -  ‎Aug 11, 2009‎
Journal of American Medical Association (subscription)Replacing smoking with oral tobacco products has been proposed as a method of reducing health risks among cigarette smokers. Snus, a moist snuff that is low

Quick Search by Organization  -  ‎Aug 13, 2009‎
Canada NewsWire (press release)However, the CCS believes that it would be beneficial to extend the flavour ban to oral tobacco products (chewing tobacco, snuff) and that menthol should be

Trading standards warning on chewing tobacco  -  Jan 21, 2009
The Asian News,ROCHDALE trading standards will be visiting local traders and community organisations to talk about the risks of selling oral tobacco. Chewing oral tobacco

Tobacco industry still luring youth: official  -  Jan 23, 2009
Ottawa Citizen,...and promoting new products, such as candy-flavoured cigarillos and “snus,? a form of oral tobacco in pouches placed between the upper lip and the gum.

Smile for the dentist  -  Jul 22, 2008
Sauk Valley Newspapers,Skipping dentist cleanings can lead to gum disease, as well as several other factors: n Smoking: Cigarettes, pipes and oral tobacco slows the delivery of

Snuff seems safer than smoking  -  Jul 2, 2008
The South African Star,Paris - Oral and nasal snuff and chewing tobacco increase the risk of some cancers, but are probably safer than smoking, says a review in the journal Lancet

Factors in gum disease  -  Jul 18, 2008
Cherry Hill Courier Post,Several other factors also can contribute to the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth: - Smoking: Smoking cigarettes or pipes or using oral tobacco slows

Researchers ID Behavioral Risk Factors For Head And Neck Cancers  -  Mar 11, 2008
Science Daily (press release)ScienceDaily (Mar. 11, 2008) — Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center have teased out two distinct sets of risk factors for head and neck

EU Panel Says Oral Tobacco Is Addictive, Hazardous (Update2)  -  Feb 19, 2008
BloombergResearch indicates some kinds of oral tobacco are associated with a ``high'' risk for mouth cancer, though it hasn't been proven for snus, the panel added.

Smokeless tobacco products are addictive and hazardous to health  -  Feb 19, 2008
cybermed.it,Moreover, trends in prevalence of smoking and use of oral tobacco are not predictable, as no extrapolation can be derived on the use of oral tobacco in

Is Physician Neglect Costing Smoking Patients Life?  -  Feb 13, 2008
WhyQuit (press release),In a number of prisons attendance was mandatory for those with a recent history of purchasing cigarettes or oral tobacco. It was impossible to ignore their

News Briefs  -  Feb 12, 2008
The Western Gazette,Snus is a new European oral tobacco product currently being tested out in Ottawa after an initial test run in Edmonton. Snus is similar to other smokeless

Imperial Tobacco Canada expands harm reduction program with start ...  -  Jan 24, 2008
Canada NewsWire (press release),This is a smokeless oral tobacco; it is not chewed and does not cause spitting. It is not chewing tobacco. The tobacco undergoes a special heat-treatment

Opening up: Innovative physical therapy helps keep cancer survivor  -  Feb 3, 2008
Knoxville News Sentinel,The type of cancer Cahal had most commonly affects men older than 60 who drink alcohol, smoke or use oral tobacco products ("dip").

another alarm report over moiste oral tobacco  -  Nov 14, 2007
SR International - Radio Sweden,...the medical and information battle continues here over snus - or moiste oral tobacco pushed up under the lip – a form of tobacco banned by the rest of the

if you think snus is a safe alternative to smoking, think again  -  Oct 31, 2007
Kansas City Star,...neal knows he isn’t the only student who has discovered camel’s newest product: snus, a non-chew, no-spit oral tobacco. four or five of his friends use snus

smokeless tobacco is a free choice  -  Nov 7, 2007
Greeley Tribune,...child abuse and sexual abuse -- all of which are considerably more detrimental to the youth of our society than oral tobacco use. the greeley stampede

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