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CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Cram: Promotion of Function and Health of ...  -  ‎Nov 17, 2009‎
informITFor residents who are high risk for falls while bathing in the tub or shower, use an assistive device to help secure them in the shower chair or tub. ...

Sign Language Classes for Beginners  -  ‎Nov 12, 2009‎ with activities of daily living, video phones for public use, leadership training activities for adults, assistive device consultation, ...

Airsonett signs agreement with Russian partner  -  ‎Nov 3, 2009‎
MyNewsdesk (pressmeddelande)The agreement covers Airsonett's product Protexo® which is a non-pharmaceutical assistive device for the treatment of moderate to severe perennial allergic ...

Rasenack v. AIG Life Insurance Company  -  ‎Nov 3, 2009‎
Leagle, Inc.He is still using an assistive device. He is starting to navigate stairs. He is gaining range of motion and strength of the left side. ...

Kids have right to excel, not get by  -  ‎Jul 24, 2009‎
Chicago Daily HeraldTo people who truly believe a child's welfare is more valuable than money, an assistive device is worth its price. The reason the school district denied Ms.

Vision based interface system for hands free control of an ...  -  ‎Aug 6, 2009‎
7thSpace Interactive (press release)Traditionally, the wheelchair, including powered and manual ones, is the most popular and important rehabilitation assistive device for the disabled and the

Protrusio of a Ceramic Femoral Head Through the Acetabular ...  -  06 Feb 2009
Ortho SuperSite,He does not require any ambulating assistive device; he is pain free with near normal range of movement of his left hip. Figure 3: AP (A) and lateral (B)

Heart device could be alternative to transplant  -  Jan 15, 2009,As part of a clinical trial, doctors implanted the Heartmate Two -- a ventricular assistive device. It combines an internal pump with an external computer,

Fall prevention clinic coming to Hope  -  Feb 4, 2009
Hope Standard,Risk factors for falls include muscle weakness, a history of falls, use of four or more prescription medications, use of an assistive device, arthritis,

$4.75 Million Grant to UB Will Help Improve Alternative ...  -  Jan 29, 2009
UB News Center,...headed by Jeff Higginbotham, Ph.D., professor of communicative disorders and sciences and director of the Communication and Assistive Device Laboratory.

Fortuna foundation awards funds for ramp  -  Jan 22, 2009
Humboldt Beacon, and outreach and other programs including the Computers for People with Disabilities Program and the Assistive Device Loan Program.

Still time to enter national wheelchair race  -  Jan 29, 2009
CXpress,Anyone with a physical disability but able to use a mobility assistive device like a wheelchair, racing chair, hand-cycle, basketball chair or buggy,

Victhom Announces Launch of Enhanced Company Website  -  Jan 12, 2009 (press release),This section provides medical and technical information on the Company's proprietary implantable assistive device known as Neurostep(R), which is currently

Top support for annual wheelchair challenge  -  Jan 15, 2009
CXpress,The event is open to anyone with physically disability who is able to use a mobility assistive device like a wheelchair, racing chair, hand cycle,

Research and Markets: Body Mechanics, Transfers, & Mobility ...  -  Jan 20, 2009
Earthtimes (press release),Techniques for Gait and Assistive device use for residents and staff. The entire manual and all forms are provided in hard copy and CD-ROM for easy

Letter: Keep corners cleared  -  Dec 27, 2008
Herald Times Reporter,This is a barrier for those people who either use a wheelchair or any other assistive device for mobility. Imagine driving down the street and someone has

Fitness profile: Susan Ebling  -  Dec 19, 2008
Reading Eagle,For 2009, I wanted to walk without an assistive device, which I believe happened in early November 2008. For 2009, I want to go for a jog, even if it's on a

Students create device to give disabled helping hand  -  Jul 5, 2008
Santa Maria Times,To complete her task, Ramos - who suffers from poor muscle tone as a result of Down syndrome - used an assistive device designed by two Cal Poly,

Stone-Hayes to host ADA open house  -  Jul 14, 2008
Galesburg Register-Mail,...celebrates the 18th anniversary of the signing of the ADA with refreshments, assistive device demonstrations and the kick-off of the I’D VOTE Campaign.

Your letters: Disabled-person parking  -  Jul 11, 2008
Ventura County Star,I do not use a wheelchair or assistive device, but I do have a permit to park in handicap spots. I feel guilty when I take one of these, but if I cannot

WHTF: Home Safety, It's Everyone's  -  Jul 2, 2008
Gant Daily,A referral to a Physical or Occupational Therapy Department may be considered to assess for possible assistive device needs, home modification

Exercise program set  -  Jul 4, 2008
Caldwell Progress,Participants may perform the exercises seated or use an assistive device during the class, such as a cane. The program is free. A physician’s release is

Device allows people to put controls on the tips of their tongues  -  Jul 1, 2008
SmartBrief,A tiny magnet may soon help people with severe physical disabilities operate computers or drive their wheelchairs with their tongues, say researchers at the

Exercise program set for July 22  -  Jul 18, 2008
Caldwell Progress,Participants may perform the exercises seated or use an assistive device during the class, such as a cane. For more information about arthritis programs and

No-Spill Tray For Use With Rolling Walkers Wins CU Business Plan ...  -  May 7, 2008
CU Boulder News & Events,..."I have seen firsthand the positive impact that a well-designed assistive device can have on the quality of life of a person who is disabled,

Adaptive Field Day set for Saturday  -  May 8, 2008
Shreveport Times,Scheduled events include the 50-, 100- and 200-meter dash and the softball throw for boys and girls who have a wheelchair, assistive device or no device.

Ruling boosts supplemental oxygen on planes  -  May 20, 2008
Scripps News,Under the new rules, airlines must permit passengers to bring and use their own respiratory assistive device in the cabin as long as it has been tested and

Headsets getting some cachet  -  May 11, 2008
Boston Globe, the Myvu Crystal are slim and colorful enough that they might be taken for a pair of over-the-top Gaultier frames instead of an assistive device.

May is National Stroke Awareness Month  -  May 14, 2008
Peninsula Gateway,...“Sometimes a patient can be rehabilitated to the point where they can ambulate with the help of an assistive device. What type of rehabilitation they

Fender bender costs license  -  May 8, 2008
Union Democrat,They will also discuss if an assistive device is needed. It's a better alternative to taking a license away permanently, White said.

GARDINER Infant gains new heart 10-month-old doing well after ...  -  Mar 22, 2008
Kennebec Journal,The child's grandmother, Teresa Hathaway of Gardiner, said Paitn's condition improved after the assistive device was implanted Feb. 23.

Boy on artificial heart at Loma Linda tops transplant list  -  Mar 20, 2008
Press-Enterprise,And he had to be taken off a short-term assistive device -- a heart-lung machine called ECMO -- because of bleeding. It's a common complication caused by

Event to aid Paitn Verrill  -  Mar 7, 2008
Kennebec Journal,Her grandmother, Teresa Hathaway, said Paitn's condition has improved since the assistive device -- which is largely outside the body -- was implanted on

Stroke Risks for Pregnant Mothers  -  Mar 19, 2008
KFYR-TV,..."They do different things in which she`s timed and then she does different things in which she doesn`t use an assistive device such as her cane," she says.

Real stars of 28th KRCC telethon are the children  -  Mar 12, 2008
Sikeston Standard Democrat,After just 7 months of therapy, Makayla is standing and walking by herself without the use of any assistive device. She is now able to play and keep up with

Mesh that wraps around the heart  -  Mar 6, 2008
Printed Electronics World (press release),...supporting the heart for a short period with an assistive device reduces the work-load on the heart and allows it to rest and recover.

US Airways to charge for second check-in bag  -  Feb 26, 2008
MarketWatchThe airline said it also wouldn't charge active military personnel in uniform, unaccompanied minors and those checking in assistive device.

Give disabled people a sporting chance  -  Mar 3, 2008
Times Online,...“A wheelchair, like a bicycle or a car, is [an] assistive device that enables someone to get around.? People with disabilities always need help.

Immediate Weight Bearing After Cementless Total Hip Arthroplasty  -  Feb 29, 2008
Ortho SuperSite,Patients were discharged with the assistive device most comfortable for them and were allowed to discontinue the aid according to their comfort.

Seeing the light  -  Mar 10, 2008,..."Our aging population and baby boomers are very technology- and assistive-device savvy so they’re always looking for a product that’s going to make their

FDA reviewing Botox  -  Mar 9, 2008
News 10 Now,...from a wheel chair and be able to ambulate with some assistive device so really substantial functionally improvement can be seen," said Dr. Silverman.

Blueroof system allows for unassisted living  -  Mar 1, 2008
Pittsburgh Post Gazette,The most visible assistive device is the lift suspended from a track in the ceiling. Once the occupant is safely in its harness, he or she could reach every

They are people first  -  Feb 25, 2008
Jackson Hole Star-Tribune,Cripple and quadriplegic are also old terms. Refer to a person instead as one who uses an assistive device or a person who has quadriplegia.

House Staff Member Awareness of Older Inpatients' Risks for ...  -  Feb 25, 2008
Archives of Internal Medicine...and use of hearing aids, glasses, or an ambulation assistive device when at home; and the name of their patients' primary care physicians.

New Device Could Put The Beat Back Into Weak Hearts, And Free ...  -  Feb 14, 2008
Science Daily (press release)Says David: "Recent research has found that with some heart diseases, supporting the heart for a short period with an assistive device reduces the work-load

SENCARE 2008 to Open Big Pic on  -  Jan 22, 2008
Ad-Hoc-News (Pressemitteilung),...the market of medical equipment, including the assistive device industry, offers incredible potential business opportunity, since it will expand rapidly

Tech finally at hand for India’s 60 mn disabled  -  Feb 18, 2008
Livemint,Kerala is using another of C-Dac’s tools for the visually impaired called Braille Mozhy (currently in Malayalam), an assistive device that is an integration

February 19 Snapshot: Hawaii and Wisconsin  -  Feb 17, 2008
VoteTrustUSA,2 jurisdictions use the Populex digital ballot marking system, and 26 use the Vote-PAD assistive device, which provides tactile and audio interface to allow

Stabilization of Pathologic Long Bone Fractures With the Fixion ...  -  Feb 15, 2008
Ortho SuperSite,They each use an assistive device for ambulation, however their pain is well controlled with non-narcotic medication. None of these patients have required

Hitting the Slopes  -  Feb 15, 2008,Good candidates would be amputees, post polio, hemiplegic, those who ambulate with or without assistive device, do not have full use of one leg,

Digital face of University evolves with new design, more storytelling  -  Feb 7, 2008
University of Chicago a site that is accessible for folks who are browsing on a PDA or an assistive device so the content still makes sense for them.

Ontario March of Dimes comes to Orléans  -  Jan 21, 2008
Orleans Star,...“For a lot of them, we’re their only way to get an assistive device.? Out of the funds raised by the Ontario March of Dimes each year, approximately 90 per

Brown back to work  -  Feb 14, 2008,..."It speaks to the expertise at Ajax" that she's able to move and doesn't need an assistive device. Keith Gilligan / Metroland Pat Brown returned to work as

Training On The Correct Way To Lift Heavy Objects Does Not Prevent ...  -  Feb 4, 2008
Science Daily (press release)Finally a group receiving both training and an assistive device was compared to a group receiving training only and another control group which received

New Ipswich residents fail to 'zero out' salt shed  -  Feb 6, 2008
Nashua Telegraph,Main points in the budget include cost-of-living wage increases, a hearing-assistive device for the conference room, a new video camera for the cable

CMU grad student designs robot leg  -  Feb 4, 2008
CMU The Tartan Online,...upcoming application; some people who are currently wheelchair-bound may be able to walk with a relatively low-power assistive device,? Hurst stated.

6 Ways Your Church Can Effectively Minister to the Chronically Ill  -  Feb 2, 2008
American Chronicle,In fact, according to the US Census Bureau, approximately 96% of the people who have an illness do not use an assistive device, like a wheelchair or cane,

Don't shuffle your way to a fall  -  Dec 27, 2007
Augusta Daily Gazette,Do not carry items if you use an assistive device to walk. Use a tray or bag attached to a walker, or push a cart. - Try not to shuffle.

West Sacramento Man Will Have Heartfelt Holiday  -  Dec 17, 2007,Anderson needed a new heart, but while he waited on the donor list, doctors at Sutter Memorial Hospital implanted a left ventricular assistive device,

Devices for disabled can make life easier  -  Dec 11, 2007
The Republican -,...such as consulting other individuals on telephone usage, or assessing what assistive device is most helpful to an individual's situation.

Charities to Receive Funds Raised By Prince George Construction ...  -  Dec 20, 2007
Opinion250 News,HEARTS Senior's Dinner, PGCA Denture and Assistive Device Fund for Seniors, Christian Life Centre, St. Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army, Food Hampers for

Raising medical care to a higher standard  -  Dec 18, 2007
The Star-Ledger -,If the person needs a cane or a walker, is the assistive device being used properly? If the individual resides in a facility, is the person restrained?

In your opinion  -  Dec 7, 2007
Oneonta Daily Star,I'm sure he hasn't spoken with my elderly friend who uses an assistive device to walk. When it was suggested to him that he make it easier on himself and

assistive devices in open box special discounts  -  Nov 1, 2007 (press release),...ilt always make sure that each and every customer finds the right assistive device which will ultimately enhance the lifestyle. exasperated of missing

axsjax brings accessibility features to web 2.0  -  Nov 15, 2007
Wired Blogs...who added the accessibility features to google reader and develops fire vox, an assistive device friendly add-on for firefox, writes on the google code

operative treatment of midclavicular fractures in 62 elderly ...  -  Nov 8, 2007
Ortho SuperSite,4) painful nonunion; 5) open fracture; 6) additional lower-extremity fractures that do not allow full weight bearing and require an assistive device;

think tank papers focus on ill elders  -  Nov 5, 2007
The Star-Ledger -,...can railings be installed in the bathroom? if poor balance is noted, consideration should be given to an assistive device, such as a cane. an exercise

disease-specific gender differences among total knee arthroplasty ...  -  Nov 1, 2007
Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (subscription)...without the use of an assistive device. a burst superimposition test was used to quantify quadriceps strength (maximal volitional isometric contraction)

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