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Women Misuse Drug As Emergency Contraception  -  ‎Nov 18, 2009‎
Peace fm control abnormal vaginal bleeding and induce withdrawal of bleeding from women whose menses cease for a period of six months (Secondary Amenorrhea). ...

FOR KIDS: New twists for phantom limbs  -  ‎Nov 19, 2009‎
Science NewsIt is often accompanied by self-induced vomiting, excessive exercise, malnutrition, amenorrhea and other physiological changes.

Contraceptives: safe and effective  -  ‎Nov 19, 2009‎
Express BuzzLactation Amenorrhea Method - while on breast-feeding the ovulation is suppressed and it can act as contraception. But one must be careful that as you ...

A look back at natural family planning  -  ‎Oct 29, 2009‎
BusinessWorld OnlineAs a concrete illustration of NFP, we focus on the lactational amenorrhea method, or LAM, which is based on the physiology of breastfeeding. ...

Columbia Laboratories Inc. Reports Operating Results (10-Q)  -  ‎Nov 5, 2009‎ Assisted Reproductive Technology treatment for infertile women with progesterone deficiency and PROCHIEVE for the treatment of secondary amenorrhea. ...

Dietary intakes in infertile women, a pilot study  -  ‎Nov 10, 2009‎
7thSpace Interactive (press release) two groups of young infertile women, without clinically overt eating disorders: hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA) and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). ...

Weekly CFO Buys Highlight: Information Services Group, Magnum Hunter Resources ...  -  ‎Nov 15, 2009‎ Assisted Reproductive Technology treatment for infertile women with progesterone deficiency and PROCHIEVE for the treatment of secondary amenorrhea. ...

Itching in the scrotum  -  ‎Nov 4, 2009‎
Daily MonitorI was told that one of the side effects of using this method of family planning is the likelihood of amenorrhea but it has gone on for over two years. ...

The most common eating disorder you've never heard of  -  ‎Nov 2, 2009‎
North by NorthwesternFor example, if you severely restrict caloric intake to the point of malnutrition, but do not experience amenorrhea (several missed periods), ...

Prozestra Natural Progesterone Cream Paving Way for Menopausal Relief  -  ‎Nov 1, 2009‎
PR Web (press release)..."Taking progesterone orally and applying progesterone gel intravaginally is effective for treating secondary amenorrhea in premenopausal women. ...

Pagkakaiba ng dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea at menorrhagia  -  ‎Nov 7, 2009‎
Philippine StarDr. Elicaño, ano po ba ang pagkakaiba ng dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea at menorrhagia? Pakipaliwanag po. Salamat. –PAULINE M. ng Makati City Ang dysmenorrhea ay ...

Help or harm: Adjuvant therapies for primary invasive disease and ...  -  15 Aug 2009
American Journal of Hemotology and Oncology...the use of more contemporary chemotherapeutic regimens may well have modified these results based on a regimen's association with permanent amenorrhea.

Adrenal Insufficiency  -  ‎Aug 14, 2009‎
Examiner.comChanges in menstruation. Amenorrhea may suggest secondary AI Headaches or visual changes. suggests mass occupying lesion.

The relation between athletic sports and prevalence of amenorrhea ...  -  ‎Jul 30, 2009‎
7thSpace Interactive (press release)In 1992, the concept of female athlete triad was introduced to describe the interrelated problems of amenorrhea, eating disorders and osteoporosis seen in

Breastfeeding reduced breast cancer risk in women with family ...  -  ‎Aug 11, 2009‎
HemOncTodayThis large study examined detailed information on lactation history, supplemental feeding, and lactation amenorrhea in 60075 women from NHS II from 1997 to

First psychotropic drug to receive initial approval for both ...  -  ‎Aug 14, 2009‎
PR Newswire (press release)Galactorrhea, amenorrhea, gynecomastia and impotence have been reported in patients receiving prolactin-elevating compounds. Seizures: SAPHRIS should be

Twigs from my garden  -  ‎Aug 8, 2009‎
LimaOhio.comBay leaves have also used to treat rheumatism, amenorrhea and colic. There is another laurel which is a flowering shrub called mountain laurel (“Kalmia

Columbia Laboratories Inc. Reports Operating Results (10-Q)  -  ‎Aug 6, 2009‎ Assisted Reproductive Technology treatment for infertile women with progesterone deficiency and PROCHIEVE for the treatment of secondary amenorrhea.

Steroid 17-Hydroxylase Deficiency: Functional Characterization of ...  -  ‎Aug 5, 2009‎
Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and MetabolismThe third patient (46,XX) presented with primary amenorrhea and hypertension at age 15 yr. She was homozygous for the novel L465P mutation.

Mother's milk is still best option: expert  -  ‎Aug 6, 2009‎
Gulf Times...decreased menstrual blood loss and increased child spacing attributable to lactation amenorrhea (absence of menstrual periods), earlier return to

Experts urge more Yemeni mothers to breastfeed  -  ‎Aug 10, 2009‎
Yemen TimesWhen a mother is exclusively breastfeeding and has not had a return of her period, it is known as the lactational amenorrhea method of birth control.

Coding Q&A: Ask the Experts  -  ‎Aug 4, 2009‎
ADVANCEA: In women, treatment with sex hormones is indicated for a number of reasons, including menopause, partial or full hysterectomy or amenorrhea.

Androgen Supplementation in Older Women: Too Much Hype, Not Enough ...  -  ‎Aug 6, 2009‎ measured by vaginal plethysmography during exposure to a potent visual stimulus in a small number of women with hypothalamic amenorrhea.

Health: Good news with lots of buts…  -  ‎Jul 25, 2009‎
Inquirer.netModern natural family planning methods include the mucous/billings/ovulation method, standard days and lactational amenorrhea method.

Anorexia and Ballet - The Dangerous Link  -  ‎Jul 21, 2009‎
Dancer UniverseNot only can anorexia slowly deteriorate the bone density and muscle mass, it can also cause dry skin, thinning hair, emaciation, amenorrhea, weakness,

什么?闭??医盟专家解答  -  ‎Jul 27, 2009‎

Why haven't I had a period?  -  Feb 2, 2009
CNNWhen a woman has normal periods for a while but then stops having them for at least three to six months, this is called "secondary amenorrhea.

Many factors can disrupt menstrual function  -  Jan 13, 2009
Newsday,A: Amenorrhea is the absence of periods in a girl or woman of reproductive age. Primary amenorrhea occurs if a girl reaches 16 years without a period but

Older Adults Face Increased Risk of Death Following Osteoporotic ...  -  Feb 3, 2009,Sex hormones - Abnormal absence of menstrual periods (amenorrhea), low estrogen level (menopause), and low testosterone level in men can bring on

A 27-Year-Old Woman With a Diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome  -  Feb 3, 2009
Journal of American Medical Association (subscription),Ms R, an otherwise healthy 27-year-old woman, was diagnosed as having PCOS after experiencing weight gain, periods of amenorrhea lasting up to 4 months,

Causes of common bone defects in female athletes  -  Jan 24, 2009
Standard,Mineral Bone Density (BMD) is different in female athletes who do not have their periods (amenorrhoea or amenorrhea) compared to their sedentary

Do vegetarians really have better sex?  -  Jan 30, 2009
Belleville News Democrat,Vegetarian women are also more likely to develop amenorrhea (loss of periods), a condition that's usually accompanied by low testosterone, vaginal dryness,

Data from Columbia Laboratories’ Study for the Prevention of ...  -  Jan 29, 2009
Earthtimes (press release),...(ART) treatment for infertile women with progesterone deficiency and for the treatment of secondary amenorrhea, and is safe for use during pregnancy.

What, how, why... all about FAT  -  Jan 12, 2009
Livemint,In 1992, however, an association of disordered eating, amenorrhea and osteoporosis seen in activities that emphasize a lean physique was recognized as the

Repros Therapeutics Inc. Announces That Proellex Significantly ...  -  Jan 12, 2009
Business Wire (press release),While reduction of dysmenorrhea is expected as Proellex induces amenorrhea, the clinically and statistically significant reduction of both deep dyspareunia

Between exercise and pregnancy  -  Jan 19, 2009
Vanguard,...often experience oligomenorrhea (infrequent or light menstruation) and in some cases even amenorrhea (in which menstruation does not occur at all).

Assessing excessive menstrual bleeding  -  Jan 13, 2009
Clinical Advisor,11,12 By releasing 20 µg of progestin daily for five years, the LNG-IUS reduces overall blood loss by about 90% and induces amenorrhea or oligomenorrhea in

Myths surrounding female genital mutilation  -  Jan 13, 2009
The Tide,Including obstructed labour, amenorrhea, infertility pruritus vulvae, and others.? The “zur-zur? cut is an incision on the cervix, intended to remedy

Looking for the Optimal Treatment Schedule for Taxanes  -  Dec 18, 2008 (press release),The researchers investigated whether there was any difference in survival between women who experienced a loss of their menstrual periods (amenorrhea) and

Special web project--> Mental disorders: Part 3: Disordered eating  -  Dec 9, 2008
The Weekly Albertan,Lastly, the absence of at least three consecutive menstrual cycles (amenorrhea) in women who have had their first menstrual period but have not yet gone

Cardiovascular problems in Turner syndrome are a major concern  -  Dec 10, 2008
Endocrine Today,Julia E. Ostberg, MD, et al compared 93 women with Turner syndrome with 25 normal controls and 11 women with 46,XX primary amenorrhea.

SABCS: Mixed Results for Sequential Versus Concurrent Therapy for ...  -  Dec 16, 2008
MedPage Today,A prespecified secondary objective of the study was to determine whether amenorrhea (≥6 months without menses) was associated with overall survival or DFS

Effect Of Smoking On Female Health  -  Dec 22, 2008
Kerala Online,Menstruation, menopause and smoking: Smokers experience a greater prevalence of secondary amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), and irregularity of periods.

Successful Pregnancy after Microsurgical Transplantation of an ...  -  Dec 10, 2008
New England Journal of Medicine (subscription),One of the sisters had two children and normal ovarian function, whereas the other had undergone premature menopause at the age of 15 years, with amenorrhea

Hormonal Strategies For Fertility Preservation In Patients ...  -  Dec 24, 2008
Medical News Today (press release),...the four patients who received cyclophosphamide alone developed hypergonadotropic amenorrhea, with low E2 levels, consistent with ovarian failure.

Induction therapies for proliferative lupus nephritis  -  Dec 9, 2008
The Virtual Medical Centre,Risk for sustained amenorrhea in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus receiving intermittent pulse cyclophosphamide therapy. Ann Intern Med.

Γυναικεία Αθλητική Τ?ιάδα (Female Athlete Triad) και Αθλητική ...  -  Dec 12, 2008
medNutrition,Ονομάζεται τ?ιάδα, επειδή πε?ιέχει τα συμπτώματα τ?ιών ΄ασθενειών΄, διατ?οφικής ανατα?αχής (disordered eating), αμηνό??οια (amenorrhea) και οστεοπό?ωσης

Sildenafil Treatment of Women With Antidepressant-Associated ...  -  Jul 22, 2008
Journal of American Medical Association (subscription),...due to anatomical, inflammatory, infection condition, or clinical estrogen deficiency; amenorrhea over 1 year; or situational sexual dysfunction.

Hormone Disorder Contributes To Lack Of Menstruation In Teenage ...  -  Jun 28, 2008,Amenorrhea, or absence of menstruation, occurs in as many as 25 percent of female high school athletes, compared with 2 to 5 percent in the general

Hyperion Therapeutics Completes Enrollment in Phase 1/2 Clinical ...  -  Jul 22, 2008 (press release),The most common adverse reactions associated with BUPHENYL(R) were amenorrhea dysfunction, decreased appetite, body odor (probably caused by its metabolite

Experts doubt RP can achieve devt goal on population  -  Jul 12, 2008,...of scientific natural family planning methods such as the Basal Body Temperature, Billings Ovulation, Sympto-Thermal, and Lactational Amenorrhea methods.

Raw foodies shun the stove  -  Jul 17, 2008
Georgia Straight,...cannot be recommended on a long-term basis,? since many raw-food dieters were underweight and experienced amenorrhea (absence of menstrual periods).

Leptin Does Not Mediate Short-Term Fasting-Induced Changes in ...  -  Jul 10, 2008
Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism,We also studied eight normal-weight women with exercise-induced chronic energy deficit and hypothalamic amenorrhea at baseline and during 2–3 months of

Contraception for Adolescent Women With Coexisting Medical Conditions  -  Jul 10, 2008
Medscape (subscription)The DMPA will increase the seizure threshold and in addition, in many cases, amenorrhea will result further decreasing amount of seizure activity.

BUYINS.NET: CBAK, CBRX, CDS, CFSG, CGRB, CLNE Have Also Been Added ...  -  Jul 10, 2008
Trading Markets (press release),...procedures to reproductive endocrinologists; PROCHIEVE 8% to obstetricians and gynecologists; and PROCHIEVE 4% for treatment of secondary amenorrhea.

Dangerous diets  -  Jul 10, 2008
Bend Bulletin (subscription),Suffers amenorrhea, the loss of a menstrual period . • Has recurrent binges in which an abnormal amount of food is eaten within two hours and there is a

Is breast-feeding a form of contraception?  -  Jul 1, 2008
EsquireThree conditions must be met for the lactational amenorrhea method (LAM), which exploits the natural infertility that occurs after childbirth,

Counting the pills  -  Jun 23, 2008
Express Pharma,ICs are associated with irregular bleeding and amenorrhea, which are not culturally accepted in India and are a serious barrier to its use.

Evolution, Life Sciences, Science Education, Human Evolution, and ...  -  Jun 30, 2008
ScienceBlogsShe does not cycle during the post-partum period of lactational amenorrhea. Then she cylces a few times (say five) and is pregnant again.

Implanon - just slip it in?  -  21 May 2008
ScienceAlert,July 2006) include “increased or decreased bleeding frequency including amenorrhea (no periods), headaches, acne and emotional lability [mood swings]?.

PopCom promotes scientific natural family planning method use in WV  -  Apr 28, 2008
News Today Online,Among the methods that are available are lactational amenorrhea method (LAM), cervical mucus (billings ovulation, ovulation method), two-day method,

Being too overweight is not good for you — being too underweight ...  -  Apr 22, 2008
Endocrine Today,The earliest clinical clue is menstrual irregularity followed by amenorrhea. Estradiol levels are low and so are the gonadotropins.

Evaluation and Management of Stress Fractures of the Pelvis and Sacrum  -  Apr 24, 2008
Ortho SuperSite,5 In both collegiate and military studies, a history of amenorrhea has been found to be a risk factor for stress fractures in general.

My Hormone Story  -  May 6, 2008 Microsoft blogIn spite of amenorrhea due to a 9 year eating disorder, I conceived. The pregnancy was great, but I never "showed". I developed HEELP syndrome years before

Popcom celebrates National Family Planning Month  -  May 4, 2008
Philippine Information Agency,Days Method (SDM) Two-Day Method, Ovulation Method or Cervical Mucus Method, Basal Body Temperature (BBT) and Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM).

The girl in the mirror  -  Apr 29, 2008
Chester,This is known as secondary amenorrhea, and it is a sign from the endocrine system that the body is so nutritionally deficient that reproductive function is

Controversy around the definition of PCOS continues  -  Apr 25, 2008
Endocrine Today,Studies had shown that within families, one sister could have regular menses while another has amenorrhea or oligomenorrhea — but both have androgen excess

Highly active females aim to balance lifestyle  -  Apr 22, 2008
The Daily Collegian Online,Low caloric energy can reduce the release of hormones important for bone strength and stop the menstrual cycle in a condition known as amenorrhea.

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