Avascular Necrosis

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News: Avascular Necrosis

JENNI MURRAY: As I wasn't a deep sea diver or an alcoholic, there was only one ...  -  ‎Nov 7, 2009‎
Daily MailI described my symptoms to him, explained that I couldn't walk without crutches and heard, for the first time, the words 'avascular necrosis'. ...

Acetabular Cup Malalignment After Total Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty: A Case ...  -  ‎Nov 3, 2009‎
Ortho SuperSiteA 49-year-old woman with avascular necrosis of the left hip underwent resurfacing arthroplasty (Cormet 2000; Corin Surgical, Cirencester, United Kingdom). ...

Surgical Treatment of an Acetabular Fracture and Labral Tear With Suture ...  -  ‎Nov 3, 2009‎
Ortho SuperSiteThese complications include premature triradiate cartilage closure, avascular necrosis, traumatic arthritis, sciatic nerve palsy, heterotopic ossification ...

Joint surgery Sydney breakthrough  -  ‎Nov 1, 2009‎
Daily TelegraphThe 27-year-old developed avascular necrosis - or softening of the bones - after using steroids to treat his rheumatoid arthritis. ...

BAPTIST HEALTH Now Offers Unique Alternative to Total Hip Replacement  -  ‎Oct 28, 2009‎
PR-USA.net (press release)The Birmingham Hip implant is intended for patients suffering from hip pain symptoms due to osteoarthritis, dysplasia or avascular necrosis, ...

Arthrodiatasis for the Treatment of Perthes' Disease  -  ‎Nov 3, 2009‎
Ortho SuperSiteKucukkaya M, Kabukcuoglu Y, Ozturk I, Kuzgun U. Avascular necrosis of the femoral head in childhood: the results of treatment with articulated distraction ...

Benefit For Jesse Hernandez  -  ‎Jul 30, 2009‎
Mason County NewsThe right side has significant avascular necrosis and collapse and a very large synovial ganglion cyst associated with this very destroyed joint.

Easingwold teenager Rosie Topps wins 30-month battle aginst cancer  -  ‎Aug 8, 2009‎
The Press in York...her legs and has also been left with steroid-induced diabetes, bladder problems, clawed fingers and toes, and a bone disease called avascular necrosis.

Local man awaits rare shoulder transplant operation  -  ‎Aug 6, 2009‎
Press Publications Inc.Doctors now think that the high doses of steroids may be the cause of a bone disease called avascular necrosis, or AVN. Burtch, 26, has contracted AVN,

Landis not ready to ride into sunset  -  ‎Jul 20, 2009‎
CBSSports.comHis improbable ride that day was all the more remarkable because he was experiencing severe hip pain and avascular necrosis to the femur head (diminished

City scores high on ceramic implants  -  ‎Jul 26, 2009‎
Times of IndiaHe was diagnosed with avascular necrosis a rare condition created by cessation of blood supply to the femur, which eventually causes the joints to fail.

Disabled man praying for kidney transplant  -  ‎Aug 2, 2009‎
Cleveland Daily BannerIn addition to this, the medication prednisone, which causes weight gain, also contributed to Nick being diagnosed with avascular necrosis, a disease

Ode To a Legend: Thank You For All the Memories, Brett  -  ‎Jul 28, 2009‎
Bleacher ReportDuring his physical, he was diagnosed with a disease that should have been the end of it: avascular necrosis, which is the same disease that ended Bo

Arthroscopic debridement of the knee for osteoarthritis: Is it ...  -  ‎Aug 3, 2009‎
Ortho SuperSiteThe MRI is the best way to diagnose avascular necrosis. An intraoperative photograph of the knee depicted in the MRI shows the extensive articular cartilage

Nor-Cal Longhorns can make club history  -  ‎Jul 23, 2009‎
San Mateo Daily JournalAfter overcoming a bout with cancer earlier this year, Vagt, 56, was diagnosed with avascular necrosis in late June. He was hospitalized for 10 days and

Hip Resurfacing is Viable Alternative to Hip Replacement  -  ‎Aug 3, 2009‎
PR-USA.net (press release)...in its more severe form, can eventually cause crippling damage and painful arthritis of the joints) or avascular necrosis (a disease resulting from the

Doing a lateral retinacular release during TKR may predispose the ...  -  06 Feb 2009
Ortho SuperSite,Occasionally avascular necrosis is associated with patellar component loosening (indicated by arrow) following a lateral retinacular release,

International tips and pearls offered for performing a total hip ...  -  Feb 5, 2009
Ortho SuperSite,Mullaji: In India we don’t see much primary osteoarthritis, most of our patients have avascular necrosis or rheumatoid arthritis, and therefore I almost

The patella in TKA: The North American view  -  Feb 4, 2009
Ortho SuperSite,The arguments against resurfacing the patella include increased operative time, increased implant costs, and the concern that avascular necrosis is a

Hip replacement gives young mom her life back  -  Jan 27, 2009
Kankakee Daily Journal,She was diagnosed with avascular necrosis of the hips, caused by prolonged use of prednisone. Verghese said this is not uncommon; the disease causes bones

Tendring: Disabled worker launches new rental business  -  Feb 2, 2009
BrainTree and Witham Times,...he became more aware of a pain in his right hip and medics finally established in 2006 he had a condition called avascular necrosis.

Marcel’s hoping for hip hooray!  -  Jan 12, 2009
Sunday Mercury,Scans revealed bruising to the bone but also he discovered he had contracted a disease called avascular necrosis, a condition that causes the loss of blood

Silicone Synovitis Remains a Consequence of Older Arthritis Surgeries  -  Jan 25, 2009
About - News & Issues,Two of the patients had osteoarthritis, 1 had rheumatoid arthritis, 3 reportedly had trauma, and 1 was diagnosed with avascular necrosis.

Arthroscopic hip impingement surgery may lead to pain relief and ...  -  Jan 21, 2009
Ortho SuperSite,While Ilizaliturri’s literature review found no cases of avascular necrosis (AVN), Matsuda said the rate of AVN may be underreported in the literature.

Surface replacement 2009: Looking to the future  -  30 Dec 2008
Ortho SuperSite,...patients with metal sensitivity; patients with limb shortening greater than 2 cm; avascular necrosis involving more than 50% of the femoral head;

Avascular necrosis of humeral head in an elderly patient with ...  -  Dec 4, 2008
7thSpace Interactive (press release),IntroductionOsteonecrosis (avascular necrosis) is known to be caused by high-dose corticosteroid therapy, alcoholism and rarely by infections.

Novartis International AG (VTX:NOVN) Glivec Receives US Approval ...  -  Dec 28, 2008
ABN Newswire (press release),...eye, kidney and gastrointestinal tract), diverticulitis, gastrointestinal perforation, tumor hemorrhage/ necrosis, hip osteonecrosis/avascular necrosis.

Surface replacement 2008: Back to the future  -  Dec 8, 2008
Ortho SuperSite,Avascular necrosis from the surgical dislocation is uncommon and can be minimized by respecting the soft tissues of the proximal femur.

How heavy drinking can destroy your hip bones  -  Dec 15, 2008
Daily Mail,Avascular necrosis (AVN). Alcohol had eaten away my right hip. AVN is defined as the death of bone cells due to interruption of the blood supply.

Hugin-News: Novartis International AG (english)  -  Dec 19, 2008
N24 Börse,...eye, kidney and gastrointestinal tract), diverticulitis, gastrointestinal perforation, tumor hemorrhage/ necrosis, hip osteonecrosis/avascular necrosis.

Ankle replacement surgery lets Berkeley woman regain mobility  -  Dec 23, 2008
Asbury Park Press,Initially, she was treated for tendonitis, but a year later an MRI revealed that she had avascular necrosis of the talus bone, a form of arthritis,

More than 200 abstracts at ASH and SABCS reveal potential ...  -  Dec 3, 2008
Trading Markets (press release),...eye, kidney and gastrointestinal tract), diverticulitis, gastrointestinal perforation, tumor hemorrhage/ necrosis, hip osteonecrosis/avascular necrosis.

ASH: Hydroxyurea Improves Survival in Sickle Cell Disease  -  Dec 10, 2008
MedPage Today,There were no changes in the frequency of avascular necrosis or cerebrovascular episodes, Dr. Voskaridou said. Side effects of hydroxyurea were predictable,

Brisbane patient's experience of getting successful hip ...  -  Dec 4, 2008
PressReleasePoint (press release),Mac Warshaw a patient from Brisbane got cure from avascular necrosis with a successful hip replacement surgery at Chennai in India.

Long-term hydroxyurea reduced mortality, morbidity in adults with ...  -  Dec 19, 2008
HemOncToday,There was no difference in aspectic avascular necrosis or cerebrovascular episodes among patients treated or those not treated, according to the researchers

Living with lupus  -  Dec 9, 2008
AsiaOne,Some of the medications cause side-effects such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cataracts and avascular necrosis of bone. They can also cause early

Lessons are to be learned from success and failures of shoulder ...  -  Dec 8, 2008
Ortho SuperSite,...performed for the diagnoses of rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, fracture, post-traumatic arthrosis, avascular necrosis or capsulorraphy arthropathy.

Novartis International AG (VTX:NOVN) Tasigna® Demonstrates Rapid ...  -  Dec 11, 2008
ABN Newswire (press release),...eye, kidney and gastrointestinal tract), diverticulitis, gastrointestinal perforation, tumor hemorrhage/ necrosis, hip osteonecrosis/avascular necrosis.

Rochester Shoulder Surgeon Blends Innovative Techniques with ...  -  Dec 15, 2008
Earthtimes (press release),This procedure requires replacing the diseased humeral head surface for high-demand patients with early stage avascular necrosis or glenohumeral joint

PGIMER doctor awarded for stem cell research  -  Dec 6, 2008
Chandigarh Newsline,Dr Sen has received the award for his scientific contribution in Stem cell Research in the disease of Avascular necrosis (AVN) of hip joints.

Oxinium knee implant promises longevity for young patients with ...  -  Dec 16, 2008
PR-Inside.com (Pressemitteilung),Even in India, there are many patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, post traumatic arthritis, Gout, avascular necrosis of the knee needing joint

Az alkohol súlyos csontbetegséget is okozhat!  -  Dec 16, 2008
Stop.hu,A betegség nem más, mint a Avascular necrosis (AVN), amelynek során a csontsejtek elhalnak a vérellátás zavarai miatt, ami azt jelenti, hogy a sok alkohol

Family guides Rohanna  -  23 Jul 2008
The Daily Collegian Online,Rohanna suffers from avascular necrosis in his elbows, a condition he said has developed from years of swinging a golf club. His back aches from all the

Comparison of Bony Healing and Cartilage Degeneration Following ...  -  Jul 22, 2008
Ortho SuperSite,Katz RL, Bourne RB, Rorabeck CH, McGee H. Total hip arthroplasty in patients with avascular necrosis of the hip: follow-up observations on cementless and

Direct Intraosseous Pressure Monitoring of the Femoral Head During ...  -  Jul 22, 2008
Ortho SuperSite,By Lee E. Rubin, MD; Nicholas J. Galante Preventing avascular necrosis following surgical management of pediatric slipped capital femoral epipysis is a

Surgery offers new hip replacement technique  -  Jul 21, 2008
Bloomington Pantagraph,Hoeper had developed avascular necrosis of his right femur head. Avascular necrosis is a disease resulting from the loss of blood supply to the bones.

Trochanteric Excision Following Persistent Nonunion of the Greater ...  -  Jul 22, 2008
Ortho SuperSite,Figure 1: Pre- and post-operative AP radiographs of 30-year-old woman with developmental dysplasia of the hip and secondary avascular necrosis subsequent to

Jenni faces a battle to walk again  -  Jul 22, 2008
Daily Mail,...learn that it was caused by a rare medical condition called avascular necrosis, which was a reaction to the steroids I was given after the chemotherapy.

Knee, hip surgery can’t keep Walker away from Classic  -  Jun 23, 2008
Cullman Times Online,Seated at a table in the upstairs dining room of the Terri Pines clubhouse, Walker showed few ill effects of avascular necrosis, the disease that’s forcing

Actress performs proud relay  -  Jul 10, 2008
China Daily,She has fallen three times while filming such scenes and has since suffered from avascular necrosis - a disease restricting blood flow to the bones that

Living with an incurable illness  -  Jun 25, 2008
Taunton Call,Mitchell walks with difficulty because he suffers from avascular necrosis of the hips, a common side effect of sickle cell. The hip joints become brittle

HEALTH: HIV, AIDS patients find exercise helps their health  -  Jun 24, 2008
Lancaster Newspapers,All this, despite losing vision in his right eye as a result of AIDS-related CMV retinitis in 1994, and in 2005, suffering from avascular necrosis — bone

Transient Osteoporosis of the Knee  -  21 May 2008
Ortho SuperSite,17 Parker et al 11 proposed that transient osteoporosis may simulate early reversible avascular necrosis. The etiology of this condition remains obscure.

Risk Factors in Total Joint Arthroplasty: Comparison of Infection ...  -  21 May 2008
Ortho SuperSite,The diagnoses in patients with infection were posttraumatic in 2 patients and avascular necrosis in 3 patients, with infection rates of 15.4% and 6.4%,

Decreased Proliferation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in ...  -  21 May 2008
Ortho SuperSite,Non-traumatic avascular necrosis of the femoral head. J Bone Joint Surg Am . 1995; 77(3):473-474. Weinstein RS, Nicholas RW, Manolagas SC.

Subtrochanteric Derotation Osteotomy Using a Bent Dynamic ...  -  21 May 2008
Ortho SuperSite,They recommend an intermediate hip screw because a significant risk of avascular necrosis exists with the use of a fixed angle blade plate.

Mom battling disease strives to maintain routine  -  May 6, 2008
Daily Mail - Charleston,Steroids used to treat the condition triggered another condition called Avascular Necrosis, a disease resulting from lack of blood flow to the bones.

North senior wants to make a difference  -  May 14, 2008
Edmond Sun,She felt lethargic and as a result of all of the medications, she developed avascular necrosis of the hip. “I will need to have a hip replacement some day

Legg-Calve-Perthes disease: Rare malady of the hip requires long ...  -  May 5, 2008
Frederick News Post (subscription),Like many people, Theresa and her husband, Harold, had never heard of Perthes, which is also known as ischemic or avascular necrosis of the hip,

Younger people getting joint replacements to restore active lifetsyles  -  May 5, 2008
Dallas Morning News,An old hip injury from his college wrestling days probably caused avascular necrosis, a condition following the loss of blood supply that resulted in his

Smart Instrument For Tissue Damage Assessment Developed  -  May 2, 2008
Science Daily (press release)...on surgical experience and guide them in the process of managing conditions such as osteoarthritis, avascular necrosis and osteochondritis dessicans.

Winning battles against cancer  -  May 13, 2008
Quad City Times,Doctors hope her body will rebuild growth to her bones to overcome extensive avascular necrosis, which is death of bone tissue, in her left leg.

Hip, hip, hoorah for hospital  -  May 7, 2008
Calcutta Telegraph,The post-surgery pain is also lesser,? said Shrivastava, who was suffering from avascular necrosis in both sides of the hip. He had a resurfacing surgery

Smarthroscope for smart doctors to assess tissue damage  -  May 3, 2008
HealthJockey.com,...experience and guide them in the process of managing conditions such as osteoarthritis, avascular necrosis and osteochondritis dessicans,? said Oloyede.

Jackson man promotes organ donation as a transplant athlete  -  Apr 29, 2008
Jackson Hole Star-Tribune,By fall however, he had developed Avascular Necrosis, which occurs when steroids hamper the blood supply to critical joints. His hips and knees were ruined,

A Proximally Coated Beaded Stem Minimum 5-Year Follow-up  -  Apr 24, 2008
Ortho SuperSite,Preoperative diagnoses included osteoarthritis (77%), avascular necrosis (11%), rheumatoid arthritis (2%), traumatic arthritis (3%), congenital hip

Gloucester Citizen,Mr Bowman listed Mr Webb's illnesses as severe Crohn's Disease - an inflammatory condition of the bowel - avascular necrosis of the right femur leading to

Gary Sheffield: Return to DL or Retire?  -  Apr 27, 2008
MLB Rumors,Other effects are avascular necrosis at the site of injection and distant joints, infection, postinjection flare, hypersensitivity reactions,

HIV and AIDS Patients Find Exercise Improves Their Health  -  May 13, 2008
RedOrbit,All this, despite losing vision in his right eye as a result of AIDS-related CMV retinitis in 1994 and, in 2005, suffering from avascular necrosis -- bone

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