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News: Male Breast Cancer

PETER CRISS: Breast Cancer Not Just For Women - Nov. 23, 2009  -  23 Nov 2009
Blabbermouth.netHe was treated before the tumor could spread and said he's speaking about male breast cancer now — during National Breast Cancer Awareness month — to raise ...

Kiss founding drummer Peter Criss helps raise awareness on male breast cancer  -  ‎Nov 19, 2009‎
The Star-Ledger - NJ.comAfter being diagnosed with breast cancer, Criss is helping to raise awareness on male breast cancer. "I never saw a commercial with a man saying, ...

Avon man speaks out about male breast cancer  -  ‎Oct 30, 2009‎
WTHREntertainment News from AP Indianapolis - We know about the risk of breast cancer in women, but men need to be vigilant about the disease as well. ...

Yes, men do get breast cancer  -  ‎Nov 3, 2009‎
Dubuque Telegraph HeraldThe overall incidence of male breast cancer is around 1 percent of all breast cancers and is on the rise, according to a study published in the World ...

Health providers, survivors dispute panel's mammogram recommendation  -  ‎Nov 19, 2009‎
Keokuk Gate City Daily...“But we have had incidents of younger females with cancer and we have had some male (breast) cancer findings. “One in eight to nine women will have breast ...

Breast cancer can also strike men  -  ‎Oct 28, 2009‎
NewsOK.comA CNN story published in September raised awareness of male breast cancer that occurred in strikingly high numbers among Marines who between the 1960s and ...

Men Get Breast Cancer, Where Is Their Detection Recommendation?  -  ‎Nov 19, 2009‎
Lez Get RealThe John W. Nick Foundation has information regarding male breast cancer. As an additional note, not only is Kathleen Sebelius maintaining that women should ...

News Corp's FX channel to promote male breast cancer campaign  -  ‎Nov 6, 2009‎
Media WeekLONDON - Breakthrough Breast Cancer is to sponsor Nip Tuck to coincide with a male breast cancer storyline, after being donated space by News Corp-owned TV ...

Marines use statistics to fight image war over cancer cluster  -  ‎Nov 11, 2009‎
Tampabay.comMike Partain, a Tallahassee resident and breast cancer survivor, identified the cluster by networking with other male breast cancer patients around the ...

One in every 100 men at risk of contracting breast cancer  -  ‎Nov 10, 2009‎
The HeraldMost cases of male breast cancer are detected in men aged between 60 and 70, although the condition can develop in men of any age.

PETER CRISS Discusses Battle With Breast Cancer On 'Fox & Friends'; Video ...  -  ‎Oct 28, 2009‎
Blabbermouth.netHe was treated before the tumor could spread and said he's speaking about male breast cancer now — during National Breast Cancer Awareness month — to raise ...

Football To Wear Pink  -  ‎Oct 29, 2009‎
Southwestern Oklahoma State University BulldogsMale breast cancer makes up less than 1 percent of all cases of breast cancer, and is usually detected in men between 60 and 70 years of age. ...

Breast cancer affects men too  -  ‎Oct 29, 2009‎
Chicago DefenderEvery five years the Illinois State Cancer Registry completes a study on male breast cancer cases in Illinois. From 2002 to 2006 55 Black men were diagnosed ...

It Gets Worse  -  ‎Nov 17, 2009‎
San Diego ReaderI can't get cervical cancer, and although male breast cancer is a reality, we are at much less of a risk. And dollars to donuts, the people deciding these ...

Sister on mission to prevent cancers  -  ‎Nov 4, 2009‎
Deseret News...she says, if a patient's family history includes risk factors — breast cancer before age 50, ovarian cancer at any age, male breast cancer at any age, ...

What's New: Guide Dogs, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Samaritans and Ucan  -  ‎Nov 17, 2009‎
Third SectorThe charity hopes the adverts will raise awareness of male breast cancer. Samaritans is launching a television fundraising campaign. ...

Hospital team make a pledge to patients  -  ‎Nov 17, 2009‎
Basingstoke GazetteIan Beckett, who is a male breast cancer patient at the ward, said: “Information has always been a big thing since I had cancer. “For instance when you are ...

Health Notes: Prescription help coming to Franklin; men and breast cancer  -  ‎Oct 31, 2009‎
Daily PressDue to the potentially aggressive nature of male breast cancer, the doctor recommended a mastectomy and sentinel left axillary node dissection rather than ...

Report Clearing Marine Corps Connection to Camp Lejeune Sickness was Purchased  -  ‎Nov 6, 2009‎
Salem-News.ComAs the number of male breast cancer cases passes 50, more Marines and former base employees and dependents continue to contract various forms of cancer. ...

For one man, a personal reason to put a focus on male breast cancer  -  ‎Nov 7, 2009‎
Wisconsin State JournalUnis Matthews was diagnosed with breast cancer and is now spreading the word about the disease -- which can strike men, too. Matthews Family photo When Unis ...

For Ohio State's Kurt Coleman, strength was born from tragedy  -  ‎Nov 4, 2009‎
York Daily RecordFather and son do their best to teach others about male breast cancer. And for Kurt Coleman, an NFL future is only a slice of who he is. ...

Nunn teen eyes pageant prize  -  ‎Oct 30, 2009‎
Greeley TribuneIn honor of her father, Bascomb is working on starting her own male breast cancer foundation. She also hopes to become a veterinarian or go to law school. ...

Male Breast Cancer Survivor Shares His Story  -  ‎Oct 29, 2009‎
North Central OhioRon Coleman is one of one-percent of American males who are diagnosed with breast cancer. He also happens to be the father of Ohio State University football ...

FX Channel donates sponsorship to Breakthrough Breast Cancer  -  ‎Nov 5, 2009‎
UtalkmarketingThe FX Channel has teamed up with Breakthrough Breast Cancer to raise awareness of male breast cancer, in what is said to be a UK television first. ...

Vets: Contract lead to tainted research  -  ‎Nov 13, 2009‎
Jacksonville Daily NewsMike Partain, of Tallahassee, Fla., who was born on base and believes the chemical-rich water led to his diagnosis with male breast cancer, ...

Worked for more than 50 years at Paramount  -  ‎Nov 11, 2009‎
Peterborough ExaminerMr. Campagnola donated much of his time and efforts to such worthy causes as male breast cancer, lung cancer from second hand smoke and asbestos, ...

Former Lejeune Marine receiving partial disability due to water contamination  -  ‎Oct 28, 2009‎
ENC TodayMeanwhile, the number of former Lejeune residents who have the rare condition of male breast cancer that they've been able to locate has increased to 51, ...

Camp Lejeune vets: register for polluted water updates  -  ‎Nov 9, 2009‎
Weymouth NewsRecent published reports have raised concerns about unusual health problems, including male breast cancer, among veterans, family members, and employees ...

Youngest male breast cancer victim recovers  -  ‎Jul 30, 2009‎
Belfast TelegraphThe youngest man in the world to be diagnosed with breast cancer was told his treatment has contained the disease, he has said. At 24, Nicky Avery, now 27,

Let men get embarrassment off their chests  -  ‎Aug 4, 2009‎
Edinburgh Evening NewsThe average age of diagnosis of male breast cancer is 65 – but it can occur at any age. As breast cancer is primarily associated with women, a man diagnosed

Diary of a walker: Fighting like a girl  -  ‎Aug 2, 2009‎
Wooster Daily RecordThere are 77 male walkers, including a male breast cancer survivor. Two people walking in Cleveland are participating in walking in all 15 cities.

Cancers Reported by Men With Lejeune Ties  -  ‎Jul 13, 2009‎
The Ledger..."This male breast cancer cluster is a smoking gun," breast cancer survivor Mike Partain said. "You just can't ignore it. You don't need science to tell you

Natural Resources Defense Council Wants Study of Camp Lejeune ...  -  ‎Jul 24, 2009‎
Salem-News.ComThe prevalence of male breast cancer among former and current Lejeune residents should be given particular attention because of its rarity in the general

Think Pink hits Harvard Square  -  ‎Jul 27, 2009‎
Cambridge ChronicleHer team, “Breast Man Walking,? included her father, a male breast cancer survivor, and many other family members and friends. Kueltzer and Giller concluded

Holiday Online Auction - Dedicated to Awareness of Male Breast ...  -  Dec 22, 2008
PR Web (press release),The Male Breast Cancer Awareness Second Annual Online Holiday Auction is now open. The auction will run from December 18, 2008 to January 8, 2009,

THE HEALTHY GEEZER  -  Dec 24, 2008
Santa Ynez Valley Journal,For unknown reasons, the incidence of male breast cancer has been increasing. About 2000 men in the United States are diagnosed with breast cancer each year

Men can get breast cancer too  -  Dec 10, 2008
Tampa Bay's 10,Doctors say male breast cancer is rare. One percent of breast cancer patients are men, but they stress it's always important to pay close attention to any

The Daily Squeeze: Male Breast Cancer, Acupuncture, And French Men  -  Dec 2, 2008
The Frisky,Men represent 1 percent of breast cancer cases, and a new study found that male mammograms and sonograms can be useful in making diagnoses.

A Few Good Men  -  Dec 14, 2008 (press release),The American Cancer Society estimates there will be almost 2000 new cases of male breast cancer in 2008 and about 450 will die from the disease.

Breast Cancer In Men: Mammography And Sonography Findings  -  Dec 10, 2008
Science Daily (press release)Male breast cancer accounts for less than 1% of all breast cancers and “a large number of men with breast cancer do not undergo imaging prior to treatment

CAMTAN: Serving the HIV/AIDS community  -  Dec 27, 2008
Clarksville Online,Information is available on cancer- be it either female or male breast cancer, colo-rectal or prostate cancer, cervical cancer or testicular cancer.

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Men can also develop breast cancer, although their risk is less than 1 in 1000 (see sex and illness).

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