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It's your neck on the line  -  ‎Jul 11, 2009‎
HinduMoreover, long sun exposure needs to be avoided as this is the largest risk factor for lip cancer. One of the commonest cancers in India, H&N cancer refers

Don't burn after reading  -  ‎Jul 29, 2009‎
Scott County Times...“Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun is the most serious environmental risk factor for both skin cancer and lip cancer.

Israeli study sees link between oral cancer, cell phones  -  ‎Jul 15, 2009‎
Ha'aretz...developed oral cancers during the period studied, salivary gland cancer was the third most common (at 16.2 percent) after lip cancer and throat cancer.

Drop-in center will offer 1-stop services for the homeless  -  ‎Aug 3, 2009‎
Orlando SentinelStadtlander, who checked out of the hospital last week after he received emergency surgery for a lip cancer that went untreated, said he would take

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Q3 2008 Earnings Call Transcript  -  18 Nov 2008
Seeking Alpha,...and secondly, with ALN-VSP, an RNAi therapeutic for the treatment of lip cancer and Alnylam’s most advanced systemically delivered program,

Data shows Hunter men at higher risk of melanoma and lip cancer  -  Nov 13, 2008
Maitland Mercury,According to the latest data in the Cancer Institute NSW’s annual Cancer Incidence and Mortality report, incidence rates for lip cancer and melanoma in

Cosmetic Imports, Inc. Supports Women's Health & Human Rights Issues  -  Nov 3, 2008
MarketWatchBEVERLY, Mass., Nov 03, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Cosmetic Imports, Inc.(R) is focusing on human rights and health issues for women.

Science probes whether pesticides cause cancer  -  Nov 14, 2008,..."There is also excess prostate, brain and lip cancer," he said. Dr. Blair is currently working with other researchers on the Agricultural Health Study.

Protecting Yourself Against Lip Cancer  -  Jul 11, 2008
KTNV Las Vegas,..."If you take all patients across the board with lip cancer, their five year survival is 85%. But, if it is caught late and it is already spread to the lymph

Cancer in the mouth - Smokers and drinkers at highest risk  -  Jun 24, 2008
Jamaica Gleaner,Exposure to excessive sunlight is a risk factor for lip cancer. The incidence of oral cancer in women has increased significantly largely due to an increase

Oral Cancers  -  Jul 3, 2008,Lip cancer is more common in sunny climates. Sun damage to the outside of the lips, especially the bottom lip, can turn the cells cancerous.

Knowledge Network: Skin/Lip Cancer  -  Jun 13, 2008
CBS 42,More than than 1 million new cases of skin cancer will be diagnosed in the United States this year. Basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas are the two most

Oral Cancer Is Highly Preventable  -  Jun 23, 2008,In addition, prolonged sun exposure, without the use of SPF 15 lip balm or higher, can increase the risk of lip cancer. People who work outdoors are thirty

What others are saying:  -  Jul 11, 2008
Baxter Bulletin,In addition, smokeless tobacco has reportedly been linked several types of serious mouth ailments, to include tongue and lip cancer.

Unprotected Lips Susceptible To Cancer  -  May 19, 2008
WBZ,She added "You take all patients across the board with lip cancer, their survival rate is 85 percent. But if it's caught late, and it's already spread to

Men and tobacco smoking  -  May 20, 2008
Jamaica Gleaner,Lip cancer is associated with pipe smoking and cancers of the tongue, mouth and back of the throat are associated with cigarettes, cigars, pipes and bidis.

Dermatologist’s video about skin cancer promotes awareness  -  May 19, 2008
The News-Press,A: UV exposure appears to be the most important environmental factor in the development of skin cancer and a primary factor in the development of lip cancer

Lip Glosses Increase Skin Cancer Risk  -  Apr 28, 2008,Lip cancer is the most dangerous and deadly one, especially the cancer of lower lip. It easily spreads to lymph nodes and it's very aggressive.

MedCenter 23 Segment Looks at Lip Gloss  -  May 15, 2008
KVEO-TV,Some experts are saying lip gloss may actually increase your risk of lip cancer because shine doesn't repel the sun, it actually attracts it.

No Lip Service: Study Links Lip Gloss To Cancer  -  May 1, 2008
CBS 4,...on lips is very thin and more prone to ageing from sun damage. In addition, doctors say lip cancer is the most common and aggressive form of skin cancer.

Lip gloss ups risk of cancer study says  -  Apr 29, 2008
Baylor University The Lariat Online,A study, called Solar Radiation, Lip Protection, and Lip Cancer Risk in Los Angeles County Women by Janice M. Pogoda and Susan Preston-Martin,

Don't Gloss Over the High Risk of Lip Cancer  -  May 1, 2008 (Pressemitteilung),The American Cancer Society says there are some 3500 new cases lip cancer every year. This particular cancer type, squamous cell carcinoma,

Lips Often Forgotten When Protecting From Sun  -  May 9, 2008
CBS 11,Dallas dermatologist Dr. Christine Brown told CBS 11 News, "If you take all patients across the board with lip cancer, their five-year survival is 85

Lipstick May Help Protect Lips From Sunburn  -  May 18, 2008
WISC,Researchers at Baylor University said shiny lip glosses put women at a higher risk for lip cancer. "These authors are saying that if you put on something

Lip Gloss Dangers  -  May 2, 2008
KIDK,Doctors report lip cancer as one of the most aggressive and most common forms of skin cancer. Some signs to watch out for, abnormal white and orange spots,

Your Health  -  Apr 27, 2008
Chicago Daily Herald,The skin on your lips is just as susceptible to damage as the skin on your face -- and lip cancer is nothing to smile about. If you don't like the taste of

Cancers in the mouth  -  Mar 1, 2008
Malaysia Star,It has been found that one out of three people with lip cancer have jobs or lifestyles that necessitate them being outdoors for long periods of time.

Oral Cancer - PDA Stresses the Importance of Early Detection  -  Mar 17, 2008
PR Newswire (press release),Wear lip balm that contains sunscreen as prolonged exposure to the sun can cause lip cancer. -- Eat nutritious foods. Studies suggest that a diet high in

Check mouth once a month for signs of oral cancer  -  Mar 6, 2008
Thousand Oaks Acorn,...•Sunlight: Excessive sun exposure increases the risk of lip cancer. •Human papillomavirus: The same kind that can cause cervical cancer in women has been

A nasty little thing called oral cancer  -  Mar 6, 2008
Saipan Tribune,Prolonged sun exposure increases the risk of lip cancer. Oral cancer is more likely to strike those over the age of 40. However, a surprising 25 percent of

Free-tobacco ban may trip up Stampede  -  Dec 3, 2007
Denver Post,..."But we've got people with lip cancer and throat cancer and who have had their entire faces cut away," Shaddock said. "For me, the balance tips in the favor

Four more drivers banned from the road  -  Dec 12, 2007
Suffolk Evening Star,He added that he had recently suffered lip cancer and the area was still sore. District judge David Cooper heard that Hervey-Whaybourne had recently

Movember: more than lip service  -  Nov 24, 2007
The Canberra Times,MOVEMBER is a worthy cause encouraging men to grow moustaches during the month of November to raise money and awareness about men's health issues.

checks can cut mouth cancer risks  -  Nov 12, 2007
ic Wales,...with five portions of fruit and vegetables every day and avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight as this can increase your risk of lip cancer. not using

smoking out enthusiasts  -  Nov 5, 2007
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette,...brad, who also smokes a pipe. he knows pipe smokers probably have a higher risk of getting mouth and lip cancer, but “it’s like sugar, alcohol,

georgia nicols horoscopes for nov. 6  -  Nov 6, 2007
Chicago Sun-Times,'ll have to zip thy lip. cancer (june 21-july 22): i'm going to keep reminding you that mars is normally in a sign for seven weeks. however,

A Global Theme — Poverty and Human Development  -  Sep 21, 2007
Journal of Dental Research (subscription),...and zoster, severe aphthous-like ulcers, unusual and severe periodontal disease, salivary gland enlargement and xerostomia, lymphoma, lip cancer,

The North Carolina Piedmont Triad's top go-to source for News  -  Oct 1, 2007
Greensboro News Record, unlikely: the extended falling-out with Roth, both Van Halen brothers' problems with alcohol, Eddie's bout with lip cancer and recent rehab stint.

Smoke ban hits Monday  -  Sep 27, 2007
Tower Timberjay News,Planton said she used to smoke herself, but quit years ago in part because of her asthma and also because her own father died of lip cancer, after chewing

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